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Creamy Rock Shrimp

Served with crispy bite-size rock shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce.

Lobster & Truffle Chawan-mushi

Steamed to order, a great way to start your meal.


Served warm and tossed lightly with salt.

Sautéed Shishito Peppers



Made with heritage Berkshire pork, served with soy-vinegar dipping sauce.

Karaage Japanese Fried Chicken

Crispy and juicy, marinated with ginger, garlic, and soy.

Vegetable Tempura

Seasonal vegetables served with traditional soy-dashi broth.

Corn Tempura

Cilantro and serrano chilies served with mayo-pon.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Balsamic soy reduction and toasted almonds.


Crispy Chicken

Steamed chicken, crispy wontons and rice noodles, tossed in plum vinaigrette.

Cucumber Sunomono

Sweet and sour marinated Persian cucumbers with sesame seeds.

Seaweed Sunomono

Chilled sesame marinated seaweed.

Speciality Starters

Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño

Fresh yellowtail, ponzu, and jalapeño make for a guest favorite. Light and refreshing.

Seared Tuna with Japanese Salsa

Seared tuna sashimi served with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and avocado with a japanese touch

Baked Crab Hand Rolls

Baked snow crab lightly kissed with chef’s signature sauce, wrapped with rice in soy paper

Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

Our most flavorful dish on the menu and the one Katsuya is most famous for a can’t-miss dish.

Halibut Usuzukuri

Halibut sashimi delicately sliced with a hint of spice and citrus.

Spicy Albacore Sashimi with Crispy Onion

A crunchy twist on albacore sashimi.

Katsuya Ceviche

A light and refreshing blend of sashimi dressed with yuzu and lime.

Scallop Sashimi

Green ponzu, Fuji apple and watercress.

Salmon Sashimi with Caviar

Salmon sashimi lightly rolled with Japanese onion chutney, topped with tasty caviar on a cucumber crisp.

Seared Albacore With Wild Mushrooms

Served warm with truffle-soy dressing.

Wagyu Sashimi

Seared with hot oil, topped with young ginger and chives

Japanese Octopus Carpaccio

Lemon-herb relish with yuzu kosho.

Great Wagyu Beef & More

Wagyu Tobanyaki

A beer lover’s dream served sizzling hot with wild mushrooms.

Wagyu Filet with Foie Gras

Delicious medallions of foie gras served on top of tender wagyu beef, smothered in chef’s plum wine reduction…a great dish.

Wagyu Rib Eye

Caramelized onions, topped with truffle butter, with a side of wasabi-ponzu sauce.


Miso-Marinated Black Cod

A must-try dish! Marinated for 48 hours and broiled to perfection, this katsuya signature uses sweet miso and the special taste of black cod to deliver unparalleled flavor.

Lobster Dynamite

A half lobster sautéed with mushrooms and tossed in chef’s creamy dynamite sauce, then baked to perfection.

Lobster Tempura

A half lobster lightly battered and tossed with creamy, spicy sauce, topped with candied walnuts

Rice & Noodles

A5 Wagyu Fried Rice

Full flavored and decadent, a must-try dish

Seafood Yakisoba

Shrimp, calamari, scallops, clams and lobster stir-fried with garlic chives and sprouts

Mushroom Bop

A sizzling mixed rice dish served in a hot stone pot, finished tableside.

Sushi & Sashimi

Omakase Sushi

Ten pieces of assorted sushi and hosomaki.

Omakase Sashimi

Let chef take the lead, with the premier selections of the day.

Omakase Geta

A spectacular display featuring the best of the best. Serves two to four.

Pacific Ocean Sushi & Sashimi

Mebachi Maguro

Served with big eye tuna.

Binnaga Maguro

Served with binnaga maguro.


Served with yellowtail.


Served with amber jack.


Served with japanese snapper.


Served with fluke.


Served with fluke fin.


Served with horse mackerel.


Served with mackerel.


Served with squid.


Served with octopus.


Served with freshwater eel.


Served with saltwater eel.


Served with sea urchin.


Served with cooked shrimp.


Served with sweet shrimp.


Served with snow crab.


Served with king crab.

Atlantic Ocean Sushi & Sashimi


Served with bluefin tuna.

Chu Toro

Served with Medium fatty tuna.


Served with premium fatty tuna.


Served with salmon.


Served with smelt roe.


Served with salmon roe.

From the Land Sushi & Sashimi

A5 Wagyu Beef


Tamago - Sweet Egg


Sushi Rolls

Specialty Rolls

Tiger Roll

Served with shrimp tempura, cucumber, and avocado, topped with spicy tuna, caviar and truffle oil.

Sahara Roll

Served with spicy albacore, shrimp tempura, eel sauce and dashi mayo.

Lobster Roll

Served with butter-poached lobster on a snow crab roll with masago and dynamite sauce.

Double Hamachi Roll

Served with spicy yellowtail, spicy kanikama, and cucumber rolled and topped with thinly sliced yellowtail, serrano chili and onion ponzu.

Tuna Tataki Roll

Served with Spicy tuna roll topped with seared tuna, tataki sauce, green onion and garlic chips.

Rainbow Roll

Served with chef’s best-assorted sashimi and avocado on top of our traditional california roll.

Special Katsuya Roll

Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, scallop, crab and avocado wrapped with rice, soy paper and cucumber, served with wasabi ponzu on the side.

Corn Crunch Roll

Served with Garlic butter-sautéed shrimp and avocado rolled with crispy corn tempura, drizzled with sweet soy.

Spider Roll

Served with soft-shell crab, cucumber, avocado and ponzu.

Sunset Roll

Sweet freshwater eel, crunchy cucumber, and avocado drizzled with sweet eel sauce make this a guest favorite.

Rock Shrimp Tempura Roll

Served with tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce over a spicy tuna roll.

Classic Rolls



California with Snow Crab


California with King Crab


Spicy Tuna


Negi Toro




Yellowtail Scallion




Scallop Masago


Shrimp Tempura


Salmon Skin


Unagi & Cucumber








Ume Shiso with Cucumber


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