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Fat Jack's Supersubs

20-35 min
3326 Tejon St #102 (NaN mi)
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Classic Subs

#4 Johnny Roast Beef

Roast beef thinly-sliced, medium-rare roast beef with creamy mayo, lettuce, tomatoes & red onions. For a punch of flavor, add spicy horseradish.

#2 The Casanova B.L.T.

Hickory smoked bacon & juicy tomatoes with creamy mayo & topped with lettuce. Because who doesn’€™t love a blt. Make it a blat by adding fresh avocado.

#3 The Jester

Ham & cheese hickory smoked ham with your choice of cheese. Slathered with creamy mayo & topped with lettuce & juicy tomatoes. A delicious take on a classic. Make it a dunker’s delight with a cup of broccoli cheese soup. For your old friend the joker, add extra ham.

#5 Giovanni

Italian our mouthwatering, spiced capicola ham & genoa salami with provolone cheese, oil & vinegar, savory spices & topped off with lettuce, juicy tomatoes and red onions. Bellisimo. Try it with spicy chi-town giardiniera for an extra kick. Really hungry. Try the don #17.

#1 The Big Bird Turkey

98% fat-free turkey breast with juicy tomatoes & creamy mayo. Topped with lettuce & alfalfa sprouts. Tastes delicious with added Swiss.

Veggie Subs

#9 The Cheesehead

Veggies & cheese a delicious combination of juicy tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, & cucumbers. Your choice of two of our fresh-sliced cheeses, plus dressing. A noble cheese sammy - westword.

Premium Clubs

#10 The Classic

Ham & turkey with deli mustard, creamy mayo & your choice of cheese. Topped with fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes & red onion.

#11 The Fax

Turkey & bacon with creamy mayo, deli mustard & your choice of cheese. Topped with fresh cut lettuce, tomatoes & red onions. An infamous sandwich named for the infamous avenue.

#12 The Gold Coast

Turkey & fresh avocado slices this classic cali-style club is served with creamy mayo, deli mustard & your choice of cheese. Topped with lettuce, juicy tomatoes & alfalfa sprouts. Our regulars say add hickory smoked bacon for the trifecta of glory.

#13 Don Juan

Turkey & salami with fresh lettuce, juicy ripe tomatoes, red onion,creamy mayo, deli mustard & your choice of cheese.

#14 Double D

Roast beef & turkey lightly slathered with creamy mayo & deli mustard. Topped with lettuce, juicy tomatoes & red onion. Your choice of cheese.

#16 The Beefeater

Double roast beef double portions of thinly-sliced, medium-rare roast beef. Topped with creamy mayo, deli mustard, lettuce, juicy tomatoes, red onion, green pepper & your choice of cheese. Enough beef to shake a cow at.

#17 The Don

(Double Italian) A sandwich you can’t refuse. Double portions of mouthwatering genoa salami, spiced capicola ham & double provolone cheese, creamy mayo, vinegar & oil, plus spices. Topped with lettuce, juicy tomatoes & red onion. Everybody respects the don. Capiche. Take it to the next level with our spicy chi-town style giardiniera.

#18 The PB&J

A timeless sandwich made your way. Creamy peanut butter with your choice of gourmet strawberry preserves or apricot jam. Try the apricot jam with bacon. Because everything’s better with bacon.

#20 Hog Wild

Pulled pork slow-cooked pulled pork with tangy BBQ sauce, red onion, and sliced vienna pickles. Indulge your wild side. We recommend adding our tangy coleslaw.

#21 The Big Baller

Meatball fat jack’s own special meatballs topped with marinara, provolone cheese and baked. A late night favorite. Step up your game with jalapenos.

#23 The Gandolfini

Italian sausage delicious polodori spicy Italian sausage topped with marinara, peppers & onions and melted provolone cheese.

#19 The Fat Jack

Our signature sandwich is made just the way you want it and a lot of it. You choose three of our delicious meats, two tasty cheeses, and top it off with any of our fresh-cut veggies. Now that’s a mouthful.

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