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Tod Mun Pla

Fish cake deep fried and served with cucumber sauce.

Pork, Beef & Chicken Sarte

Marinated strips of the tender pork, beef or chicken stick barbecue grilled mixed with coconut juice & oriental spices served with our own special peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

Nam Sod

Choice of ground pork or chicken, tossed with onions, fresh ginger, and chili lime dressing.

Thai Steak Tartar

Thin slice beef mixed with cucumbers onions fresh chili and lime juice.

Chinese Sausages

BBQ Chinese sausages mixed with cucumbers, onions, fresh chili and lime juice.


Special Thai Salad

Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes onions fried tofu and boiled egg seved with peanut sauce dressing.

House Salad

Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, bean sprouts and carrots served with light peanut sauce dressing.


Shrimp Fish Rice Soup

Boiled rice soup with shrimp fish on the top of scallion, cilantro and dried garlic

Chicken & Pork Rice Soup

Boiled rice clear soup with chicken or pork on the top of scallion, cilantro, and dried garlic.

Glass Noodles with Ground Pork Soup

Clear soup with glass noodles. fresh chopped pork cilantro white pepper and garlic

Salted Cabbage with Ground Pork Soup

Clear soup with salted cabbage fresh chopped pork white pepper and garlic.

Gluten Mushroom & Bean Curd Soup

Clear soup with gluten mushroom bean curd scallion and garlic.

Main Course

Pad Chili & Basil - Pad Gra Praw

Stir fried meat with fresh long hot chili, garlic and Thai basil, Thai basil stir fried.

Pad Chili & Onions - Pad Prick Hom

Stir fried meat with fresh long hot chili, onion, black soy sauce and fresh chili.

Pad Ginger - Pad Khing

Stir fried meat with ginger, onion, mushroom, soy bean paste, oyster sauce and scallion.

Pad Sweet & Sour - Pad Preaw Wan

Stir fried meat with tomatoes, pineapple, cucumber, scallion in sweet sour sacue, Thai sweet sour stir fried.

Pad Garlic - Pad Gra Thiam

Stir fried meat with garlic, white pepper, oyster sauce and cilantro.

Pad Prick Khing

Stir fried meat with curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, and string beans.


Goumet Ice Cream


Lychee In Syrup


Pumpkin Custard


Fried Banana Rolls


Fried Banana Rolls & Ice Cream


Fresh Mango & Sticky Rice


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