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Caribbean Cuisine

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Jerk Chicken Meal

Chicken seasoned with house made jerk then marinated and slow cook over low heat in a BBQ pit.

Jerk Wings Meal

Seasoned with jerk seasoning then marinated and cooked to perfection over low heat serve with festivals.

Chicken Roti

Curry chicken, mash potato, and steamed vegetables wrap in a roti skin.

Curry Chicken

Whole chicken seasoned with jamaican curry, herbs, and spices then stewed until tender.

Brown Stew Chicken

Chicken is seasoned with herbs, spices then stewed in flavored roux until tender.

Jerk Chicken

Whole. The whole jerk chicken chopped and served with choice of side.


Stew Red Snapper

Seasoned with special fish and pan fried. Stewed in house sauce with additional herbs and spices.

Mackerel Run Dung

Salted mackerel cooked in coconut milk reduction, seasoned with herbs, and spices.

Round De Yard

Round de yard is a combination of three meats serve on a platter.

Shrimp Roti

Shrimp is sauteed with vegetables, spices, and curry powder. Then wrap in a roti skin with seasoned mashed potato.

Ackee & Salt Fish

This is jamaica’s national dish. The fruit is native to jamaica and resemble scramble eggs when done. Its fruity taste and is a perfect combination with the salted cod fish.

Escoveitch Fish

Fish is pan fried then marinated with a vinegar and onion sauce.

Stew Salmon

Salmon sauteed and oven finish then stew in a with your choice of sauce. Serve with steamed vegetable, fried plantain, and choice of side.

Stew Tilapia

Tilapia filet seasoned with fish seasoning then pan fried and stewed in a house sauce.

Curry Shrimp

Shrimp is sauteed with vegetables, spices, and curry powder.


Curry Goat Roti

Curry goat, mash potato, and vegetable wrap in the roti skin.

Braised Oxtail

Seasoned and marinated with Jamaican style seasoning then seared and braised until tender.

Jerk Pork By De Pound


Curry Goat

Goat meat seasoned with Jamaican curry, herbs, spices, and stewed until tender.

Jerk Pork Meal

Jamaican style BBQ seasoned with the traditional Jamaican jerk seasoning and marinated then cooked to perfection over low heat.


Vegetable Rundung

Cabbage, carrot, and broccoli cook in a coconut milk. Served with your choice of side.

Vegetable Roti

Steamed vegetable and mashed potato wrapped in a roti shell.


Beef Patty


Callaloo Patty


Hard Dough Bread




Jerk Chicken Patty


Coco Bread


Sugar Cookies


Beefy Cheese Patty




Chocolate Chip Cookies


Curry Chicken Patty


Vegetable Patty


Spice Bun


Banana Muffin



Homemade Drinks


Vita Malt


Irish Moss


Ginseng Up


Coconut Water


Can Soda


D & G






Tropical Rhythms




Sour Sop


Bottled Water


D & G Spicy Ginger Beer



Rice & Peas


Yellow Yam


Fried Plantain


Festival Sides


Boil Banana


White Rice


Fried Dumpling


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