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25-40 min
2270 1st Ave (NaN mi)
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7:00 AM-7:00 PM
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Breakfast Pastries


Hot Cereals

Served with chia, seeds & fruits.

Yogurt Parfait

Served with fruits & granola.

2 Eggs Salad Toast


2 Eggs Toast Salad


Egg Ham Cheese Sandwich


Butter Croisant Ham Cheese Arugula



Soup of The Day

Served with bread. Please contact merchant for today's soup selection.

Chicken Coop

2 hard boiled eggs on the bed of greens homemade mayo salt pepper.

The Combo

Half sandwich & soup. Please contact the merchant for the catch of the day sandwich selection.


Out & About

Arugula, apple, almond, ham.

Dr. Feel Good

Black beans, kale, corn, blueberry, tomato.

Far East

Kale, arugula, watermelon, beet, grilled, tofu.

Create your Own Salad

Choose four fillings with your salad.


Little Mexico Sandwich

Avocado, arugula, tomato, cilantro spicy sour cream.

Farmer's Favorite

Ham, cheese, kale tomato, sweet & sour homemade mayo.

Catch of the Day

Tuna, celery, carrot, homemade mayo. Please contact the merchant for the catch of the day selection.

Weekend & Holiday Brunch

Gluten Free Hot Cakes - 2


Challah French Toast - 2 Slices


2 Eggs Anyway

Served with toast & salad.

Omelets Toast Salad

Choice of 2 fillings. Please contact merchant for fillings.

Fresh Pressed Juices

Hot Day

Carrot, mango strawberry, apple.

Quick Sand

Mango, pineapple, mint, apple.

Simpler the Better

Carrot, pineapple.

Veggie Garden

Celery, carrot, kale, ginger, beet.

Pass Time

Cucumber, kale, lemon, carrot, apple.

4 Musketeers

strawberry, carrot, ginger, beet.

South of the Border

Kale, cilantro, apple, lime.

Shade of Gary

Beet, carrot, lemon, apple, kale, celery.

Bad Day

Beet, carrot, cucumber, jalapeno, yogurt on top.

T N T "To Not Try"

Ginger, jalapeno,pineapple, beet, apple,yogurt on top.

White Snow

Apple, cauliflower, banana, ginger.

Blues Day

Blueberry, beet, kale, carrot.

Your Problem

Choose 4 items.

Smoothies & Protein Blend

Cafe Late

Coffee & banana.

Not Me

Banana, oj, strawberry.

Green Day

Cucumber, carrot, pineapple.


Mango, yogurt, apple, ginger.

Relax Please

Banana, carrot, watermelon.

Stormy Sky

Blueberry, banana, apple, beet.

Cool Breeze

Yogurt, water melon, beet, jalapeno, blueberry.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Pineapple, banana, strawberry, peanut butter.

Lunch Special

Hard boiled egg, kale, strawberry, carrot.

Rising Sun

Tofu, arugula, tomato, cucumber.

Ham Sandwich

Ham, romanie, lettuce, tomato, carrot.


Coffee Tea


Cold Brew


Sparkling Tea


Cold Tea




Water-Flat & Sparkling


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