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Shrimp Cocktail

A plate of chilled shrimp served with a tangy cocktail sauce and fresh french bread. Pealed and de-veined.

Water Chestnuts

Marinated and wrapped in thick nueske's bacon. Served on cucumber and radish slices with a side of honey.

Galettes 'n Greens

A French bistro style flatbread is topped with parmesan cheese, nueske's bacon, black olives, and caramelized onions, then broiled until crisp. Garnished with a side of mixed greens, red onions and drizzled with vinaigrette.

French Fries

A large bowl of waffle fries.

Grilled Vegetables

An assortment of fresh, grilled vegetables with a tangy dip.

Just Broccoli

Blanched, seasoned, oiled and heated. Served with a tasty sauce on the side.

Hell's Fire Fries

Our homemade chips served with cajun mayonnaise.

Cauliflower Calabrese

A vegetarian treat of cauliflower grilled with bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and red pepper flakes.

Flatbread Cheese Crisps

Topped with a hot and spicy combo of red pepper flakes, black pepper, parmesan cheese, and salt flakes.

Flatbread Pork Planks

Ground pork cooked in spicy teriyaki sauce, topped with cilantro, served with flatbread cheese planks.


A generous serving of corn chips smothered in aged white cheddar, havarti, monterey jack, and jalapeno peppers. Served with fresh salsa. This recipe originated at az88 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Nachos Supreme

All of the above plus black olives, bell peppers, red onion, and tomato.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Hot & spicy.

Buck 'n Chicken Wings

Tangy teriyaki.

Dragon Chicken Wings

Oriental soy & ginger.

Combo Wings

All three, platter only. All of our plump wings are served with fries celery, and bleu cheese dressing.

1/2 Buffalo Wings & 1/2 Buck'n Wings Platter

Hot 'n spicy & tangy teriyaki.


Four Seasons Salad

A wonderful salad made with the freshest of mixed greens, tomato, radish sprouts, avocado, black olives, mushrooms, red onion, cucumber and bell peppers. Served with a croissant or toast and choice of bleu cheese, 1000 island, vinaigrette, lite ranch or lite french dressing.

Greek Salad

Fresh baby spinach, feta cheese, nueske's bacon, diced cucumber & tomato, ripe olives, red onion and bell pepper, topped with vinaigrette dressing. Served with a croissant or toast.

Teriyaki Pork Salad

A half-pound of grilled pork atop mixed greens, tomato, grilled onions, pecans, tart apples, mushrooms, avocado, bell peppers, cucumbers, black olives and red onions. Served with bleu cheese dressing and a croissant or toast.

Teriyaki Portobello Mushroom Salad

A generous amount of grilled portobello mushrooms plus all the same fresh vegetables as in above salad.

Asian Grilled Ahi Tuna with Dinette Salad

Seared rare ahi tuna, grilled in teriyaki sauce and served with a dinette salad - a small version of four seasons salad.Your choice of dressing.

Elsa's Beet Salad

Red and gold thin-sliced beets served atop a bed of arugula with pistachios, red onion, your choice of feta or gorgonzola cheese, and dressed with lemon vinaigrette.Served with your choice of toast or a croissant.

Hanny's Salad

Baby arugula, white onions, hard boiled egg, cracked black pepper, salami, parmesan, black olives, and lemon vinaigrette. Served with your choice of toast or a croissant.

Nine Hot Little Tomatoes Small Salad

Miniature tomatoes, red pepper flakes, red onion, crumbled bleu cheese, and lemon dressing.

Arugula & Asparagus Small Salad

Tossed in lemon vinaigrette, garnished with parmesan cheese.

Greek Dinette Salad


Four Seasons Dinette Salad



All American Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A combination of American, aged white Wisconsin cheddar, Colby and swiss cheese, topped with thick nueske's bacon and tomato slices.

833 Club Sandwich

A delectable triple-decker sandwich in a combination of your choice: turkey & bacon, turkey & avocado or bacon & avocado. Comes with lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber and Hellmann's real mayonnaise. Also available as a double-decker.

Truck Garden Sandwich

This sandwich is served with hearty toast, with tomato, avocado, mushrooms, spinach, sprouts, black olives, bell peppers, red onion and a mix of marinated cucumbers, radishes and turnips. Topped off with Hellmann's real mayonnaise and thousand island dressing.

The B. L. T Sandwich

Generously prepared with thick nueske's bacon, leaf lettuce and select tomatoes, topped with Hellmann's real mayonnaise.

Portobello Mushroom

Grilled portobello mushroom and onions, fresh tomatoes, and crispy slices of Idaho potato chips on a toasted roll.

Country Cousin Sandwich

Thinly sliced breast of turkey, thick nueske's bacon, avocado, sliced red onion, lettuce, and Hellmann's real mayonnaise, all stacked on three pieces of toast, or two if you please.

