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Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken 台式盐酥鸡

Crispy marinated chicken pieces dusted with special seasoning mix.

Chinese BBQ Fries烧烤薯条🍟

Crunchy french fries spread with Cumin seasoning .

Takoyaki 章魚小丸子 5pc

Four pieces. Japanese octopus balls lightly fried and battered with mayonnaise and seaweed flakes.

Fungus Salad 泡椒木耳

Sour and spicy chili fungus mushroom.

Korean Style Whole Chicken Wings 韩式脆鸡翅

Never frozen, fresh made whole chicken wings, lightly battered, crispy outside, tender inside. 5 pieces.

Korean Style Drumsticks 新鲜韩式脆鸡腿

Never frozen, fresh made whole chicken Drumsticks. lightly battered, crispy outside, tender inside. 5 pieces.

Korean Style Chicken Wings Drumsticks 韩式鸡翅鸡腿

Never frozen, freshly made whole chicken wings & drumsticks, lightly battered, crispy outside, tender inside. 3 pieces each.

Braised Beef Shank 麻辣牛健

Mild spicy, sliced braised beef shank.

Onion Beef Roll 4 Pcs 牛肉卷饼4 pcs


Handmade Cold Noodle 陕西凉皮


Build Your Own Hotpot

A Build Your Own 自选锅

Customize Your Own Toppings in your Favorite Broth .

Specialty Noodles

ChongQing ZaJiang Mian 重庆杂酱面(mild spicy小辣)No Soup

Fresh Minced Pork Seasoned with herbs and spices and peanuts for the crunchiness.

ChongQing Beef Noodle Soup 重庆招牌牛肉面/粉(Mild Spicy)小辣

Chongqing style beef Shank stewed for hours.

Secret Gizzard Noodles 泡椒鸡杂面 ( No Soup)

Must Tried Authentic Chongqing gizzard noodle with peppers .

Braised Beef rib noodle soup 红烧牛腩面/粉(Mild Spicy 小辣)


Braised Pork Intestine Noodle Soup 红烧肥肠面 (Mild Spicy)


Shredded Chicken Noodle Soup 鸡丝汤面

The most popular noodle dish, light and flavorful chicken broth. simple noodle,easy life.

Spare Ribs Noodle with mushroom 香菇排骨面(Not Spicy 不辣)

Fresh Cut Spare ribs stewed for hours,bring nutrition and health to your daily diet.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup 台式牛肉面/粉

Served with beef finger ribs, and beef bones for hours combined with fresh ramen.

Taiwanese Beef Tomato Noodle Soup 番茄牛腩面/粉

Served with beef finger ribs, and beef bones for hours combined with fresh ramen.

Beef Noodle with Sour Cabbage 酸菜肥牛粉


Premium lamb noodle with Sour cabbage 酸菜羊肉粉


Preset Hotpot

Szechuan Pot 冒菜锅

Comes with beef, lamb, crab sticks, fish ball, Napa, sponge tofu, potato, fresh corn, and bean sprouts. 包含鲜牛肉片,羊肉,蟹肉棒,鱼丸,白菜,冻豆腐,土豆,玉米,豆芽。

Tomato Pot - Meat Stock 番茄锅

Includes beef, marinated beef, crab stick, potato, king oyster mushroom, Napa, and broccoli. 包含牛肉片,腌牛肉,蟹肉棒,土豆片,杏胞菇,白菜,花椰菜。

Korean Kimchi Pot 韩式泡菜锅

Includes pork belly, fish tofu, luncheon meat, winter melon, broccoli, sponge tofu, and enoki.

Tom Yum Pot - Mild Spicy 冬阴功

Comes with fresh chicken breast, cuttlefish ball, fish tofu, sponge tofu, potato slice, enoki mushroom, taro. 包含鸡胸肉,墨鱼丸,鱼豆腐,冻豆腐,土豆片,金针菇,芋头。

Specialty Drinks

Milk Tea 奶茶


Chrysanthemum Tea 菊花茶


Kumquat Lemon Jelly with Honey 金橘柠檬爱玉

Fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed with jelly and organic honey.

Organic Pearl Barley with Red Bean 有机红豆薏米水


Plum Juice 酸梅汁


Liuliu Tea 溜溜茶

Popular Taiwanese bubble tea.

Herbal Tea 王老吉

Most popular Chinese herbal tea.

Soda 汽水


Fresh watermelon juice 鲜榨西瓜汁


Coconut Jelly 椰子冻

Freshly made in-house.

Rice Wine with Jelly 酒酿冰粉


Mixed Fruit Tea 鲜制水果茶

Green tea base, passion fruit And strawberry flavor.绿茶为基底,百香果和草莓混合调制而成。新鲜手摇

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