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Gourmet Popcorn

Plain Popcorn

Our traditional popcorn that everyone enjoys—there’s nothing better than simply delicious.

Cheese Popcorn

We’re in Wisconsin, and there’s nothing that Wisconsinite’s love more than the cheesiest of cheeses, and our popcorn will not disappoint.

Cheese & Plain Popcorn

Enjoy the amazing combination of our traditional plain gourmet popcorn with our succulent cheese gourmet popcorn.

Triple Mix

The classic blend of cheese, caramel, and plain popcorn.

Triple Mix with Pecans



Our legendary caramel corn will delight you.

Caramel & Plain

This popular blend adds a little sweetness.

Caramel & Cheese


Caramel with Pecans

Like a little crunch? Try this sweet combination.

Caramel & Palin with Peacans


Caramel & Cheese With Pecans

This tasty blend is cheesy, sweet, and crunchy.

BBQ Popcorn

You’ll love the tangy zip of our BBQ popcorn.



Sour Cream & Chives

Chill out with our cool, cheesy sour cream popcorn.


Try this zesty, cheddar ranch popcorn.


Our cheddar bacon flavoured popcorn is a fantastic treat for football games, birthday parties, or even just a late night snack.


Sitting at home on a Saturday night with nothing but a movie and a craving? Our pizza-flavoured gourmet popcorn is just the treat to make your night complete.

White Cheddar


Garlic Parmesan

Our garlic parmesan-flavored gourmet popcorn is the epitome of comfort food.

White Chocolate


Banana Pudding

Remember the days when you went to grandma’s house and had some of her delicious banana pudding? We do, so we decided to recreate it as a longer lasting, delicious gourmet popcorn treat.


Get the taste of summer with this delightful popcorn.

Hull-less Cheese - Puffs

Don’t like kernels? Then you’ll absolutely love our hull-less cheese (puff) popcorn is a puffed version of our savory cheese popcorn.

Hull-less Caramel - Puffs

If you love carmel, but hate the kernel, then you’ll adore our hull-less (puff), legendary caramel corn! This sweet, fluffy treat is simply to die for.

Hull-less Cheese & Caramel - Puffs

Snuggle up and enjoy this classic blend of cheesy and sweet, all without the crunch. Our hull-less cheese & caramel (puff) popcorn is what makes the world right again.


Raspberry Truffles

Succulent raspberry filling covered in our silky smooth chocolate make for an elegant, delicious combination.

Mini Pretzels

Your next party is sure to be a hit when you serve our incredible dark or white chocolate-covered pretzels.

Double-dipped Creme-filled Cookies

The classic dark chocolate sandwich cookie dipped in our rich, creamy milk chocolate results in an incredible treat.

Double-dipped Graham Crackers

Discover the taste of delicious simplicity with our double-dipped grahams.

Pretzel Rods

Like a little sweet with your salty? A delicious pretzel rod dipped in our famous chocolate makes a great snack.

Pecan Mega Rods

We start with a pretzel rod, cover it in crunchy pecans, and then finish it off with our delicious milk chocolate.

Cashew Turtles

The ever-popular cashew mixed with our silky smooth chocolate; available in milk or dark chocolate.

Pecan Turtles

The original turtle is a decadent chocolate treat with a satisfying crunch; available in milk or dark chocolate.

Almond Clusters

Crunchy, buttery almonds covered in rich chocolate; available in milk or dark chocolate.

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