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On Deck Appetizers

Jim's Famous Green Chili

Topped with cheese.

Michele's Homemade Ravioli Soup

Served with garlic toast.

Challenger's Fries


Deep Fried Potato Chips


Challenger's Green Chili Fries


Homemade Chips & Salsa


Fresh Veggie Basket

A mix of carrots, celery, cucumber and broccoli.

Jumbo Onion Rings


Deep Fried Green Beans with Ranch


Our Delicious Breaded Mushrooms

Served with ranch dressing.

Golden Brown Cheese Stix


Mac & Cheese Bites

Contact the merchant to select your choice of sauce.

Hot Jalapeno Poppers

Stuffed with cream cheese.

Spicy Chicken Tenders

Contact the merchant to select your choice of dipping sauce.

Challenger's Version of the Slider (The Whimpee Burger)

Fresh ground beef with onions mixed in topped with tomato slice.

Deep Fried Calamari

Served with our special cocktail sauce.

Our Super Bowl Deluxe Nachos

Fresh tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, black olives, tomatoes, jalapenos, green chili and sour cream.

Zucchini Basket

Served with a side of ranch.

Chips & Challengers Homemade Guacamole


From the Tee to the Green

Dinner Salad


Teriyaki Chicken Salad

Marinated chicken breast served over a fresh garden mix and topped with our own pepper and onion mix, fresh tomato, mushrooms and hard noodles. Served with a side of our homemade teriyaki dressing.

Challenger's Antipasta Salad

Salami, capricola ham, provolone cheese, mozzarella, black olives, tomato and red onion served over fresh salad.

Chef Salad

Fresh garden mix topped with turkey, ham, American and Swiss cheese, hard boiled egg, tomato and cucumber.

Challenger's Taco Salad

Our fresh garden mix served in a deep fried flour tortilla and topped with our own taco beef, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, black olives, tomato and our homemade salsa.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Fresh romaine mix, chicken breast, croutons, parmesan cheese and served with challenger's homemade caesar dressing.

Challenger's Sandwiches

Chicago Style Hot Dog

Vienna red hot on a fresh poppy seed bun, topped with onions, sport peppers, dark green relish, mustard, pickle slice, tomato and of course celery salt.

Challenger's Fresh Pulled Pork

Tender pulled pork served on a wheat bun with a side of BBQ sauce.

Chicago Style Italian Beef

Dipped in aujus, served with sweet green peppers on a fresh hoagie.

Chicago Style Polish Sausage

Covered with our own onion and pepper mix served on fresh bun.

Our Special BBQ Beef

Thin sliced Vienna beef cooked in our own BBQ sauce and served on a fresh wheat bun.

Tasty Reuben

Thin slices of corned beef, topped with sauerkraut & Swiss served with side of 1000 Island dressing.

Challenger's Grilled Cheese

Lots of cheese on texas toast.

Our Special Italian Sub

Pepperoni, salami, capricola ham and provolone cheese. Topped with tomatoes and fresh green peppers, served on a fresh hoagie. Served with fries.

Hot Pastrami on Rye

Fresh cut Vienna pastrami topped with melted Swiss cheese on toasted rye.

Challengers Bratwurst

Cooked in beer and grilled, topped with our own pepper and onion mix served on a fresh poppy seed bun and spicy mustard.

Challenger's Monte Cristo

Turkey, ham, american and Swiss cheese on homemade battered texas toast. Served with side raspberry jam.

Ribeye Sandwich

8 oz. Tender ribeye steak, cooked the way you like it. Served on grilled hoagie.

Chicago Style Italian Sausage Sandwich

Grilled sausage topped with mozzarella, peppers, onion mix and marinara.

Our Home Team Specialities

Breakfast Burrito

Fresh flour tortilla filled with bacon, potatoes, scrambled egg and cheddar. Smothered in homemade green chili served with a side of refried beans.

Our Famous Beef Burrito

Homemade taco beef smothered in our famous green chili. Served with refried beans. Topped with melted cheddar cheese and garnish.

Chicken Fajita Wrap

Marinated chicken breast, onions and pepper mix and tomatoes. Wrapped in a fresh jalapeno tortilla.

Spicy Chicken Wrap

Jalapeno tortilla stuffed with spicy chicken tenders, mozzarella cheese and buffalo hot sauce. Served with lettuce and tomato.

Challenger's Beer Battered Fish & Frips

Our own beer battered cod served with our special frips and homemade tartar sauce.

Challenger's Own Club Tacos

Fajita chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon. Served with our spicy ranch dressing.

Challenger's Thin Crust Pizza

12" Cheese Pizza


14" Cheese Pizza


16" Cheese Pizza


12" Sausage Pizza


14" Sausage Pizza


16" Sausage Pizza


12" Pepperoni Pizza


14" Pepperoni Pizza


16" Pepperoni Pizza


12" Supreme Pizza

Cheese, sausage, green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

14" Supreme Pizza

Cheese, sausage, green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

16" Supreme Pizza

Cheese, sausage, green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

Challenger's Wings

10 Challenger's Wings

Contain 10 wings.

20 Challenger's Wings

Contain 20 wings.

40 Challenger's Wing

Contain 40 wings.

75 Challenger's Wings

Contain 75 wings.

100 Challenger's Wings

Contain 100 wings.

Challenger's Slap Shots

Challenger's Babe Ruth of Burgers

1/2 pound of fresh ground beef, grilled your way topped with lettuce and tomato and pickles.

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

Topped with lettuce and tomato and pickles.

Challenger's Own Pattymelt

1/2 Angus beef topped with Swiss cheese, grilled onions on toasted marble rye, served with side 1000 Island.

Sheldon's Pub Burger

8 oz. Angus beef patty topped with chopped bacon, cheddar cheese with lettuce, red onion topped with tangy bristo sauce on a salted pretzel bun.

The Closer

Challenger's Special

Brought to you by Roman's cheesecake.

Roman's Daily Special

Brought to you by Roman's cheesecake.

Spumoni Ice Cream

Each slice. Brought to you by Roman's cheesecake.

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