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Flowers of Vietnam

A-1 Caramel Chicken Wings

Korean fried rau mau.

A-2 Tom Rang Muoi

Fried salt and pepper argentine, red prownsscalion, cilantro.

A-3 Bok Choy

Sweet viet soy ocean salt pepper.

A-4 Com Chien Sai Gon

Chinese sausage shrimp garlic lemongrass butter.

A-5 Goi ngu Sac

Green papaya aged nuoc mam traditional accompaniments.

B-1 Pho Chay

Oyster mushrooms purple yams beachwood mushrooms fresh bamboo.

B-2 Ca Hap Gurg

Black peari salmon lobster essence makrut lime.

B-3 Ca Chien Sot Ca

Fried seasonal fish tomato banana blossom forbidden rice cilentro.

B-4 Com Tam

Crispy rice grilled pork chop chinese sausage sugarcane shrimp sunny side egg.

B-5 Thit Bo Nutong

Prime 30 day dry aged ribeye filet ribeye filet bok choy lemongrass butter.

C-1 Dau Hu Sot Ca

Fried tofu tomato banana blossom forbidden rice cilantro.

C-2 Bun Thit Nuong

Rice vermicelli age nuoc mam viet style egg roll traditional accompaniment.

D-1 Pho Dac Biet

Meatballs rare beef tripe beef shank.

D-2 Bo Luc Lac

Shaky beef prime 30 day dry aged rib eye cap, shallot muol tieu chanh.

D-3 Thit Kho

Ben tre clay pot pork belly young coconut quail egg coconut caramel.

D-4 Bo Tai Chanh

Silced rare beef seasonal fruit red boat salt rau mau nouc cham.

D-5 Ca Ri Ga

Lemongrass galangai turmeric curry chicken thing drum root vegetable coconut.

E-1 Terroirs of Vietnam

Longevity ice cream Trung Nguyen coffee marou 80% tien gan chantilly marabou lam dong meringue marou ben the nougat brown butter emulsion.

E-2 Ca Phe Trung

Egg cream coffee vietnamese ocean salt cookie.

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