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It pairs refreshing citrus notes with pastry-like sweetness and a complex aftertaste that will keep you coming back to it. Origin colombia, tasting notes lemon, graham cracker, cinnamon, variety castillo, colombia, process washed.

Gregs House

12 oz. When seeking out the right components for our house blend, we focus on sweetness and balance. We're using a naturally-processed Brazilian coffee to deliver heavy body and chocolate notes and a washed Colombian coffee to brighten things up. That combination has been delicious business as usual for us for a while, but in this version of Greg's house we have brought in some help in the form of a coffee from the bebes plantation in Papua New Guinea. That gem of a coffee supports the body and chocolate of the Brazil while making the gentle acidity brought by the Colombia a little more funky and complex.


The balance of fresh fruit flavors like grape and strawberry with toffee sweetness has us really excited about this coffee from the karehe mill, a member of the Burundi chapter of the international women's coffee allianc. Tasting notes green grape, strawberry, toffee, variety bourbon, process washed.

Night Vision Espresso

12 oz. The current iteration of night vision brings together a Brazilian coffee that has a ton of natural sweetness with a terrifically complex and delicious coffee from Papua New Guinea. They combine to deliver a big, creamy body and chocolatey sweetness while keeping things interesting with notes of orange and plum. The composition and roasting of this blend make it especially tasty when brewed as espresso.

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Box Logo Hoodie


Box Logo T Shirt


Box Logo T Shirt


Roasting T Shirt


Gregorys Hat Black


Stressin Hat


Ceramic Mug

16 oz.

Laser Cut Mug

16 oz.

Shiny & Bright Holiday Mug

Get ready for the holiday season with this great gift.

Gregorys Reindeer Mug

Get ready for the holiday season with this great gift.

Gregorys Diner Mug

10 oz.

Stressin Diner Mug

10 oz.

Flip Top Canteen

12oz. Tired of coffee leaking in your bag? Our flip-top Kanteen not only keeps your hot drinks hot for 6 hours and your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, it keeps life clean and dry, free of coffee stains and visits to the dry cleaner.


96 oz.

Men's T Shirt


Women's T Shirt


Espresso Ceramic Cup & Saucer


Cortado Ceramic Cup & Saucer


Cappuccino Ceramic Cup & Saucer


Latte Ceramic Cup & Saucer

This will hold your latte much better. Stop pouring your latte directly into your hands.

Klean Kanteen 16 0z

First launched in 2004, the klean kanteen was the safer, healthier option to plastic bottles. Now, it is known for keeping your hot drinks hot for 6 hours and your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, now 16 oz at a time.


Coffee Enthusiast Package


Barista Bundle



The aeropress is a simple and consistent brew method that utilizes total immersion, slight pressure, and optional agitation to create a smooth cup of coffee with rich flavor. Used in all gregorys locations. Includes aeropress, paper filters, funnel, filter holder, stirrer, scooper.


This functional yet attractive brew method was created by dr. Peter schlumbohm in 1941 with the intention of not only making the perfect cup of coffee, but of looking beautiful. Noted as one of the 100 best designed products of modern times by the illinois institute of technology, the chemex has taken it's place in the lives and hearts of coffee drinkers for generations. Don't forget filters!

Hario Mill

There is nothing quite like a freshly ground cup of coffee, but who ever said you had to sacrifice style for quality. Keep your personal bar looking good and your coffee tasting even better with the hario mill.

Hario Mss 1B Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder

For those who find simplicity elegant the hario mini mill. Freshly ground coffee in a sleek design.

Hario Scale

Precision is the key to a perfect cup of coffee, and one of the major factors in a cup of coffee is the weight. Make sure you get that perfect cup with the hario scale.

Hario V60 Dripper

In japanese, hario means king of glass. While the hario v60 is not made of glass, it certainly reigns as king of the brew methods for the control it affords professional barista and novice alike. A must have for any coffee-lover's quiver. Don't forget filters.

V60 Coffee Paper Filters


Chemex Filters

You love your chemex, but you hate running out of filters. Buy more here.

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