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Breakfast Menu

The J.F.Kennedy

Breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, green peppers, red onions, black beans, homemade salsa and cheddar cheese.

The Huron

Fried eggs with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onions and tomato.

The Cragie

Scrambled eggs, pan seared spinach, Swiss cheese and bacon.

The Garden

Over medium eggs, green peppers, red onions, tomato and cheddar cheese.

The Eliot

Over medium eggs, tomatoes, asparagus and Brie cheese.

The Mem. Drive

Over medium eggs, bacon, avocado and cheddar cheese.

The Kenway

Breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, chourico, onion, cheddar chese and Tabasco sauce.

Lunch Menu

The Acacia

Tuna salad made with Jamaican relish, lettuce and tomato.

The Appleton

Chicken salad with deiced apple, celery, raisins, lettuce and tomato.

The A.R.C.

Hot roast beef, cheddar, bar-b-que sauce, lettuce and tomato.

The Ash

Boursin and roast beef with tomato and sprouts.

The Brattle

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, capers and onion.

The Brewer

Swiss, dijon, Russian dressing, coleslaw, pickles, carrots, green pepper and tomato.

The Chapman

Awesome eggsalad with avocado, lettuce and tomato.

The Chelsea

Ham, Swiss, mayonnaise, honey mustard, lettuce and tomato.

The Fayerweather

Turkey breast and Swiss cheese with a sun-dried tomato-pesto-mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.

The Foster

Ham and salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper, with herb vinaigrette.

The Gerry

Hot pastrami with Russian dressing, Swiss and coleslaw.

The Hilliard

Smoked turkey breast, dill harvarti, dijon mustard, lettuce and tomato.

The Hubbard Park

Hummus, avocado, apple, carrots, tomato, sprouts and honey mustard.

The Lakeview

Tabouli and hummus with cucumber, green pepper, red onion, tomatoes, carrots and sprouts with herb vinaigrette.

The Longfellow

Ham, sliced apple and aged cheddar, dijon mustard, lettuce and tomato.

The Mount Auburn

Smoked turkey, avocado, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and vinaigrette.

The Sparks

Roast beef with horseradish scallion mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.

The Story

Prosciutto, pesto, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and vinaigrette.

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