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Thinly sliced raw fish with lime and Peruvian yellow pepper.

Tiradito en Salsa de Rocoto

Thinly sliced raw fish with lime juice and Peruvian rocoto. Very spicy.

Cocktail de Camarones

Traditional shrimp cocktail.

Papa a la Huancaina

Boiled potato in a cheese sauce.

Choros a la Criolla

Peruvian style mussels.

Almejas Farolito

House specialty, Peruvian style clams.

Conchitas a la Parmesana

Gratinated Parmesan scallops.

Pulpo al Olivo

Octopus in a black olive sauce.


Lightly breaded seafood, deep fried and topped with red onions - enough for up to 4 people.

Farolito's Jalea

Grilled seafood and yuca frita.


Chilcano Soup

Concentrated fish soup.

Sopa de Pescado

Fish soup.

Sopa de Choros

Mussels soup.

Parihuela Soup

Seafood soup with red sauce base.

Aguadito Soup

Seafood soup with cilantro and rice.

Chupe de Camarones Soup

Shrimp soup with milk base.

Sopa Criolla

Beef soup.

Sopa Minuta

Beef soup and milk.

Sopa de Pollo

Chicken soup.

Aguadito de Pollo Soup

Chicken soup with cilantro and rice.


Ensalada Mixta

Mixed lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Ensalada Russa

Potatoes, carrots, green peas and beets.

Ensalada de Berro

Watercress salad.

Ensalada de Farolito

Special house salad.

Ensalada de Pulpo

Octopus salad.

Ensalada Caesar con Pollo

Caesar salad with chicken.

Ensalada Caesar con Camarones

Caesar salad with shrimp.

Pasta Dishes

Tallarin Saltado con Carne

Spaghetti sauteed with meat.

Tallarin Verde con Bistec a la Plancha

Spaghetti pesto with grilled steak.

Tallarin Saltado con Mariscos

Spaghetti sauteed with seafood.

Tallarin Saltado Mar y Tierra

Spaghetti sauteed with surf and turf.

Tallarin con Almejas en Salsa

Spaghetti with clams in red or white sauce.

Tallarin con Almejas y Camarones en Salsa

Spaghetti with clams and shrimp in red or white sauce.


Pescado Ceviche


Camarones Ceviche


Mixto Ceviche


Farolito Citrus Special Ceviche


Rice Dishes

Arroz Frito de Mariscos

Fried rice with seafood.

Arroz Frito Mar y Tierra

Fried rice with meat and seafood.

Arroz Amarillo con Mariscos

Yellow rice with seafood.

Pescado y Mariscos

Pargo Frito Entero

Fried whole red snapper.

Filete de Pescado Frito

Deep fried fish fillet.

Pescado a la Plancha

Grilled fish fillet.

Filete de Pescado Sudado

Fish fillet stew in fresh tomato sauce.

Filete de Pescado a la Chorrillana

Fried fish fillet with sauteed onions and tomato sauce.

Filete de Pescado en Salsa Agridulce

Fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce (tamarind).

Filete de Pescado a lo Macho

Fried fish fillet topped with seafood (red sauce).

Filete de Pescado en Salsa Verde

Fish fillet in cilantro sauce.

Tortilla de Camarones

Shrimp omelet.

Camarones en Salsa Verde

Shrimp in cilantro sauce.

Enchilado de Camarones

Shrimp in tomato sauce.

Camarones al Ajo

Shrimp in garlic sauce.

Camarones en Salsa Agridulce

Shrimp in sweet and sour sauce (tamarind).

Picante de Mariscos

Seafood stew in tomato sauce.

Cau Cau de Mariscos

Seafood stew in yellow sauce.

Camarones Arrebosados

Deep fried shrimp dipped in eggs.


Parrillada Farolito Carne

Pescado y mariscos. Farolito style grilled meat, fish and seafood.

Bistec Farolito

Steak Farolito style with sauteed onions and tomatoes.

Bistec a la Plancha Churrasco

Grilled flank steak.

Lomo Saltado

Chopped beef sauteed with fries, onions and tomatoes.

Lomo Saltado con Tacu Tacu

Chopped beef sauteed with fries, onions and tomatoes served with fried white bean and rice omlelet style (no eggs).

Seco de Carne

Beef stew in cilantro sauce.

Cau Cau de Mondongo

Beef tripe stew.


Beef stew in cilantro sauce and white beans.


Aji de Gallina

Shredded chicken in a walnut sauce.

Pollo Saltado

Chopped chicken sauteed with fries, onions and tomatoes.

Bistec de Pollo

Grilled chicken steak.


Chicharon de Mixto

Mixed seafood.

Chicharon de Calamar

Lightly breaded and deep fried squid.

Chicharon de Pescado

Fish chunks.

Side Dishes

Porcion de Arroz Blanco

White rice.

Porcion de Frijoles

Peruvian white beans.

Choclo Peruano

Peruvian corn.

Yuca Frita

Fried yucca.

Tacu Tacu

Fried white beans and rice.

Papas Frita

French fries.

Papa Hervida

Boiled potato.

Salsa Huancaina

Huancaina sauce.

Salsa de Aceitunas Negras

Black olive sauce.

Bebidas Frias

Inca Cola

Peruvian golden cola.

Inca Cola Diet

Peruvian golden diet cola.

Kola Inglesa




Coca-Cola Dieta

Diet coca-cola.



Te Helado


Nectar De Maracuya

Passion fruit juice.

Chicha Morada




San Pellegrino


Hot Drinks

Cafe Espresso

Espresso coffee.



Cafe con Leche

Coffee with milk.


Milk with a shot of espresso.

Cafe Americano

American coffee.

Te Negro

Black tea.

Te de Manzanilla

Chamomile tea.

Te de Anis

Anise tea.



Meringue with a piece of peach with creme and caramel on top.



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