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Simple Salmon Toast

Smoked salmonn, labneh, cuucumber, dill, lemon zest.

Dark Chocolate Ganache & Praline Toast

Molasses praline, organic sugar cane, banana.

Honey & Butter Toast

House-made multi-seeded butter, wildflower honey.

Avocado Crush

Crushed avocado, lemon, hemp and chia seed salt, infused olive oil.

White Truffle Scented Fresh Seaweed Toast

Scalions, piquilo peppers, kefir, almonds..

Mixed Mushroom Toast

Portobello, crimini, fermented black garlic, kefir, fresh thyme, chia seed salt.


Honeybrains Cobb Salad

House greens, olive oil poached tuna, hertiage bershire bacon, avocado , blue cheese, chickpeas, spiced walnuts, 8 minute egg.

Honeybrains Chopped Salad

House greens, tomatoes cucumbers , fennel, sweet pepper, radishes, chickpeas, quinoa, almonds, avocado, grapes, raisins, fresh herbs.

Mediterranean Mind Salad

Baby spinach, HB hummus, chickpeas, quinoa, cucumber, tomatoes, spiced walnuts.

Spicy Thai Style Salad

Julienne of garden vegetables, soft herbs, crushed peanuts.

Ever Green Salad

Kale, spinach, green grapes, fennel, spiced edamame, pistachios


Wake & Steak Sandwich

Coffee & herb crusted sirlion steak, roasted garlic, hemp & basil smashed potatoes, baby greens.

Honey Roasted Organic Chicken Club

Honey roasted chicken, fresh mint & parsley, pickled radishes, scallions, root vegetables, fresh chiles.

S.S. Salmon Sandwich

Organic salmon, marinated tomatoes, hummus.

Avo Smash Sandwich

Smashed avoacdo, alfalfa sprouts, black chile, pickled green papaya.

Honeybrains Tuna Sandwich

Housemade honey "Siracha", fresh seaweed yogurt , spicy turmeric pickles, radish sprouts.


House-made peanut butter , blueberry jelly, raw honeycomb.


Wake & Steak Bowl

Cofee & herb crusted free-range sirlion steak, roasted garlic, hemp & basil smashed potatoes, baby green.

Daily Catch Bowl

Wild salmon or whitefish of the day, honeybrains spiced sweet potatoes, wilted kale, Crushed peanuts.

Buckwheat Soba Bowl

100% Buckwheat nooldes, raw vegetable slaw, pickled cabbage, fresh chiles, creamy peanut dressing.

Honeybrains Hummus Bowl

Hummus, 8 minute egg, chickpeas, lentils, parsley, roasted red pepper, zatar, sourdough bread.

HB Spiced Chicken & Rice Bowl

HB spiced pulled chicken, baby spinach, Zataar spiced chickpeas.

Ruby Revitalization

Pineapple, pear, carrot, beet , green apple, orange, lemon, fibergum, ginger, almond, green tea extract. Contain tree nuts.

Sides & Add Ons

Honeybrains Spiced Nuts


Molasses Candied Walnuts


Half Avocado

Drizzled with HB Japanese knotweed honey.

Quinoa Tabouleh


Honeybrains Fruit Salad

Seasonal melons, berries, pickled watermelon & mango.

Berry Simple Bowl

Fresh mixed berries, basil, mint, raw honey.

Lemon-Soaked Tuscan Kale


8 Minute Egg

Organic free-range omega 3 eggs.

3 Zataar Spiced Chickpeas, Sheep's Milk Yogurt


Steamed Spinach

Chia seed salt.

Honeybrains Spiced Sweet Potatoes


Smashed Potatoes

Roasted garlic, hemp seed & basil.

HB Hummus

Served with plain or pickled baby carrots.

Extra Sauces & Dressing


Inspired Pairings

12 Oz Drip Coffee

Served with purchase of any item on the breakfast menu.

Soup Of The Day

Served with the purchase of any toast, salad, sandwich, or bowl.

