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Smashed Cucumbers

Spicy. Vegetarian. Garlic, sorghum vinegar and numbing szechuan peppercorn.

Mo-er & Sprouts

Spicy. Vegetarian. Organic sprouts, cloud ear mushroom and wasabi.

Scallion Pancake

Scallion, vegetarian.

Chilled Silken Tofu

Vegetarian. Non-gmo soybean, crumbled peanuts and shaved celery.

Grandma's Pickle

Spicy. Vegetarian. Carrot, garlic, jalapeno, turnip and cucumbers.

Dim Sum Bar Trio

Vegetarian. Spicy. Smashed cucumber, mo-er and silken tofu.

Lava Lovin Chicken

Chicken, red chili crisp, spice oil, sesame seeds & peanuts spicy.


Wonton Soup

Pork, shrimp, scallion.

Hot & Sour Soup

Vegetarian. Spicy. Gluten-free. Bamboo shoots, tofu, vinegar, egg.

Egg Drop Soup

Egg with chicken soup base, gluten-free.


Steamy Garlic Shrimp

Gluten-free. Double garlic relish, fresh herbs and glass noodle.

Wok Fried Shrimp

Gluten-free. Shrimp, garlic sauce, mixed bell peppers. Served spicy.

Duck Leg Rice Bowl

Pan-fried duck leg, Shaoxing wine, egg and pickles.

Zhenjiang Ribs

Gluten-free. Braised spare ribs and grandma's sweet glaze.

Clay Pot Beef Noodle

Braised beef belly and tendon and rich veal broth shanghai wheat noodle.

3 Pieces Duck Bao

Seared duck breast, steamed bao and tiger salad.

Sesame Chicken

Chicken, toasted sesame, gluten-free.

Seasonal Vegetables

Vegetarian. Gluten-free. Stir-fried or steamed.

Sweet & Sour Ribs

Spare ribs, pineapple, mix bell pepper and onion.

Spicy Eggplants with Minced Pork

Vegetarian option. Gluten-free. Minced pork, eggplant, mixed bell pepper, bean paste and black vinegar.

Ginger Duck

Fresh young gingers, carrots, Chinese cabbage, and mushrooms.

Black Pepper Duck

Served spicy. Black pepper sauce, mix bell peppers and onions.

General Tso's Chicken

Chicken, chili, Shaoxing wine, egg & dark soy spicy & gluten-free.

Citrus Chicken

Chicken breast, bread powder and fresh lemons.

Garlic Broccoli with Chicken

Gluten-free. Stir-fried, double garlic and light soy.

Garlic Broccoli with Beef

Gluten-free. Stir-fried, double garlic and light soy.

Orange Chicken

Gluten-free. Chili, orange peel, and egg. Served spicy.

Pepper Steak with Onions

Served spicy. Gluten-free. Stir-fried steak, green peppers, onions and dark soy.

Dim Sum Bar Lo Mein

Egg noodles, chicken, shrimp, pork, mushroom, napa cabbage, bean curds and sprouts.

Ginger Chicken

Gluten-free. Fresh young gingers, carrots, Chinese cabbage and mushrooms.

General Tso's Chicken

Served spicy. Deep fried chicken, chili, Shaoxing wine, egg and dark soy.

Prawn Salad

Shrimp, condense milk & house mayonnaise gluten-free rice is not included shrimp, condense milk & house mayonnaise gluten-free.

Lettuce Wrap

Celery, onions, carrots & sponge gourd gluten-free & vegetarian.

Roasted BBQ Pork - Cha Shi

Gluten-free. Pork with sweet glaze sauce.

Wonton Noodles with Soup

Shrimp & pork.

Dan Dan Noodles

Minced pork, home-made sauce soy, vinegar, scallions & chili oil spicy.

Wok Fried Pork Belly

Gluten-free. Pork belly, bell peppers, onion, chili paste with garlic.

Stir Fried Clams with Black Bean Sauce

Gluten-free. Clams, bell peppers, black bean.

Crispy Pan Fried Noodles

Crispy egg noodles - select one of the option.

Spicy Szechuan Cold Noodle

Vegetarian. Chilled black rice noodle, red chili crisp and spice oil.

Stir Fried Noodle

Vegetarian option. Shanghai wheat noodle, pork dark soy and napa cabbage.

Cha Siu Noodles with Soup

BBQ pork.

