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Shrimp, mussels and squid with a hint of lemon alongside green beans, celery and cherry tomatoes.

Bacon & Parmigiano

Crispy bacon, potatoes, walnuts, raisins, cherry tomatoes and green beans topped with Parmigiano cheese.


Omelet Sandwich Vegetable

Omelet with spinach, onion, asparagus, mushroom, fresh tomato and mayonnaise.

Bacon & Cheese

Omelet with bacon, spinach, onion, cheese, fresh tomato and mayonnaise.


Buttered toasted bread with ham,cheese and mustard butter.

B.L.T. Sandwich

Bacon, lettuce, fresh tomato and mayonnaise.

Chicken Ratatouille

Chicken, tomato, zucchini, eggplant, redpepper, onion and mayonnaise.

Fresh Cakes

Queen of Cake

Layers of strawberry puree sponge cake paired with mixed cream and strawberries.

Strawberry Cake

Fine fluffy sponge cake with fresh strawberries and smooth whipped cream.

Strawberry Mousse

A light, refreshing strawberry puree covered with fresh whipped cream.

Chocolate Custard Cake

Cream puff style crust covered with chocolate and filled with chocolate custard and raisins soaked.

Chocolate Cake

Layers of quality chocolate sponge, cream and walnuts.

Mille Crepes

Six layers of thin crepes filled with fresh fruits and mixed cream.

Green Tea Mousse

Bittersweet green tea sponge and mousse with dainagon red beans covered with fresh whipped cream.

Rare Cheesecake

Rare cheesecake topped with a light and fluffy cheese mousse.

Black & White Chocolate Cake

A combination of chocolate chiffon cake containing aromatic nuts and rich white chocolate cream.

Banana Cream Pie

A pie packed with fresh bananas and custard.

Marron Cake

Layers of white sponge, chestnut and sweet potato cream, and crushed chestnut.



Shrimp, squid, cod, mussels, tomato sauce, parsley.

Lemon & Parmigiano

Lemon, parmigiano, arugula and butter.


Fresh pesto sauce and parmigiano.


Beef, pork, tomato, carrot, onion, celery, Parmigiano and parsley.

Chicken & Mushroom

Cream, chicken, mushrooms, butter and parmigiano.



Fresh Apple Ginger Tea

Seasonal tea. Apple cinnamon spiced tea with fresh apple and ginger slices. This well seasoned tea leaves the drinker feeling nice and toasty great for the cold winter season.

Green Tea

Matcha genmai. Roasted rice and matcha powder is blended with top quality green tea. This slightly bitter green tea matches especially well with the sweetness of harbs cakes.

Yuzu Sencha

Top quality green tea with dried Japanese yuzu citron. This drink blends the delicate, sweet smell and flavor of the refreshing Japanese yuzu with the singular taste of green tea.

Houjicha Caramel

Roasted green tea infused with relaxing caramel. This rich blend will leave the drinker feeling warmed through the brisk autumn season.

Earl Grey

Chinese keemun tea, one of the worldʼs three major teas, is naturally blended with the delicious bergamot flavor. Our special blend of earl grey is defined by its aroma and mild, refreshing flavor.

English Breakfast

Made with carefully selected seasonal Uva tea leaves. Harbs blend captures this teaʼs classic and soothing taste.


Characterized by its astringent flavor, Assam tea is recommended especially for customers who enjoy black tea with a rich, distinctive flavor. If desired, it can also be served with milk.

Royal Milk Tea

A classic favorite in Britain, this tea is made with Assam tea and warm milk, producing rich flavor that can be enjoyed iced or hot.

Decaf Black Tea

Kanan devan is a caffeine-free black tea with a mild and fragrant flavor. It's grown in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, where the world's highest tea plantations are found.

Orange Mint

Indian Darjeeling tea and Hi-Range tea enhanced by fresh orange slices and mint flavoring. This flavorable tea leaves the drinker feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Fresh Mint Tea

A blend of fresh spearmint and lemon grass. This tea features a refreshing flavor and aroma and leaves the drinker feeling rejuvenated. The light flavor is a perfect match for our cakes.

Fruit Cocktail

Six kinds of dried fruits and herbs are used to make this non-caffeinated herb tea rich in vitamins and minerals: Hibiscus, rose hip, apple, orange peel, lemon peel and elderberry.


Northwest Blend Coffee

Dark roast. Our original Seattle style coffee dark roasted with a sharp and well balance taste.

Manhattan Blend Coffee

Medium roast. Harbs signature blend coffee. A beautifully hand-crafted aromatic full bodied coffee. Uplifting in character with delicate top notes and a bright, refreshing finish.

Organic Blend Coffee

An exotic blend of the finest organic Arabica beans, the world has to offer with a deep, rich finish.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

A slow roasted coffee with a robust taste distinguished by its rich flavor and medium-high acidity.

Cafe Au Lait

Our Manhattan blend medium roasted coffee served with hot milk.

Iced Coffee

Harbs signature Manhattan blend coffee served over ice. A cool and refreshing cup of coffee.

Iced Cafe Au Lait

Our Manhattan blend medium roasted coffee served over cold milk simply delicious.


Sparkling Water


Still Water


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice




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