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Coffee - Blends

Le Grand Coq Rouge

A blend of three latin american coffees, which we rotate seasonally to ensure a fresh cup. It yields a bold yet accessible drip coffee with plenty of body and a clean finish. Our flagship breakfast blend, this coffee is guaranteed to start your day with a boost.Bold, rich, creamy, chocolate, nutty.

Premium New Orleans Dark Roast

Our deepest, darkest blend of central and south american beans. We aim to capture the body and flavor of the coffee that new orleanians have loved for generations. Smooth, smoky and assertive.Dark, full-bodied, smoky, earthy.

La Nouvelle Orleans Chicory Coffee

It is new orleans 300th birthday. Chicory and coffee is a staple in new orleans coffee culture. We roast south and central american beans, grind and blend them with nebraskan grown chicory. The color, flavor and body of this coffee will convert any non-chicory fan. Tip: this is the best coffee for iced brew.Dark, robust, bittersweet.

Big River

Named after the mighty mississippi, this is a serious blend. The balanced colombian beans are blended with african, indonesian and latin american coffees to create a vibrant blend as powerful as its namesake. Great for drip coffee or espresso.Creamy, chocolate, toffee, green grape.

La Belle Noir

A blend of latin american and ethiopian coffees, which change seasonally for freshness. Originally conceived as an espresso, the la belle noir also brews extremely well as a drip. The fruity brightness of the ethiopian is counter-balanced by the central americans to create a lively yet smooth coffee. Notes of cocoa and hints of dark berry fruit make it a great start to the day or a perfect end to a meal.Deeply flavored, dried cherry, cocoa, dark berry.

Erato Espresso

Created exclusively for our roastery at the corner of magazine and erato. This three bean blend consists of two natural coffees from brazil and ethiopia, as well as a seasonal central american bean that really brings this blend together. This silky and balanced espresso has become a staple in our cafe.Sweet-chocolate, berry, smooth, well-balanced, juicy, silky.

Coffee - Single Origin

Colombia Variety Unknown

Grown at a high altitude in colder weather, the coffee trees at this secret farm in saladoblanco in the huila region of colombia are producing bigger cherries with a different flavor profile than the traditional f6 colombia variety. We are excited to release this 'variety: unknown' to all of you french truckers.Intense tropical fruit, cherry cola, vanilla flavors. 8oz.

Ethiopia Efrem Estate

Efrem was born in bonga, studied accounting in cuba and then made a career in israel. He came back to bonga to start his career in coffee with 2017 harvest being his first export. We are excited to offer this delicious natural processed ethiopian for a limited time.Sweet, baking spices, floral, blueberry, key lime pie, high acidity, orange wine, nectarines, peaches, jackfruit. 12p\oz.

Peru Cajamarca

Grown high in the andes mountains, this coffee is washed and sun-dried in solar dryers. Consisting of the typica, caturra and other varietals, this coffee was grown by small holders of the lima coffee cooperative. Chocolatey with pecan, lemon lime and orange flavors. Sweet and clean with acidity and a creamy mouthfeel. 12oz.

Guatemala Huehuetenango

Fully washed and grown by various small-holding farmers in the region of huehuetenango. This coffee is a mix of catuai, paches, bourbon, caturra and typica varietals. The epitome of guatemalan quality. Cherry, big chocolate body with a very nice creamy & balanced acidity.

Sumatra Gayo, Aceh

Our newest sumatran offering is from the item reje gayo cooperative. This cooperative works with women coffee producers and we pay a premium that greatly benefits them.The cooperative educates the women on production practices and this years premium is being put towards the purchase of new farm tools for all members. Strong berry and mango, roasted carrots and red peppers, soft, creamy and sweet. 12oz.

Mexico Biosphere El Triunfo Altura Chiapas

A mix of typica, bourbon and mundo novo varietals. This coffee is fully washed and processed by biosphere el triunfo in the chiapas region of mexico. El jefe’s favorite. This is a great everyday wake up coffee.Heavy and citric with toffee, chocolate, lemon and buttermilk.

Decaffeinated Colombia

A treat any time of day. This coffee is processed using the highest quality water and E.A sugar cane, making it a great naturally processed decaf.Tart citric acidity and sweet with a heavy mouthfeel. Graham, tomato jam and lemon flavors.

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