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7:00 AM-6:00 PM
7:00 AM-6:00 PM
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Daily Breads

Traditional French Baguette


Seeded French Baguette


Epi (French Wheat Stalk)


Demi-French Baguette


Seeded Demi-French Baguette


Pain de Campagne (French White)


Rosemary Olive Oil


Kalamata Olive

Unbleached wheat flour, filtered water, natural starter, kalamata olives and sea salt.

Artisan Multi-Grain


Point Loma Sourdough


Raisin & Hazelnut


Ciabatta Bun


Ciabatta Loaf


Mezza Focaccia


Focaccia Hamburger Buns (Bag of 4)

Unbleached wheat flour, filtered water, starter, malt, sea salt, olive oil.

Pain au Levain (French Country)


Weekly Breads

German Rye with Caraway Seeds (Monday Only)


Cranberry Orange Walnut (Tuesday & Friday)


Challah (Friday Only)

Plain and sesame.

Gruyere & Chive (Thursday, Saturday & Sunday)


Walnut Wheat Levain (Thursday, Saturday & Sunday)


Pane Cioccolata (Saturday & Sunday Only)

Loaf or roll.

Focaccia & Pizze

Garlic, Tomato & Cream Cheese (Daily)


Seasonal Squash (Monday & Saturday Only)


House Basil Pesto & Feta Cheese (Tuesday & Friday Only)


Gorgonzola, Roasted Red Onion & Walnut (Thursday & Sunday Only)


Between The Slices

Turkey Cobb Sandwich

Roasted turkey breast, applewood smoked bacon, fresh avocado, crumbled gorgonzola (Italian Blue Cheese), house roasted roma tomatoes, mayo and Romaine lettuce.

Veggie Cobb Sandiwch

Romaine lettuce, mung bean sprouts, fresh avocado, house roasted roma tomatoes, thinly sliced onions, crumbled gorgonzola (Italian blue cheese) and mayo.

Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey breast, house roasted roma tomatoes, mayo and Romaine lettuce.

Almost Grilled Cheese

Triple cream French brie and crumbled gorgonzola (Italian Blue Cheese) oven toasted on Rosemary olive bread.

Seasoned Roast Beef

Seasoned Roast Beef, fresh roma tomatoes, sliced red onions, goat cheese, mayo and Romaine lettuce.

Italian Salami

Italian dry salami, house roasted roma tomatoes, spicy pepperoncini, basil petso infused olive oil, Romaine lettuce.

The Ultimate PB&J

Honey roasted peanut butter and raspberry or cherry preserves?

Box Lunches

Includes your choice of sandwich, potato chips and a fresh baked cookie. No Subs for chips or cookie.

Extra Thick Slice of Bread

A single thick slice of any of our fresh baked bread plus, three pats of butter or fruit preserves.

Bread Plates and More

Sweet Bread Baker's Plate

Your choice of 3 thick slices of fresh bread served with butter, fruit preserves and cream cheese.

Savory Bread Baker's Plate

Your choice of 3 thick slices of fresh bread served with house made basil pesto, goat cheese and olive oil.

Accompaniments (a la carte)

Salted Butter Pats


Fruit Preserves


Cream Cheese


Olive Oil


Pesto Infused Olive Oil


House Made Basil Pesto Sauce


House Made Cream Cheese Ganache


On The Sweeter Side

Brioche Cinnamon Rolls


Raisin Brioche Cinnamon Rolls


Chocolate Brioche Twists


Pear Almond Rustic Scone


Maple Oat & Walnut Rustic Scone (Mon, Thur, Sun Only)


Raisin Rustic Scone (Tue, Friday Only)


Raspberry Chocolate Rustic Scone (Thur, Sat, Sun)


Apricot Cornmeal Spice Rustic Scone (Spring/Summer Thur, Sat, Sun)


Gingersnap Espresso Rustic Scones (Fall/Winter Thur, Sat, Sun)


Cranberry, Almond & Eggnog Rustic Scones (December Thur, Sat, Sun)


Milk Chocolate Chunk & Walnut Cookies


Butter Toffee Peanut Butter Cookies


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