Honeybrains Juice

Served with the purchase of any salad.

Salmon Pairing

Any side with S.S. salmon sandwich.

Chicken Bowl with 1/2 Avocado Toast & 8-Minute Egg

HB spiced pulled chicken with baby spinach and zataar spiced chickpeas.

Coffee & Herb Crusted Sirloin & Mind Salad Pairing

Served with avocado, baby spinach, HB hummus, chickpeas, quinoa, cucumbers tomatoes, spiced walnuts.

Honeybrains Juices

Citrus Rosemary Memory

Pear, green apple, orange, carrot, lemon, fibergum, ginger, rosemary extract.

Sage Thinking

Pineapple, gala apple, pear, kale, lemon, walnuts, white miso, fibergum, sage. Contians tree nuts.

Ginseng Concentration

Orange, grapefruit, blood orange, lemon, lime fibergum, green tea, dark sweet cherry, panax ginseng.

Lemonbalm Calm

Gala Apple, pineapple, kale, lemon, green apple, ginger, fibergum, celery, parsley, lemonbalm.

Spicy Lemonbalm Calm

Gala Apple, pineapple, kale, lemon, green apple, ginger, fibergum, celery, parsley, cayenne pepper, lemonbalm.

Honeybrains Honey

Treatment-Free Wildflower Honey

13 oz. Benson, Vermont. Vermont wildflower with no chemicals used 100 % raw honey. Bright and creamy.

Honeybrains Japanese Knotweed Honey

13 oz. Southern tier, New York. Darker full bodied 100% raw honey. Rich & thick fig flavor.

Honeybrains New York City Urban Honey

13 oz. Queens, NY. Wildflower from a local queens rooftop. 100% raw honey.

Urban Honey

11216 Honey

7 oz. Brooklyn, NY .Light wildflower, from a local producer in a bed stuy. " Oaky". 100% raw honey. Dark wilflower, from a local producer in a bed stuy. 100% raw honey. Maple sugar.

Eat Local Honey

6.3 oz. Boston, Massachusettes. Wildflower from a urban bee farm in Boston. 100% raw honey. Sugary sweet.

Philadelphia Bee Company

8 oz. Philadelphia, PA. Wildflower from local hives in various locations of Philadelphia. 100% raw honey. Subtle sweetness.

Local Honey

Newkirk Honey

10 oz. Newkirk, PA. Wilflower from local beekeepers in a pennsylvania. 100% raw honey. Brown Sugar.

Westwind Orchard Honey

11.5 oz. Ulster County, NY. Wildflower from a local artisan beekeeper in accord, NY. 100% raw honey. White grape flavor.

NY Buzz Honey

1 lb. Wildflower from a local artisan beekeeper in a columbia county, NY. 100% raw honey. Mildly sweet & Herbal.

Notable Honeys

Golden Rule Honey

Vermont and New York. Two unique harvests from completely chemical free hives. 100% raw honey. Bold raw honey flavor.

Taos Honey

11.5 oz. Summer wildflower from a sustainable producer in the desert region of new Mexico. 100% raw honey. Citrusy sweet.

Rare Organic Hawaiin Honey

8 oz. Wildflower, from a sustainable producer in the unique Kiawe forest near the ocean along the kohala coast of Hawaii. 100% raw honey. Extra creamy, confectioner's glaze.

International Honeys

Miele Thun Honey

250 g. Northern region, Italy. Acacia, chestnut, forest honeydew and French honeysuckle honey from a sustainable producer in the northen region of Italy. 100% raw.

White Gold Honey

14 oz. Northern Canada. White gold comes from clover fields in northern Canada. 100% raw honey. Dulce de lecha or creme brulee.

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey

11.5 oz. Various locations, New Zeland. Organic manuka honey from New Zealand. Manuka is packed with health benefits. 100% raw and organic honey.

Wedderspoon Rata Honey

11.5 oz. Various locations, New Zealand. Rata honey is perfect paired with tea. 100% raw 7 organic honey.

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