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Cold Sandwiches

The Smoke Out

House smoked, black walnut balsamic smoked BBQ turkey. Layered with Havarti and smoked Gouda cheese. Hand sliced tomato, adorned with our chef inspired sauce, made of orange, blueberry, Black walnut balsamic vinaigrette. Served on a pretzel bun.

Mr. McStuffin Sandwich

BBQ balsamic smoked turkey. Topped with fresh spinach, tomato, red pepper aioli. Served on a - breadbar potato bun. Choice of cheese.

Aquaman Sandwich

House tuna salad. Topped with fresh spinach, tomato, red pepper aioli. Served on a - breadbar potato bun. Choice of cheese.

The Mechanic

Corned beef, mayo, mustard, tomato, lettuce, cheddar, on a baguette.

Garden Jam (cold)

Tomato, mozzarella, spinach, pistachio and toasted pepitas pesto, stacked on a baguette

Hot Sandwich

The Texan Sandwich

13 hour Texas style BBQ brisket. Raw red onion, house BBQ sauce, with house slaw. Served on sourdough.

New Yorker

It's in the bun - corned beef, swiss cheese, house slaw, and fresh Russian dressing served on - Fred's bakery - double-baked rye bread.


Hot - Russak's pastrami with swiss cheese, deli mustard on - breadbar marble rye.

Super Stacker

Corned beef, pastrami, Cole slaw, Russian dressing, Swiss on double baked rye.

Hot Pressed Sandwich

Cesar Sandwich

Molina & on dry salami, top with fresh mozzarella, toasted pepitas and pistachio pesto and pressed to perfection.

Spaniard Sandwich

Pamplona chorizo, 20 months aged imported serrano ham, 3 months aged manchego cheese, and adorned with roasted piquillo peppers from Spain.

Triple Melt

Swiss, Havarti, and Wisconsin cheddar. Served on breadbar 5 grain seeded bread and melted to perfection with oregano butter.

Turkey Melt

Smoked Turkey, tomato, Havarti, cheddar, on 5 grain bread.

Brisket Melt

Smoked brisket, tomato, Havarti, balsamic onion jam, red onion, on 5 grain bread.

Tuna Melt

House tuna salad, tomato, Havarti, cheddar, on 5 grain bread.

Serrano Ham Melt

30 month aged Serrano ham, Havarti, Swiss, tomato, red onion on 5 grain bread.

Garden Jam (hot)

Tomato, mozzarella, spinach, pesto, pressed on a baguette.

Smoke Stack

Cheddar, salami, smoked Turkey, Havarti, Russian dressing, deli mustard, tomato, pressed on a pretzel roll.

Hot Corned Beef & Pastrami

Hot Corned Beef


Hot Corned Pastrami



Potato Salad


Snacks & Chips

Torres Selecta

Potato chips. 1.76 oz bag.

Kettle Brand

Potato chips, 2 oz bag.


Smoked sausages. 5 oz bag.


Chewy banana bites. 3.5 oz bag.


Tropicana 100% Orange Juice

12 oz no pulp, plastic bottle.

The Mountain Valley 25.3 oz

Blackberry pomegramate, lime twist. Sparkling spring water. Glass bottle.

Tea Of A Kind

Instant fresh brewed tea. 16 oz plastic bottle.


Lemon-lime soda, 20 oz plastic bottle.

S. Pellegrino

Sparkling natural mineral water, 16.9 oz plastic bottle.

Real Alkalized Water

Alkalized water, 8.0pH, 33.8 oz bottle.

Pure Leaf


Martinelli's 100% Apple Juice


Mexican Coca Cola

Mexican soda, 500 ml glass bottle.

Life Water

33.8 oz plastic bottle.

Hubert's Lemonade

16 oz glass bottle.

Glaceau Smart Water


Fiji Water Liter

1.5 liter plastic bottle.

Fiji Water

500 mL plastic bottle.

Coca Cola

20 oz plastic bottle.

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Spiced apple. 14 oz bottle.

La Croix

Berry, lime, lemon, or key lime.


Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie

Vegan protein cookie. 4 oz bag.

La Boulangerie des Gourmets

Belgian Waffle. 3. 17 oz package.


Dark chocolate bites. 3 oz bag.





Happy Panda

Creme filled cookies. Vanilla or chocolate.

Specialty Drinks

Jeff's Organic Dirty Chai Latte

Organic Almond or whole milk, organic Lucky Jack coffee, organic Swatii Chai.

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