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Steamed soybeans with seasalt.

Seaweed Salad

Mixed seaweed salad.

Tuna Mango

Diced tuna, mango, avocado, onion, apple, balsamic vinaigrette.

Nigiri Sushi

7 pcs nigiri with chef special toppings.

Salmon Avocado Salad

Salmon, avocado, mango, orange, red pepper & salsa dressing.

Soft Shell Crab Salad

Fried soft shell crab, mixed green salad, fish roe, soy dressing.

Korean Spicy Wings



Spicy rice cake.


Scallion pancake, kimchi or seafood.


Stir-fried potato noodle with vegetable.

Spicy Sashimi Salad

Mixed green, assorted raw fish, cucumber, jalapenos, gocuhjang, sesame oil.

Shishito Peppers

Sauteed shishito peppers, sweet soy ginger sauce, yuzu salt.

Spicy Tuna Pizza

Crispy roti, guacamole, crab stick, masago, jalapenos, furikake.


Pan-fried dumplings.

From Sushi Bar

Tuna Poke

Diced tuna, apple, chips, red onions, cilantro and mixed green.

Torched Salmon

5 pieces. Salmon, ikura, wasabi, tobiko, micro greens and ponzu.

Tuna Tartar

Tuna or spicy tuna, seaweed salad, avocado, fried egg with chips top with crunchy flakes.

Hama - Chilly

Yellowtail, cilantro, jalapeno, tobiko and sweet & spicy sauce.


Salmon, octopus, tuna, shrimp, scallop, ika with onions, micro greens & mixed greens with yuzu ponzu.

Sashimi Plate


Hot Tasting

Fried Avocado

5 pieces. Avocado & parmesan cheese.

Avocado Bomb

Spicy crab meat, masago, scallion, fried avocado and spicy tuna.

Salmon Steak

Broiled salmon marinated in chef's special sauce.

Grilled Mackeral

Infused in ginger water with lemon topped with scallion, sesame seed and glazed with chef's special sauce.

Fried Calamari Salad

Glazed in chef's special sauce.

Fried Soft Shell Crab


Sushi Rolls - Classic

Avocado & Cucumber








Shrimp Tempura


Soft Shell Crab






Tuna Avocado


Salmon Avocado


Eel Avocado


Tuna Cucumber


Salmon Cucumber


Eel Cucumber


Spicy Tuna


Spicy California


Spicy Salmon


Spicy Yellow Tail


Philadelphia Roll




Yellow Tail Scallion


Special Rolls

Yellow Tall Lover

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, spicy tuna, avocado, yellow tail & chef special sauce on top.

Maguro Roll

Spicy tuna, avocado. Cucumber, crunch. Tuna & red tobiko on top.

Grilled Salmon Roll

Avocado, cucumber, crab meat, mosago, cream cheese. Grilled salmon & special sauce on top.

Chef Special Roll

Tuna, salmon, white tuna, yellow tail, avocado, cucumber, masago. Deep fried roll & special sauce.

Fire Ginger Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber. Tuna salmon & spicy ginger sauce on top.

Galaxy Roll

Eel, cucumber, avocado. White tuna & chef special sauce on top.

Black Dragon Roll

Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado. Torched eel & special sauce on top.

Miss Yu

Avocado, cucumber with assorted firch. Cilantro & miso yuzu sauce on top.

Crispy Rice Sushi

Crispy rice, spicy tuna or spicy salmon on top with jalapeno.

Gogi on 37

Bulgogi, avocado, masago. Spicy tuna & eel sauce on top.

Deep Blue

Deep fried, spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce & spicy mayo.

Knight Bus

Soft shell crab, crab stick, masago, crunch, cucumber, scallion. Avocado & chefs sauce on top.


Shrimp tempura, avocado, topped with spicy tuna & crunch with eel sauce. Avocado & chef's sauce on top.


Spicy tuna, avocado topped with jalapeno. White tuna & chili sauce on top.


Eel, caviar, avocado, cucumber, scallion, shrimp & eel sauce.


Kimchi Stew

Kimchi and pork stew.

Danjang Stew

Soy bean paste stew.

Soondubu Stew

Spicy soft tofu stew.


Spicy beef & vegetable soup.


Beef short ribs soup.

Pork BBQ

Sliced Pork Belly


Marinated Pork Short Ribs


Wine - Samgyeopsal

Wine marinated pork belly.

Dwaeji - Galbi

Marinated pork short ribs.

Saeng - Samgyeopsal

Sliced pork belly.

BBQ Combo

Combo Option - A

Kobe beef brisket, sliced pork belly, prime beef rib eye, prime beef short rib.

Combo Option - B

Lobster tail, jumbo shrimp, sea scallop, squid, assorted mushrooms.

Combo Option - C

Wine pork belly, marinated sliced beef, marinated pork short rib, marinated prime beef short rib.

A La Carte

O - Sam Bulgogi

Spicy squid & pork belly.

Ojingeo - Bokkum

Spicy stir-fried squid & vegetable.

Jeyuk - Bokkum

Spicy stir-fried pork & vegetable.

Stir - Fried Gob - Chang

Marinated intestines.


Grilled beef reed tripe.

Yaki Udon

Stir-fried udon noodles with soy sauce based glaze.

Dak - Galbi

Serves 2. Spicy stir-fried chicken.

Mille - Feuille Hot Pot

Serves 2. Fresh veggies & thinly sliced beef.

Dwaeji - Galbijim

Braised pork short rib.

Hot-stone Bibimbap

Bibimbap in hot sizzling stone bowl.


Rice with assorted vegetables & fried egg on top.

Eel Dupbop

Grilled eel, crabmeat, cucumber, avocado. Tobiko, scallions, sesame seed leaf on rice.

Sashimi Dupbap

Assorted sashimi cubes, mixed vegetables, crabmeat, avocado, sesame oil, sesame seed leaf on rice with gochujang sauce.

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

Kimchi fried rice.

Uni Bibimbap

Fresh uni, tobiko, masago, cucumber, dried seaweed, sesame leaf & oil, quail egg and kimchi on rice.

Chicken Bulgogi

Chicken stir-fried in spicy bulgogi marinade.


Pig's trotters cooked with soy sauce & spices.

Marinated Jokbal

Jokbal with sweet & spicy flavor.


Thinly sliced boiled pork in spices with chef's special sauce.

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