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Main Dishes

Gobhi Matar (Peas and Cauliflower)

peas and Cauliflower vegetables lightly fired and dry, cooked in Vegetable oil Indian home style. 16oz Box.

Pack of 5 Rotis

Handmade fresh Rotis (Italian Tortilla). Goes well with vegetable and dal.

Vegetable Rice Biryani

Basmati Rice cooked with the hint of spicy herbs in vegetables and lightly fried. 16oz

Daal Roti and Rice (Mixed lentil curry)

Freshly made mixed Lentils spicy or mild comes with Two Rotis and 8ox White basmati Rice

Matar Paneer (Indian Cheese) with Rice

Cubes of soft paneer cooked with peas (mattar) in tomato gravy Spiced with garam masala.

Mix Vegetable Parantha

Lightly fried vegetables stuffed Indian tortilla. Four pieces with Pickle and Yogurt Dip (Raita)

Loki Chana Korma

Blend of bottle-guard and lentil curry mixed with Indian spices. Ideal for vegetable protein seekers 16oz box.

Potatoes Cabbage & Capsicum Sabzee

A medley of Fresh vegetables with potatoes, cabbage and capsicum, Indian Home style 16oz Box

Home style Daily Sabzee or Bhaji

We cook daily lunches with different type of Indian Green vegetables. you will never go wrong with this order of fresh Sabzee comes in 16oz boxes.

Gujrati Kadhi

Traditional Gujrati Gram floor soup mixed with herbs and Green Hot pepper

Daily Lunch/Dinner Box

Wholesome fresh indian Vegetarian lunch menu comes with 2 Rotis, Dal, Sabzee, Rice and desert.

Aloo Gobhi (Potatoes and Cauliflower)

Famous indian home style Sabzee lightly fried in vegetable oil. 16 oz box

Vegetable Pulao

Steamed basmati rice with mixed vegetables. healthy and delicious 16oz box

Indian Lentil Soup

Excellent plant source of protein called Pigeon Peas. One 16 oz family size box with rice.

South Indian

Indli sambar with coconut sauce

South Indian delicacy comes with Rich indian lentil soup cooked with fresh vegetables floating inside. 2 pieces.

South Indian Dosa and Sambhar

South Indian rice crap lightly fried and packed in a Pizza box with a side of vegetable and lentil Sambhar 16oz



Indian samosas, whire floor fried pastry stuffed with boiled mashed potatoes and spices 2 PCs.

Paani Poori (Golgappa) 8 pcs

Famouse Indian Chat comes with spicy water and chutneys in separate boxes.

Crispy Fritters Pakoras

Onion, potato, cauliflower pakoras made with gram flour or besan and special spice blend. Crispy, deep fried, 2 Portions. Serves 2-3 easily.

Jeera Rice

White basmati rice in 16oz Box

Methi Theplas

Fenugreek Tortillas. Pack of 5

Khaman Dhokla

Most popular Gujrati Snack made of Gram floor 16 oz box


Chikoo/Sapote Smoothie/Shake

Fresh Smoothie of Famous Caribbean fruit called Chikoo blended with healthy sweetener and Fat Free Milk

Pooran Puri (Pack of 10)

Sweet Lentil floor tortilla lightly roasted and fried in Deshi Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Mango Lessi

Mango Shake made to order


Indian Famous Dessert Jalebi 16oz Box

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