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Espresso 2 oz

Two shots of espresso hologram from counter culture coffee pulled on our la morocco strata.

Single Origin Espresso 2 Oz

Rotates every Friday.

1 + 1

As you work down our menu the drinks are getting larger. This drink has two shots of Hologram and 1oz of steam1 + 1 As you work down our menu the drinks are getting larger. this drink has two shots of hologram and 1oz of steamed milk.ed milk.

Cortado 4 oz

Comes from the Spanish word cottar - to cut. this drink has two shots of hologram and 2oz of lightly steamed milk

Cappuccino 6 oz

Two shots of espresso hologram layered with milk steamed to 135 degrees. we steam our milk to a silky microfoam so that your first and last sip will be rememberable.

Flatwhite 8 oz

Popular in Australia, this drink has all the elements of a classic latte but made with less milk.

Latte 12 oz

Two shots of espresso and milk steamed to 150 degrees. we steam our milk to a silky microfoam and enjoy putting a little design on top to make your day a little bit happier.

Vanilla Latte

Latte with house-made Madagascar vanilla syrup.

Almond Latte

Latte with a syrup made in house using crushed almonds, cinnamon, and sugar.


Two shots of espresso hologram, dark chocolate sauce, and homeland creamery whole milk. Delicious.

Seasonal Latte


Cold Brew - Apollo



Idido Washed - Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


Fast Forward - Peru


Nueva Llusta - Caranavi, Bolivia


Juneval Huanca - Caranavi, Bolivia


Finca El Puente - Marcala, Honduras


Decaf Slow Motion


Sweet Biscuit

Apple Butter, Honey & Sharp Cheddar


Big Spoon Peanut Butter

Almond butter, cashew butter, & cocoa nib butter.

Seasonal Jam - July: Black & Blue


Maple Bacon & Pimento Cheese


Country Ham


Liege Waffle

Ingredients Cooked Inside

Cinnamon, chocolate chip, banana, apple cinnamon, blueberry.

Ingredients Put on Top

Nutella, "big spoon" peanut butter, seasonal fruit.


Housemade Granola & Greek Yogurt


Steel Cut Oatmeal

Served with candied walnuts and banana.


Turkey Avocado

Sharp cheddar, chipotle aioli, multigrain.

Double Bruschetta

Mozzarella, tomato-basil salsa, arugula, balsamic, sourdough.

Pimento Bacon

Palmetto cheese, wickles pickles, maple bacon, sourdough.


Maple bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, mayo, sourdough.

Grown up grilled cheese

Fresh mozzarella, yellow cheddar, apple butter, multigrain.

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