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Dinner | Skewers

Chicken Satay Skewers

Curried peanut sauce and cucumber relish.

Thai BBQ Pork Skewers

Honey marinated pork shoulder, sriracha chili paste and pickled vegetables.

Dinner | Crispy

Pumpkin Empanada

Fresh cilantro and cucumber relish.

Crispy Wings

Spicy sriracha-soy glaze.

Taro Spring Rolls

Vegetable filling and pina-carrot dip.

Dinner | Healthy Bites

Green Salad

Charred corns, crispy noodles and shiitake ginger vinaigrette.

Dinner | Wok Noodles

Pad Thai


Drunken Noodle

Squid ink spaghetti or wide rice noodle with spicy basil sauce.

Pad See Eew

Chinese and American broccoli, with egg and sweet soy sauce.

Dinner | Noodle Salads

Noodle Salad

Your choice of noodle and protein. Served with bean sprouts, cilantro, scallions, toasted garlic, string beans and ground peanut.

Dinner | Noodle Soups

Noodle Soup


Dinner | HoMū Noodles

5 Spice Duck Noodle Soup

Egg noodles, celery, broccoli and soy broth.

Stir Fry Beef Ragu

Rice noodle, tomato-turmeric soy, thai serrano vinaigrette and egg.

Thai Basil Pesto

Spaghettini, mushrooms, tomatoes, serrano puree with your choice of protein.

Red Miso Ramen

Spicy miso base, semi sapporo style, pork belly, corn, menma, nori, egg.

Dinner | Curry Noodles

Green Curry

Squid ink spaghetti, eggplant, vegetables and fresh basil.

Burmese Kao Soi

Egg noodles, turmeric and cumin scented curry with onion and pickles.

Red Curry

Spinach linguini, asian pumpkin, vegetables and fresh basil.

Dinner | Dumplings

Chicken & Shrimp Dumplings

Toasted sesame seeds and edamame puree.

Seafood Gyoza Dumplings

Pickled ginger and szechuan chili balsamic.


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