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Jelly Bakery

Jelly Bakery serves up sweet treats and satisfying endings. Try the French Toast Breakfast or, for a sip on the go, a White Mocha Frappe!

45-60 min
17010 W Dixie Hwy (NaN mi)
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9:00 AM-8:00 PM
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Your Breakfast

Two eggs any style, two pork bacon strips, two pork sausage and two mini buttermilk pancakes.

French Toast Breakfast

Two eggs any style, two bacon strips, two pork sausage and two triangles of French toast.

Only Two X You

Two eggs any styles, two bacon strips or pork sausage and two mini buttermilk pancakes.

Ham & Cheese Omelette

Ham, onions, tomatoes and cheese cheddar topped with sour cream and French fries.

Veggie Omelette

Fresh Spinach, mushrooms, onios and cheese topped with tomatoes and oven potatoes.

Steak Sand Subway

Steak with two eggs any style with French fries.

Spinach & Brie English Muffin

English muffin, egg, baby spinach, brie cheese and bacon.

Ham Benedict Eggs

Two poached eggs, ham, english muffin and hollandaise sauce.

Fast Breakfast

Two eggs any style, French fries, two bacon strips or pork sausage and French toast.

Lechon Breakfast

Lechon with grilled onions and mushrooms, served with two eggs any style French fries and Buttermilk pancakes.

English Muffin

English muffin, egg, American cheese, ham or bacon.

Original Waffles

Our traditional golden brow waffles topped with whipped real butter and cream.

Our Original French Toast

Four triangles topped with real butter and dusted with powdered sugar.

Pancake Sliders

Two original buttermilk pancakes and filled with a scrambled egg, smoked bacon and all topped.


Cesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and croutons.

Caprese Salad

Tomato mozzarella cheese, basil, vinaigrette balsamic and virgin oil.

Chicken Salad

Romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, topped with shaved Parmesan, croutons, grilled chicken and two deviled eggs.


Classic Burger

100% angus beef, American cheese, tomato, and lettuce.

Chicken Burger

Chicken breast, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Jelly Burger

100% beef angus, bacon, ham, avocado, egg, tomato swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Choripan Burger

Grilled chicken, potato sticks, tomato and lettuce.


Cuban Sandwich

Serrano ham, roasted pork, and Swiss cheese with French fries.

Steak Sandwich

Pan con bistec. Steak palomilla, tomato, lettuce and potato sticks with French fries.

Lechon Sandwich

Roasted marinated pulled pork and onions with French fries.

Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Swiss cheese, ham, tomato and potato sticks with French fries.

Media Noche

Roasted pork, Swiss cheese and Serrano ham on sweet bread.

Jelly Sandwich

Serrano ham. Swiss cheese, roasted pork, ham croquettes with potato sticks, tomatoes and onions on sweet bread.

Chicken Sandwich

Grill chicken, tomato, lettuce and potato sticks.


Fruit Bowl

Pineapple, red grapes, strawberry,berries and banana.

Acai Bowl

Acai juice, soy milk, blueberries, strawberry and banana, which we top with organic granola, coconut and drizzle of honey.

Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bowl

Nonfat Greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, banana and organic granola.

Mango Bowl

Mango, almond milk, strawberry and blueberry, finish off with a delicate drizzle of honey and coconut.


Ham & Cheese Empanada


Spinach & Cheese Empanada


Beef Empanada


Chicken Empanada


Colombian Empanada


Cheese Tequeno


Guava & Cheese Tequeno


Beef Pastelito


Guava Pastelito


Guava & Cheese Pastelito


Croquetas De Jamon


Pastelito De Queso


Pan De Bono


Pan De Yuca


Deditos De Queso


Cachitos De Jamon


Chocolate Cornetto


Pistachio Cornetto


Plain Cornetto



Coffee Frappe


Mocha Frappe


Caramel Frappe


Vanilla Frappe


White Mocha Frappe


Dark Chocolate Frappe


Jelly Special Frappe

Mocha frappe with brownie, cream and small nutella 16 oz.


Bombolone De Nutella


Bombolone Dulce De Leche


Bombolone De Crema


Jelly Bombolone


Chocolate Cheese Cake


Dulce De Leche Cheese Cake




Arroz Con Leche


Marquesa De Chocolate


Nutella Cake




Fruit Tartaleta


Strawberry Tartaleta


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