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Red Wines

Chateau d'Oupia 'Les Heretiques' 2016, Languedoc, France

The 100% ideal bistro wine. Kick back, earthy and fresh red from the Mediterranean edge of France. Drink this daily. Drink it with friends - drink it on your own. Watch the sunset, watch the sunrise.

AM/FM Pinot Noir 2014, Santa Barbara County, CA

Matt Kaner is an elemental force of nature. Thousands of years ago, he was known by many different names, but primitive polytheistic peoples the world over used to worship him. In this current life, he also happens to be a young, supremely-talented, and charismatic sommelier, wine bar owner (Bar Covell in Los Feliz and Augustine in Sherman Oaks), and now winemaker as well. His Pinot is about as perfect as an Old World-inspired California Pinot gets; showing flawlessly ripe fruit inflected with hints of mushroomy earthiness, it is unstoppably delicious.

Once & Future Palisades Petite Sirah 2015, Napa, CA

Bomb ass, big, powerful, juicy, delicious, luscious, velvety Petite Sirah from legendary winemaker Joel Peterson.

Brave & Maiden 2013 Union Cabernet Blend, Santa Barbara County


White Wines

Aviary 2016 Chardonnay, California



Angeleno Wine Co ‘The Meadow’ Rosé 2017, Lodi, California

‘The Meadow,” one of the first 2016 American Rosés to be released this year. Made by Angeleno Wine Company’s Jasper Dickson. If you love dry, crisp and mineral rosé. If you love rosé from Southern France. If you love wines that are made by people and not just machines. You will love this, it is magically delicious.

Moulin de Gassac 'Guilhem' Rosé 2017, Herault, France

Moulin de Gassac is a secret side project of Mas de Daumas Gassac, producers of some of France's most famous red wines. While their super hard-to-find reds are out being drunk by the leaders of the world, you'll find me kicking back with a glass of their Guilhem rosé.

Trail Marker 2017 In Association with Silverlake Wine and Everson Royce, Mendocino CA

Rose of Carignan


Tintero Moscato d'Asti 2016, Piedmont, Italy


J. Lassalle Cachet Or Brut, Champagne, France



Bitburger Lager 4-Pack, Bitburg, Germany

16.9 oz Cans


El Destilador Tequila Silver

A 1L bottle of 100% agave blanco tequila. That nifty “100% agave” description on the front? That is the difference between a good night and a bad night drinking tequila. Less than that number… that’s why you know people who don’t drink tequila anymore. Do yourself a favor, treat yourself better, and buy El Destilador. No oak, just super clean!

El Destilador Tequila Reposado

A 1L bottle of 100% agave reposado tequila. That nifty “100% agave” description on the front? That is the difference between a good night and a bad night drinking tequila. Less than that number… that’s why you know people who don’t drink tequila anymore. Do yourself a favor, treat yourself better, and buy El Destilador. Very clean, but with a toasty-oakiness.

Tyler’s City of London Gin

I’ve never yet been to the city of London. However I have woken up next to many a partially or fully drank bottle of Tyler’s City of London Gin. 94 proof, so no slouch on the strength. Keeps you warm through the night - I imagine not unlike the warm pot stills cooking up small batches of this gin in London’s famous Thames Distillery. Clean, fresh, best in large quantities.

Diamond Dark Demerara Rum

1 Liter. Like people, Rums come in a variety of different complexions and levels of sweetness. And again like people, a tantalizing or unique origin story can help you stick out of the crowd. So I present to you, from Northern Guyana (a place rich with sugar estates for over 300 years!), THE ONLY RUM PRODUCED IN THE DEMERARA RIVER REGION. Hold your applause until after you’ve had this in your dark and stormy. Then applaud.

Amrut Old Port Rum

Amrut Distillery is nearly as old as post-colonial India. Amrut, the Sanskrit word for "nectar of the gods," was established a year after India claimed independence from the United Kingdom. Badass name right? And while whisky is their main mark, the Old Port spiced rum they make out of molasses of Indian sugarcane is dynamite. Nectar of the Gods indeed!

YOLA Mezcal

We really dig YOLA around here. It helps that it is a fantastic tasting bottle of clean and pronounced mezcal with lots of character. But also YOLA is the product of woman ownership, bottled by women, fighting for the economic independence of women in their native Oaxaca. And we can get behind that too.

Petergoff Vodka

The most vodka you can fit inside of a 1 Liter bottle. Straight from Belarus with love. Distilled a bunch of times so it cleaner than the inside of a Purell bottle and packs a bigger punch that Will Smith in Independence Day. There needs to be a statue erected for this beautiful, beautiful friend

Larceny Bourbon

Named for the barrel-stealing habits of tax agent John Fitzgerald, Larceny is a classic bourbon with history dating back to the 1870s! Now distilled by Heaven Hill in Kentucky, Larceny is a wheated bourbon, making it a rich softer and bit sweeter.

Gustoso Aguardiente Blanco

Leave it to Mexico to make the best rum you’ll ever had. In a country rife with distilling superstars, Gustoso rums are for the mixologist inside of us all. Made from 100% cane sugar, it’s a little less sweet than you’ll find with most rums.

Rittenhouse Rye 100

American history is great. Full of names we can pronounce, and inseparable from our rich tradition of drinking copious amounts of incredibly good alcohol. Named for Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square, Rittenhouse Rye is the beginning and the end of the quest for making a sick Manhattan. 100 means 100 proof. No lack of punch. All class.

Deanston Virgin Oak Highland Single Malt Whisky

A little bit fruity, a little bit spicy, a little bit herbaceous - the Virgin Oak has a little bit of a lot happening. Matured in used Bourbon casks, then finished in brand-spanking new Virgin Oak casks to impart a bitingly fresh oak spice.

Azteca Azul Tequila Plata

100% pure blue agave tequila from the only tequila producer to be certified by its government as 100% no waste production.

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