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Balanced Bowls

Green Falafel Bowl

(Gf| Df | V). Baked green pea, chickpea and sweet potato mini balls of goodness. Served with chopped greens, cucumber tomato salad, turmeric hummus, pomegranates, tamarind chutney, veggie crisps, herbs.

Warming Lentils Bowl

(Gf| V). Homestyle vegetarian classic. Served with chopped greens, sweet potatoes, sumac onions, cucumber yogurt, crispy shallots, herbs.

Rotisserie Chicken Bowl

(Gf| Df). Juicy pulled whole chicken. Served with crispy cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, coconut tahini, red pepper sauce, crispy shallots, herbs. Mild spicy.

Curry Chicken Bowl

(Gf| Df). Marinated pulled rotisserie chicken with lemongrass and curry leaf. Served with crispy cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, inday curry, golden turmeric dressing, crispy shallots, herbs.

Lamb Kebab Bowl

Gf. Grilled lamb meatballs. Served with charred veggies, sumac onions, tomato chutney, cucumber yogurt, herbs.

Roast Salmon Bowl

(Gf| Df). Salmon with tandoori spices. Served with chopped greens, carrots, cucumbers, avocado crema, chia crisp, herbs.

Midtown Express

Chicken Biryani

Gf. Basmati rice, roast chicken, and inday curry cooked together. Served with sumac onions, cucumber Tomato salad, cucumber yogurt.

Seasonal Sides

Charred Veggies

(Gf | Df | V). Served with roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and herbs.

Lentil Curry

(Gf | V). Served with cucumber yogurt and herbs.

Roast Sweet Potatoes

(Gf | Df | V). Served with avocado crema and herbs.

Bottled Drinks

Detox Chai

(Gf | Df | V). Masala chai, detox powder, honey.

Lemon Aid

(Gf | Df | V | Cf). Lemon juice, water, honey, turmeric, ginger, rose water, cayenne, salt.

Arnold Karma

(Gf | Df | V). Homemade lemon aid and Assam tea.

Coconut Cold Brew

(Gf | Df | V). Extra pure coconut water, cold brew coffee.

Turmeric Tonic Shot

(Gf | Df | V).Orange juice, lemon juice, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, salt.


Banana Bread

(Gf | Df | V). Sans bakery vegan banana bread.

Chocolate Chai Bar

(Gf | Df | v). Homemade Kabuli protein cookie (coconut flour, chia seeds, almond butter, 8g plant protein).

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