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Little Bites


Hand rolled in Panko style bread crumbs and served with honey mustard.

Buffalo Bites

Bite-sized tenders, lightly breaded and tossed in our famous wing sauce.

Fried Ravioli & Mozzarella

A Delicious combo served with house marinara or choose just one.

Zucchini Sticks

Served with buttermilk ranch.

Jalapeno Poppers

Served with Cajun ranch.

Hot Tots

Golden brown tater tots in our signature wing sauce with a side of cool ranch dipping sauce.

Chicken Dumplings

Served with a thick teriyaki dipping sauce.

Dill Skins

Potato boats stuffed with melted cheddar & crumbled bacon.

Fried Pickles

Soaked in buttermilk-beer batter and served golden brown with cool ranch.

Dillinger Sampler


Garlic Pretzel

My Style pretzel served with a jalapeno cheese mustard dipping sauce.

Bigger Bites

Chips & Guacamole

Hand Cut corn tortilla chips served with made to order guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.

Spin Dip

Topped with melted Swiss and served with corn tortilla chips.

Irish Nachos

Golden fried potatoes topped with melted mozzarella crumbled bacon and a dab of sour cream. Enough to share.

Nachos Grande

Fully Loaded, served with salsa and sour cream.


Cheddar and jack cheese and pico de gallo served with sour cream and salsa.

Caribbean Coconut Shrimp

Soaked in a dark beer batter, rolled in sweet coconut flakes and panko style breadcrumbs and cooked golden brown. Served with a zesty chili dipping sauce.

Steak Tips

Marinated steak tips served with garlic bread.

Buffalo Shrimp

Served with chunky bleu cheese dressing. Pick a temperature.


Golden brown tater tots with melted jack and cheddar, jalapenos, homestyle chili and a clab of sour cream.

Cajun Chicken Rolls

Cajun chicken, black beans, sweet corn and melted pepper jack cheese rolled in deep fried tortillas.

Dillinger Fingers

Hand cut Tenders tossed in our famous house sauce and served with a heap of fries.

Cajun Chicken Nachos

Fully loaded and topped wit hand rubbed Cajun chicken.

Grilled Dillingers

Served with carrots, celery, and chunky blue cheese dressing.

Soups, Salads & Wraps

House Salad

Simple but fresh and tasty with you choice of dressing.

Classic Caesar

Crisp Romaine with our classic dressing topped with homemade.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Diced tomato, crumbled bacon, hard-boiled egg, shredded cheddar and chunks of our famous buffalo chicken served with a side of chunky blue cheese dressing.

Taco Salad

Lettuce, tomato, sliced black olives, jack and shredded cheddar, smothered in homestyle chili and served in a tortilla shell with salsa & sour cream.

Chopped Salad

Crisp Romaine, tomato, cucumber, red onion and crumbled blue cheese tossed in balsamic vinaigrette and chopped for easy eating.

French Onion

Topped with melted Swiss.

Homestyle Chili

Topped with melted cheddar and Served with tortilla chips.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Lettuce, tomato, cheddar, bacon, egg and buffalo chicken tossed in chunky blue cheese dressing and rolled in a warm flour tortilla.

Chicken Caesar Wrap`

Simple but delicious.

Teriyaki Vegetable Wrap

Broccoli, carrots, red peppers, green peppers, and zucchini, cooked in a teriyaki glaze and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Served with fries.

Southwest Chicken Wrap

Cajun chicken, sweet onions, red and green peppers and melted jack cheese served in a warm flour tortilla.

Turkey BLT Wrap

Served with honey dijon mustard.


Buffalo Wings

Mild, medium, hot, or blazing.

Hot Garlic

Hot Buffalo with a garlic kick.

Garlic Parmesan

In Fresh garlic, Romano and Parmesa Cheese.

Teriyanki Glaze

Sticky Good.


Sweet but spicy.


Bold and spicy.

Burgers & Sandwiches

The burger

9 oz. sirloin burger served on a bakery soft roll with fries and a pickle.

Red, White & Blue

Medium wing sauce, cool ranch, and melted crumbled blue cheese.

Ragin Cajun

We Pan fry this one so we don’t lose any of the hand rubbed spices. Then we drizzle buttermilk ranch on top to cool it down.

Packer Burger

Topped with grilled sweet sausage, Monterey jack, and cheddar cheese.

The Dillinger

Crisp Bacon, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and your choice of cheese.

Double California Bean Burger

It’s our veggie burger and its good! Served with a side salad..

Bullseye Burger

9-ounce sirloin burger topped with crisp bacon, melted American cheese, and a fried egg.

Philly Cheese Staek

Sliced steak with sauteed onions and peppers topped with melted mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Tid Bits

Grilled breast topped with melted mozzarella cheese on sliced garlic Italian bread.

Buffalo Chicken

Breaded cutlet cooked in our buffalo wing sauce, topped with lettuce and tomato on a bakery fresh roll with a side of chunky blue cheese dressing.

Grilled Cheese

American cheese and crispy bacon. Oldie but goodie.

Sliced Steak Sandwich

Our famous marinated skirt steak, sliced thin, topped with melted mozzarella and served on Garlic Italian bread.

French Dip

A pub favorite served with classic Au jus and melted Swiss cheese.


Chicken Francese

Traditional with the Dillingers touch. Served with garlic mashed and mixed vegetables.

Chicken Dillinger

Teriyaki stir-fry over rice.

Buffalo Mac & Cheese

A three cheese creamy sauce meets chunks of buffalo chicken under a toasted bread crumb topping

Bacon Mac & Cheese


Seasoned Steak Cuts

Seasoned with a dry rub of Garlic and Rosemary, grilled through and served with hand cut jumbo fries.

Dillinger Chops

Two Thick boneless chops, grilled then slow cooked in our signature Thai chili Wing sauce and served with a heap of hand cut Cajun fries.

Shepherds Pie

An Irish Classic and a must try.

Beer Battered Shrimp

A basket of shrimp soaked in a Guinness stout rich batter and hand cut fries w/ Cajun tartar sauce.

Marinated Skirt Steak

16 ounces of mouth-watering skirt steak marinated for 7 days topped with onion strings and served with garlic mashed and vegetables.


Naked Basket

A heap of simple but delicious.

Garlic Fries


Cheese Fries

Topped with melted cheddar and Monteray Jack.

Garlic Cheese Fries

Topped with melted cheddar and Monteray Jack.

Dillingers Loaded

All of the above and smothered in honey style chili.


Chocolate Outrage

Rich chocolate layer cake drizzled with more chocolate and whipped cream.

Toasted Almond

Delicious toasted almond cake drizzled with caramel and served vanilla ice cream.

Brownie Sundae

Piping hot chocolate chip brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Pie in a Glass

Sweet Apple Pie filling topped with vanilla Ice cream and caramel drizzle served in a Martini glass.

Cheesecake Chimi

My Cheesecake rolled in a sweet flour tortilla and yes deep fried golden brown. Drizzled with caramel and whipped cream.

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