Dim Sum Bar Fried Rice

Gluten-free. Chicken, ham, shrimp, peas, onions, corn and egg. Vegetarian option.

Savory Dim Sum


4 Pieces. Shrimp. Gluten-free.


4 Pieces. Shrimp and pork.

Steamed Garlic Spare Ribs

Pork and garlic. Exotic. Gluten-free.

Crispy Wontons

5 Pieces. Shrimp.

Pot Stickers

6 Pieces.

Fried Mochi Pork Dumpling

3 Pieces. Pork, celery, and jicama. Gluten-free.

Steamed Cha Siu Bao

2 Pieces. BBQ pork bun.

Steamed Chicken Bao

2 Pieces. Chicken, carrots & onions.

Fun Gor

3 Pieces. Pork, peanuts, water chestnuts and baby dried shrimps.

Spring Rolls

3 Pieces. Chicken, ham, celery, bamboo shoots and carrots.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

4 Pieces. Cabbage and carrots. Vegetarian.

Lo Mai Gai

2 Pieces. Sticky rice, pork, Chinese sausage, mushrooms and salted egg yolk. Gluten-free.

Vegetable Lo Mai Gai

3 Pieces. Sticky rice, mushrooms, and bean curd. Vegetarian. Gluten-free.

Pan Seared Turnip Cakes - 3 Pieces

Turnips and Chinese sausage. Gluten-free.

Steamed Cabbage Dumplings

6 Pieces. Cabbage, bean curd, corn, glass noodles, carrots, and mushrooms.

Beef Brisket with Steamed Rice Noodles


Garlic Rib with Steamed Rice Noodles


Pan-Fried Rice Noodle

Dried baby shrimp, scallion and peanut sauce.

Steamed Rice Noodle

Scallion, chili sauce, peanut sauce and hoisin sauce. Vegetarian. Soy sauce and sesame seeds. Served spicy.

Shrimp Pompoms

4 Pieces. Shrimp.

Red Oil Szechuan Dumpling

6 Dumplings. Red chili crisp and spice oil. Sesame seeds.

Grilled Stuffed Eggplants

3 Pieces. Shrimp and eggplant.

Surf Sliders

2 Pieces. Shrimp, fried bun and wasabi dressing. Served spicy.

Sticky Beef Short Ribs

Honey and red vinegar. Sesame seeds. Gluten-free.

Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce

Gluten-free -- exotic.

Dim Sum Bar Platter

6 Pieces. Normal - hargow, shumai, spinach dumplings vegetarian - spinach dumplings, red cabbage dumplings, mushroom dumplings.

Spinach Dumpling

4 Pieces. spinach, carrots, vegetarian, gluten-free.


3 Pieces. Shrimp & mozzarella.

Seafood Dumplings

3 Pieces. Scallop, shrimp & crabmeat - gluten-free.

Stuffed Bean Curd

Pork, mushrooms, bomboo shoot.

Side Order 

White Rice



Cup of Oolong Tea


Cup of Decaffeinated Green Tea


Cup of Rooibos Tea


Cup of Pu-erh Tea


Cup of Jasmine Tea


Remedy Tea

Hangover Tea

Pu-erh tea, ginseng and longan.

Beauty Tea

Oolong tea, mixed goji berries, longon, rose petal.

Insomnia Tea

Rooibos tea, hawthorn berries, mixed goji berries and ginseng.

Calming Tea

Rooibos tea, rose petal, licorice root, ginger and mixed goji berries.

Flu Fighting Tea

Decaf green tea, ginger, licorice root, jujube, lemongrass, and chrysanthemum.

Detox Tea

Jasmine tea, lemongrass, and bamboo leaves.


House Special Shrub Soda


Large San Pellegrino


Soy Milk


Large Orangina




Iced Fresh Mint Lemonade


Blue Chai Drink


Sweet Dim Sum

Jin Deui - 3 Pieces

A sesame coated mochi with lotus paste center. Vegetarian. Gluten-free.

Lava Bao - 2 Pieces

Bao, molten egg yolk and condensed milk. Vegetarian.

Golden Mantou - 5 Pieces

A fried bun and condensed milk. Vegetarian.

Coconut Pudding - 3 Pieces

Shredded coconut and coconut milk. Vegetarian. Gluten-free.

Tung Gu Chocolate Bun - 2 Pieces

Bamboo charcoal powder vegetarian.

Sponge Cake Rolls - 2 Pieces

Lotus paste, coconut extract.

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