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Main Menu


Appetizers Kim Chee Roll

Zippy kim chee mixture, deep fried egg role style.

Pot Stickers

Choice of chicken or vegetarian pot stickers; pan fried.

Stuffed Mushroom

Mushrooms stuffed with marinated steak and tempura fried.

Stuffed Jalapeno

Fresh jalapeno stuffed with marinated steak and tempura fried.

Super Appetizer Combo

7 tempura shrimp, 7 stuffed mushroom, 7 peppers.

Kim Chee Appetizer

Cabbage, cucumber and radish kim chee.

Tempura Fish-n-chips

Delicious tempura cod with tempura sweet potato.

Grilled Steak & Green Onion Roll

Our chef's surprise-yummy.

Tempura Tofu

A tasty, unique combination.


Tempura Veggie Tempura

A tasty selection of vegetables: tempura fried to perfection.

Calamari Tempura

Tender calamari and veggies; very tasty.

Shrimp Tempura

Large shrimp and veggies.

Tempura Combo

Shrimp, calamari, fish and veggie.

Traditional Korean Favorites

Beboppin' Bibimbop

A delicious mixture of bbq chicken, pork, or beef, crunchy veggies and fried egg. You mix it up, kick back and chow down. a delicious and hearty favorite.

Unagi Bibimbop

As good as the beboppin' bebimbop, but with eel-a delight.


Clear rice noodles mixed with your choice of bbq chicken, pork, beef or tofu and fresh mushrooms, spinach, onion, garlic and other fresh veggies.

Shrimp Chopchae

Just prawns baby. That's all you need. That and a whole bunch of fresh sauteed veggies and glass noodles.

Seafood Chopchae

Prawns, bay scallops and calamari ready to be mixed with tasty glass noodles and fresh sauteed veggies.


Chicken Udon

Topped with hahn's delicious bbq chicken.

Pork Udon

Topped with hahn's delicious bbq pork.

Beef Udon

Topped with hahn's delicious bbq beef.

Shrimp Udon

Cooked up with delicious shrimp.

Tempura Udon

Topped with hahn's famous tempura shrimp and veggies.


BBQ Chicken

Hahan's fantastic bbq chicken with jack cheese.

Bbq Beef

Our delicious choice angus beef, here's the beef!

Bbq Pork

Sizzled on the grill just right and slapped on a fresh roll.

Tempura Fish

If you like tempura, you'll love this sandwich.

Kung Poongy Pork

Sandwich! this is the king of all of our sandwiches here at hahn's! it is our tasty good pork, topped with a fried egg, jack cheese and is piled high with our home made cucumbers, kim chee, and bean sprouts. best of all the pork is kung poongy, sweet and spicy, o yea! in every bite, you get some of the very best flavors of korea, all in one sandwich! o it's big, near as big as a ufo mother ship!!!

BBQ Favorites

BBQ Chicken

"World famous and highly addictive, " these delicious hormone free, marinated chicken fillets are grilled to tasty perfection on our wolf grill.

Bbq Beef

Thinly sliced lean angus beef, marinated and loaded with flavor, tasty, tender, and lean caution, keep loose clothing, long hair, and small animals away from anyone eating this dish.

Bbq Pork Chops

Marinated in hahn's super sauce and grilled to a delicious, porky perfection. our laboratory piranhas just love'em and so will you!!! some of the worlds best pork chops.

Bbq Beef Spare Ribs

You get a pile o' big, beffy angus choice, bbq spare ribs that will satisfy the most primal rib eating urges. delicious beef ribs, marinated, brushed and dipped in our tasty sauce, and grilled up bubblin' hot!!

Bbq Short Ribs Selected Center Cut, Choice

Meaty beef short ribs, served sizzling off our maniacally hot grill; a seriously traditional favorite here at hahn's!

Bbq Pork Spare Ribs

We like to call them sigmund freud ribs; scientifically tested far superior to psychotherapy, electroshock therapy and rolfing and all it takes is one plate and your ok!

Bbq Unagi Plate - grilled Eel

Shockingly good, so tasty and electrifying, you may be able to start your car with this plate if you ever need a jump. our hahn's r&d dept. is looking into an unagi powered "clean air vehicle." news.. we lost our vehicle, the eels hotwired it, again.. last seen headed to reno.

Chicken Kabobs

Delicious hahn's grilled chicken, on those fancy bamboo skewers, chik on a stick!

Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

A bunch of tasty little rascals from 20, 000 leagues under the sea. we skewer 'em, grill 'em, nice shrimpy flavor with a hint of smokey bamboo.

Jumbo Shrimp Kabobs

Shrimp lovers, here it is. big fat boy prawns grilled over a 120, 000 btu wolf charbroiler. we cook 'em up hot and fast, shell on, for super flavor, boy o' boy do kids love 'em.

Chicken & Shrimp Kabobs

A delicious combination of, tasty shrimp, and, marinated chicken, tossed on the barbie and served up on a bed of rice. tasty, fun and just right for light, flavorful and satisfying dining.

Veggie Tofu Kabobs

This kabob is veggie good and beautiful too, a very impressive platter!

Chicken, Beef & Shrimp Kabobs

For the kabob nut. if you like grilled meat on a stick, this is a rare and delicious find, with tasty, marinated flank steak, marinated chicken, and, snappy shrimp, all on bamboo skewers, for easy eatin'.

Berzerker Beef Kabobs

Ender, tasty, lean angus choice beef, on a skewer. scientifically tested by our psychological and executive staff. human beings, resorted to classical territorial behavior, howling, marking territory, bearing teeth.. wow, don't get near dad while he's eatin these, you could end up mentally scarred, for life!

Super Rib Combination

A magnificent combination of big, beef spare ribs, pork spare ribs, and delicious, short ribs, all, marinated and grilled up bubbling n tasty! one of our most spectacular dishes. it is a pretty darn big platter of ribs, so be ready for not only the celebrity of having the coolest dish in the place, but some awesome rib grindage!!!

More BBQ

Meat Mountain

Well, fellow meat crazies, with the meat mountain, meat truly is everywhere. "the meatinator, " "meatarola, " "meat o' roni, " "meat o' lux, " "beef, ribs, chops, chicken, pork and a pile o' it. terabyte o' meat, and last one.. the t-rex troth of carnage!!!

Pile O' Pork

It is time to mobilize pork fan club of america members; this is not a drill. emergency: code red, password charlie, tango, foxtrot. incoming message get your porker decoder wrist watches, here goes eat more tasty succulent incredible. hahn's pork! kung poongy it! sweet n spicy! you get pile of sliced pork, smoked pork kabobs, pork chop and pork spare ribs.

Tasty Selections From Hahn's Sizzling Saute' Pan

Calamari & Veggies


Tofu & Veggies


Veggies & Mushrooms


Shrimp & Veggies


Scallops & Veggies


Chicken & Veggies


Beef & Veggies


Pork & Veggies


Super Saute' Seafood Combo

calamari, shrimp, and scallops.

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