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Tapas & Starters

Entremes Mixto Casa Paco

Paco’s special choice of imported cold cuts and cheese. This is the Spanish classic starter before any meal.

Tabla De Quesos Artesanos

A special selection of four different types of artisan cheeses from Spain

Chorizo Espanol

House assortment of Spanish chorizo.

Jamon Serrano

Thinly sliced imported Serrano ham.

Jamon Iberico Pata Negra De Bellota

The ultimate of the Spanish hams and one of the most appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide. From the Iberian Black Ho“ pig , acorn fed , aged at least 24 months and sliced paper thin.

Queso Manchego

100 % sheep’s milk cheese D.O. La Mancha. This is Spain’s most international cheese.

Tapa Cantabrica

Wood roasted piquillo peppers , goat cheese and anchovies drizzled with first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and parsley.

Coctel De Gambas

Classic shrimp cocktail.

Frituras De Bacalao

Codfish fritters.

Croquetas De Bechamel

Homemade bechamel croquettes.

Boquerones en Vinagre

Fresh anchovies marinated in vinegar, garnished with fresh chopped garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil.

Empanadillas Caseras De Chorizo

Chorizo crust pies.

Garbanzos Fritos

Chick peas sauteed with onions, peppers, Spanish chorizo and ham.

Chistorra Al Brandy

Brandy flambéed petite basque chorizo.

Pimientos De Piquillo Al Ajillo

Wood roasted piquillo peppers sautéed with fresh garlic in extra virgin olive oil.

Calamares Fritos

Traditional mediterranean style fried calamari.

Gambas Al Ajillo

Large shrimp in a garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and white wine sauce.

Callos a La Madrilena

Madrid style tripe cooked with Spanish Serrano ham & chorizo.

Frituras De Malanga

Malanga fritters.

Champinones Frescos Al Ajillo

Fresh sliced mushrooms in a sauce of garlic, white wine and extra virgin olive oil.

Patatas Ali - Oli

Boiled potatoes with a creamy ali-oli sauce.

Malanguita Frita

Malanga chips freshly made a la carte.

Mariquitas Largas De Platano

Long, thinly sliced green plantain chips with garlic and lime sauce.

Sopas Y Potajes - Soups

Sopa De Ajo a La Castellana

Castillian garlic soup.

Caldo Gallego

World famous Galizian hearty soup made with white beans, pork and collard greens.

Sopa Casera De Pollo Con Fideos

Old fashioned homemade chicken noodle.

Sopa De Cebolla

French onion soup.

Frijoles Negros

Black bean soup.

Fabada Asturiana

Asturias signature dish and a house specialty - This savory concoction is prepared with imported creamy large La Granja beans fabes simmered slowly with chorizo, ham hock, morcilla and bacon.


Ensalada De La Casa

Basic lettuce, tomato and onion salad.

Ensalada De Tomate

Fresh sliced tomatoes drizzled with first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Ensalada Caesar

Caesar’s salad.

Ensaladilla Rusa

A classic Spanish salad with potatoes , carrots, hard, boiled egg, imported white North Atlantic Tuna, green peas and mayonnaise garnished with piquillo peppers and olives.

Ensalada De Pollo

Homemade chicken salad with croquettes and fries.

Esparragos Cojonudos D. O. Navarra

White buttery asparagus from Navarra. King Juan Carlos sampled a couple of these extra thick beauties and exclaimed Cojonudos which is a slightly off-color slang for terrific.

Ensalada Espanola

Our specialty salad . Imported white North Atlantic Tuna, hard boiled egg, artichoke heart, fresh sliced tomatoes, red peppers, white asparagus and green. Spanish olives on a bed of lettuce with our exclusive vinaigrette dressing made with first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Patatas Fritas

French fries.


Bistec De Pechuga De Pollo a La Planch

Grilled chicken breast steak, Half a chicken.

Bistec De Muslo De Pollo a La Plancha

Grilled dark meat chicken steak. Half a chicken.

Pollo a La Napolitana

Breaded chicken breast steak topped with our home made sauce, ham, and melted mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.

Pollo Casa Paco

Half a semi boneless chicken, cut length wise, marinated in lime juice and garlic, grilled to perfection and served covered with our exclusive onion and lime sauce.


Lacon Con Patatas, Col Y Chorizo

A smoked ham hock cooked together with fresh hand peeled potatoes, a thick slab of cabbage and a whole chorizo.

Chuletas De Cerdo

Two pork chops grilled to perfection.

Solomillo De Cerdo

Delicious and tender grilled pork tenderloin.

Masas De Cerdo Fritas

Pork chunks, herb marinated, fried and covered with an onion and herb sauce.

Cochinillo Entero Asado a La Segoviana

Orden especial. 24 horas de antelacion. Sirve 4-6 personas - whole baby suckling pig , slowly oven roasted in the segovian tradition. This specialty needs to be pre-ordered 24 h. in advance. Serves 4 -6 people. Get you family and friends and make an event out of it.


Tortilla Espanola

A Spanish household classic. We make ours the old fashioned way, with fresh hand peeled and cut potatoes, onions, eggs, chorizo and ham.

Tortilla Vasca

A Pays Basque version of the classic. Spanish tortilla, potatoes, onions, chorizo, ham, shrimp and petit poi's.


Arroz Con Pollo

Chicken with yellow rice.



Arroz Con Mariscos

Seafood & yellow rice combination.

