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Mango Lassi

Mango and yogurt home made a smoothie is the best thing to make your day a happy day. 


Veggie Samosas

Pockets stuffed with potato & peas. 

Veggie Pakoras

Spinach & onions dipped in batter sauce & other spices, fried and served with sauces. 

Spinach Rolls

Chopped spinach & cheese, rolled, breaded and fried. 5 in an order 


Butter Chicken

Tomato cream base. Served with rice and chickpeas. Mild. 12 Oz Chicken, 12 Oz Rice, 4 Oz chickpeas.

Lamb Curry

Served with rice and chickpeas. Moderately spicy. 12 Oz Lamb 12 Oz Rice and 4 Oz chickpeas.

Spicy Chicken Curry

Served with rice and chickpeas. 12 Oz Chicken Curry 12 Oz Rice & 4 Oz Chickpeas.

Chicken Tikka

Ginger and garlic base. Served with rice and chickpeas. Moderately spicy. 12 Oz Chicken, 12 Oz Rice and 4 Oz chickpeas.

Masala Chicken

Ginger, garlic, fenugreek & nicely flavored with mint. Served with rice & chickpeas.

Spicy Masala Chicken

Boneless chunks cooked with ginger garlic, green and red chilies with Fenugreek. The spicy scale is 7 to 8 out of 10. 

Saag Chicken

Cooked in spinach. Served with rice and chickpeas. Very spicy. 12 Oz Chicken 12 Oz Rice & 4 Oz chickpeas.

Goat Curry

Bone-in chunks in curry. Served with rice and chickpeas. 12 Oz Goat Curry 12 Oz Rice & 4 Oz Chickpeas. 

Spicy Keema Curry

Ground lamb and peas cooked in curry, dried and served with a Rice & bread 12 Oz keema 16 Oz Rice & 4 Oz Chickpeas.

Indigo Special

Bone in Chicken cooked with ginger garlic and other homemade spices is one of the Restaurant Specials. 12 Oz chicken 16 Oz rice and 4 Oz chickpeas. 

Vegetarian Entree - Pick 2

Served with rice & chickpeas. 

Tak A Tak Goat

Boneless chunks of Goat Meat cooked with onions tomato, ginger, garlic, nutmeg spice & bell peppers. Medium Spicy. Is served with rice and chickpeas, cilantro & spinach. 

Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless chunks cooked in tomato, cream & cashews. 

Indigo's Signature Indirolls

Veggie Indiroll

A choice of Veggies sizzled on the hot plate with onions, spinach & cilantro. Wrapped up in the flatbread to make one of a kind roll. 

Chicken Indiroll

Your type of chicken sizzled on a hot plate along with onions, cilantro & spinach & rolled up in the flatbread to make you enroll. 

Lamb Indiroll

Chunks of lamb sizzled on the hot plate with onions and cilantro & wrapped up in the bread with spinach to make a great Roll for you. 


Gobhi Aaloo

Cauliflower & potato. Vegan. 

Mattar Aaloo

Peas & potato. Vegan. 


Pumpkin. Vegan & very spicy. Vegan.


Okra. Vegan. 

Baingan Bartha

Eggplant & peas. Vegan. 

Khumb Mattar

Mushroom & peas. Vegan. 


Zucchini. Vegan. 

Paalak Paneer

Cheese in spinach. Non Vegan. 

Shahi Paneer

Cheese in tomato cream. Non Vegan. 


Spinach and broccoli mash. very Spicy. Non-Vegan - Has Cream.

Paneer Masala

Cheese cubes cooked with onions and various spices, a little saucy. Non-Vegan. 

Daal Makhani

Black lentils. Non-Vegan - has Cream 

Our Breads

Plain Roti

Whole wheat flat bread 



Garlic Roti

Spinach dough with chunks of garlic, flatbread 

Onion Prantha

Onions and chilies stuffed in the flat bread 

Gobhi Prantha

Cauliflower stuffed flat bread 

Aaloo Prantha

Mashed potato stuffed flatbread. 

Masala Prantha

Spicy. Various spices stuffed in the flatbread. 

Black Pepper Prantha

Black pepper with other spices stuffed in the layered flatbread. 

Keema Prantha

Ground lamb stuffed. 


chickpea flower, crispy pita. 

Paneer Prantha

Cheesy stuffed flat bread 


Ras Malai


Gulab Jamun

2 pieces of gulab jamun. 

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