Other Offerings

Asian Grilled Tuna Sandwich

Seared rare ahi tuna, marinated in teriyaki sauce, seasoned with wasabi and ginger, served with radish sprouts, bell peppers, cucumber and crisp pumpernickel toast. Served with elsa's homemade chips.

S. S. S Sandwich

Thinly sliced, smoked Scottish salmon served open-face with pumpernickel bread, red onion, cream cheese, cornichons, capers, and grated radish.

Salami & Cheese Plate

A good salami is hard to find, a hard salami is good to find. Imported from france. Served with pumpernickel bread, red onion, havarti cheese and grey poupon mustard

Galettes 'n Greens Sandwich

A French bistro style flatbread is topped with parmesan cheese, nueske's bacon, black olives, and caramelized onions, then broiled until crisp. Garnished with a side of mixed greens, red onions and drizzled with vinaigrette.

Fresh Vegetables of the Season

Served with your choice of dressing.

Fresh Fruits of the Season

Served with a side of butterscotch.

Shrimp Ceviche

A classic shrimp ceviche.


The Burger

Your choice of grilled, raw or burnt onions.

The Cheeseburger

One or all of the following cheeses - American, Swiss, Wisconsin aged white cheddar or Colby.

Burger Las Brisas

Melted monterey jack cheese, avocado, jalapeño peppers, lettuce, onions and a bit of salsa.

Burger Au Poivre

Covered with peppercorns and sautéed in a burgundy sauce.

Apv - Burger II

We've added crumbled gorgonzola cheese and nueske's bacon to the burger au poivre.

Daisy Mae Burger

Paper thin slices of turnip, radish and cucumber marinated in a fresh lemon dressing.

Classic Big Boy Patty Melt

Our signature 9 oz. burger patty with the classic Swiss cheese, American cheese, and fried onions on grilled pumpernickel. Served with a small chopped salad, choice of dressing, & fries. Please contact the merchant for dressing selection.

The Bigger Mac

Our signature 9 oz. Burger patty, topped with 1000 island dressing, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, and grilled onions on our toasted Italian roll. Served with fries and fresh fruits & vegetables of the season.

Greek Maiden Burger

Marinated in white wine, topped with feta cheese, black olives, fresh mint and red onions.

Burger Alfredo

Tomato slices, fresh baby spinach and a sauce of parmesan cheese, butter and spices.


The Pork Chop Plate

A thick 11-ounce chop - sauced, seared, charred and served with broccoli and small buttered red potatoes, garnished with sweet & spicy peppadews. Allow 20-25 minutes cook time.

Flatbread Pork Planks

Ground pork cooked in spicy teriyaki sauce served with flatbread cheese planks.

Pork Chop Variation II

Grilled in teriyaki sauce, topped with grilled onions and pecans, sliced tart apples, and bleu cheese dressing.

Pork Chop Apv

Peppercorn crusted and grilled in our own exclusive burgundy sauce.

Pork Chop Apv With Nueskeʼs Bacon and Gorgonzola

Intensify the APV with Nueskeʼs bacon and gorgonzola, or your choice of cheese.

Pork Chop Sandwich

Choice of grilled, raw or burnt onions excellent with a touch of grey poupon mustard. All sandwiches use a half pound pork chop, served on a toasted Italian roll. Comes with fries, fresh fruit & vegetable garnish.

Pork Chop Calabrese

Topped with a spicy mixture of mushrooms, bell peppers, red pepper flakes and onions, all sauteed in butter.

Pork Chop Variation I

Grilled in a ginger sauce, covered with sliced cucumbers, radish sprouts, and spicy mayonnaise.



From the carnegie bakery in New York. The finest available.

Strawberry Shortcake

Smothered with fresh strawberries & whipped cream. Served with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream

Gooey Cake

Our version of the 1930's butter cake sold at park avenue coffee in St. Louis. Served with traditional powdered sugar & whipped cream topping.

Black-out Torte

For serious chocolate lovers, the dense moist chocolate cake is paired with dark chocolate mousse. Served with whipped cream.

Golden Gate Cake

Butter rum cake topped with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream, real butterscotch and whipped cream. A San Francisco treat.

Key Lime Tart

Very tart, with plenty of real key lime juice. Baked fresh.

World's Smallest Turtle Sundae

A generous portion of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.

Drumstick Sundae

Thick hot fudge, mammoth pecan halves, and whipped cream.

Turtle Sundae

It's the drumstick sundae, plus real butterscotch.


Fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Hot Fudge Croissant

Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream, delicious hot fudge and whipped cream atop a toasted croissant. Also available in a strawberry version.

Fresh Strawberries

A bowl of ripe strawberries and whipped cream.

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