Arroz a La Castellana

Boneless chicken, pork, chorizo and yellow rice combination.

Beef & Meats

Chuleton De Buey a La Donostiarra

Midwestern corn-fed, certified black Angus steak, grilled and served with a side of fresh mushrooms in garlic sauce.

Bistec De Churrasco

Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri.

Sirloin Steak Corte New York

New York cut sirloin steak.

Solomillo De Buey - Corte De Centro

The most tender of all cuts, Beef tenderloin –center cut.

Entrecote Serrano

New York cut sirloin steak made papillot style, with a sauce of serrano ham , onions , mushrooms and Spanish brandy.

Chuletillas De Cordero Lechal

Delciously juicy grilled prime cut baby lamb chops.

Bistec De Palomilla

Grilled palomilla steak smothered with onions.

Bistec Empanizado

Breaded palomilla steak.

Bistec a La Milanesa

Breaded palomilla steak, covered with our homemade tomato sauce, ham and melted the cheese.

Callos a La Madrilena

Madrid style tripe, cooked with Serrano ham and chorizo.

Nejo a La Casera

Home style rabbit casserole.


Filete De Salmon

Grilled salmon fillet topped with fresh sliced garlic sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.

Serrucho Frito O a La Plancha

King fish steak, prepared your way fried or grilled.

Parrillada Asturiana De Mariscos Y Pescados

Grilled combination of assorted fish and shellfish prepared with a special sauce of fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, white wine and parsley.

Chipirones Rellenos - Calamares

Calamari stuffed with Serrano ham and onion cooked in a wine and ink sauce.

Zarzuela De Mariscos

Fresh fish and shellfish cooked in our traditional red seafood sauce.

Filete De Swai a La Espalda

A Basque specialty - A swai fillet broiled and finished in a sauce of olive oil, fresh garlic, parsley and vinegar.

Pargo Entero Frito

A simple whole deep fried red snapper.


Shrimp prepared to your preference –in garlic sauce, breaded, grilled, lightly battered Romana, style or in our red seafood sauce.

Cola De Langosta

Florida lobster tail - We can grill it or cook it in our special red seafood sauce.

Langosta Thermidor

Classic lobster thermidor.

Lubina a La Vasca

A fresh Sea Bass fillet with shrimp and clams cooked in our special basque sauce & garnished with hard boiled egg, white asparagus and fresh parsley.

Kids Menu

Bocaditos De Pescado Aytana

Aytana fish bites.

Deditos De Pollo Empanizados

Chicken fingers.

Nuggets De Pollo

Chicken nuggets.



Hamburguesa Con Queso


Macarones Con Queso

Macaroni & cheese.

Side Orders

Arroz Blanco

White rice.

Arroz Moro

Moro rice.

Platanos Maduros Fritos

Fried sweet plantains.

Platanos Verdes

Fried green plantains.

Mariquitas De Platano

Home made banana chips.

Boniato Frito

Fried sweet potatoes.

Vegetales Mixtos Hervidos

Mixed steamed vegetables.

Pure De Patata

Mashed potatoes.

Patatas Leonesas

Oven baked country potatoes.


Cafe Cubano


Cafe Con Leche






Capuchino Con Khalua



Cafe with brandy.

Cafe Irlandes

Irish coffee.



Spanish french toast.

Tarta De Santiago

Saint ames cake.

Pudin De Pan Frances Con Almendras

French bread and almond pudding.

Crema Catalana

Catalonian creme.

Pudin De Queso Crema

Cream cheese pudding.

Tarta De San Marcos

Saint Mark's cake.

Bunuelos Caseros

Sweet potatoe and yucca pastry.

Arroz Con Leche a La Asturiana

Asturian style caramelized rice and milk pudding.


Homemade milk and egg custard.

Tres Leches

Home made 3 milk cake.

Helados Selectos

Ice cream.

Cake De Amaretto

Our homemade specialty, moist cake with almonds ,walnuts, dates, chocolate bits and Amaretto liqueur.

Weekly Special

Monday Special

Ajiaco a La Criolla

Cuban beef and vegetables stew.

Fricase De Pollo

Chicken fricassee.

Tuesday Special

Garbanzos Con Bacalao

Chick peas, cod fish and spinach stew.

Ternera Guisada

Veal & potatoes stew.

Wednesday Special

Pote Asturiano

Asturian bean, pork and vegetable stew.

Vaca Frita

Grilled shredded beef with onions, and lime mojo.

Thursday Special

Cocido Madrileno

Stew of chick peas, meats and vegetables.

Boniato Con Tasajo

Sweet potatoe stuffed with tasajo.

Friday Special

Crema De Esparragos

Asparagus cream.

Sopa De Platano

Green plantain soup.

Bacalao a La Gallega

Galizian style cod fish.

Paticas De Puerco a La Andaluza

Andalusian style pigs feet.

Saturday Special

Sopa De Platano

Green plantain soup.

Rabo De Res Estofado

Oxtail stew.

Cordero a La Gallega

Galizian style lamb shanks.

Carne Asada

Pot roasted beef.

Sunday Special

Sopa De Platano

Green plantain soup.

Arroz Con Pollo

Chicken with yellow rice.

Codorniz Al Vino

Cornish hen in wine sauce.

Cordero a La Gallega

Galizian style lamb shanks.

Carne Asada

Pot roasted beef.

Carne Asada

Pot roasted beef.

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