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Duromina Cooperative

Jasmine, citrus, lively. Jimma, Ethiopia, 900-2100 masl, heirloom varietals, wet processed. 300 grams.

Familia Recinos

Cocoa and spices. Clean. Huehuetenango, Guatemala-1900 masl, bourbon, caturra, typica, wet processed. 300 grams.

Rio Paez

Orange and brown sugar. Spiced. Inza, Colombian-1600-1900 masl, caturra, colombia, wet processed. 300 grams.

Kii AA

Plum and caramel, syrupy. Kirinyaga, Kenya-1600-1900 masl, SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, wet processed.


Black, Orange, and Clove Tea

A special blend of black nilgiri, orange peel, and sourced cloves. A kickback to a nice Southern tea, this black blend is naturally sweet with a kick of spice to round out the flavors. Drinks well hot and even better over ice. Go ahead, throw a lemon wedge on the side and enjoy the sunshine!

Irish Breakfast Blend Tea

A special blend of: Assam, ceylon, & nilgiri black teas. This is the trifecta of black teas. Drinks best in the morning to start the day and keeps you refreshed and energized. Make another cup over ice in the afternoon and you're set for the day.

San Diego Herbal Blend Tea

A special blend of organic chamomile, locally grown spearmint (New Roots Community Farm), organic blackberry leaf, and cascade hops from Star B Ranch Ramona, CA.

Sencha Leaf Tea

his organic, Fair Trade Certified™ green tea is standard for tea drinkers. Never overwhelming, yet always empowering, this green tea is perfect for morning or evening. Pour yourself a cup and burn some incense. It's that good.


Bonavita Electric Water Kettle

Bonavita's variable temperature hot water kettle is perfect for brewing at home or for those who like to take their coffee supplies with them. The electronic thermometer and hot plate keep water as pre-set temperature for up to 1 hour. It's gooseneck spout allows for precision pouring for manual brew methods.

Chemex Paper Filters

To be used with our Chemex brew vessels. Comes in pack of 100

Hario V60 Cone

The Hario V60 is our choice tool for brewing at the shop. It delivers the most custom cup of coffee by giving you ultimate control over brew time and water temperature.

Hario V60 Paper Cone Filters

The filters produce clear and clean cup with no papery taste at all. V60 filters have a very responsive flow rate, which allows great control over your brewing time. Comes in packs of 100

Coffee & Tea Green Tee


Chemex with Glass Handle

The Chemex brew method is another favorite among our coffee drinking friends. The simple, reliable method creates a full-flavored, clean tasting brew. Its hourglass shaped flask is made entirely of glass, a chemically inert material that does not absorb odors or chemical residues.

C & T Enamel Pin


10 oz. Diner Mug

This heavy-duty ceramic mug has a sturdy design, with that vintage coffee shop look. Featuring our classic logo, the thick walls will keep your coffee lastingly warm. Get this classy USA-made mug for a diner-like price!

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