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Latin American

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291 Grand St (NaN mi)
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De Pabellón

Shredded beef, black beans, white salty cheese and sweet plantains.

La de Pernil

Roasted pork shoulder, tomato slices and spicy mango sauce.

La Sureña

Grilled chicken, hearty chorizo, avocado slices and the enigmatic chimi-churri sauce.

La del Gato

Guayanés cheese, fried sweet plantains and avocado slices.

Los Muchachos

Grilled chorizo, spicy white cheese with jalapeños and sautéed peppers.

La Mulata

Grilled white cheese with jalapeños, black beans, sautéed red peppers and fried sweet plantains.

La Pelúa

Shredded beef with cheese.

Hot Queen

Pulled chicken with mixed peppers, purple onions and scallions, house made herb-mayo & avocado slices.

De Pollo

Grilled chicken breast, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese.


Guayanés cheese, tomato, avocado, sautéed peppers and chimi-churri sauce.

Leek Jardinera

Grilled leeks, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions and guayanés cheese.

Playa Deluxe

Pan-seared tilapia with garlic infused oil, sautéed mushrooms, avocado slices, pickled onions and homemade herb mayo.

De Queso Paisa

Simple shredded white cheese & butter.

De Queso Guayanes

Fresh guayanes cheese.

De Queso Amarillo

Shredded cheddar cheese.

Signature House Sauce Bottle (8 oz.)


Side Kicks

Guasacaca and Chips

Guacamole with homemade chips.


Fried sweet plantains with white salty cheese.


Sweet plaintains with white cheese, friend in a cinnamon plantain batter.


Yucca-potato fritters with chorizo, corn and cilantro. On the side is green sauce.


Fried white cheese sticks wrapped in wheat flour dough.

Arroz con Caraotas

White rice and black beans.

Ensalada Mixta

Mixed greens, tomatoes, heart of palms, carrots and avocado tossed with balsamic dressing.


Fried green plantains topped with homemade herb mayo, white cheese and squeeze of lemon.


Pabellón Criollo

Venezuelan national dish. Shredded beef, white rice, black beans & fried sweet plantains sprinkled with salty white cheese.

Plato Vegetariano

Baked tofu, guasacaca, black beans and white rice, paired with our leek, onion & sun-dried tomato stew.

Weekend Brunch (12PM-4PM Sat-Sun ONLY)

Arepas (12PM-4PM Sat-Sun ONLY)

La Sencilla

Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions topped with white cheese.

Pura Vitamina

Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions & black beans.


Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions & chorizo.


Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, salty white cheese & avocado slices.


Coconut Tres Leches

Sponge cake soaked in three milks: condensed milk, evaporated milk and coconut milk.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Venezuelan chocolate mousse topped with caramelized walnuts.

Mousesillo de Parchita

A passion fruit mousse/quesillo served with fresh berries sauce.


Jugo de Parchita

Passion fruit juice.

Papelon con Limon

Traditional blend of sugar cane and lime.


Coconut milkshake wth a touch of cinnamon.


Coconut milkshake wth a touch of cinnamon.

Arnold Hibiscus Palmer

Half hibiscus tea, half dehydrated sugar cane and lime.

Hibiscus Iced Tea


Ginger Ale Can of Soda


Seltzer Can of Soda


Coke Can of Soda


Diet Coke Can of Soda


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