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Hand rolls


A tasty egg hand roll with mayo sauce.

Crab cucumber

An interesting combination of crab and cucumber topped with mayo.


A tuna roll with mayo sauce.

Salmon skin

A unique hand roll with salmon skin, wasabi and mayo.

Ume cucumber

A healthy mix of ume and cucumber.


A local favorite.


A simple shrimp hand roll with cucumber and mayo.

Masago with wasabi

Cucumber, masago and wasabi.



Chicken katsu

Delicious chicken katsu topped with katsu sauce.


A perfect vegetarian hand roll with avocado, lettuce, cucumber and mayo.


A japanese favorite.


An influential hand roll made popular in the united states.

Smoked salmon

Tasty smoked salmon with cucumber and mayo.

Negi toro

Ahi mixed with oil, green onions and wasabi.

Spicy ahi

Ahi with spicy sauce.


Unagi(eel) topped with sweet teriyaki sauce and wasabi.

Shrimp tempura

A duo of shrimp tempura & teriyaki sauce.


Dynamite maki (8pcs)

The perfect maki sushi for spicy food lovers.

Tsunami maki (8pcs)

A wave of ahi, sweet and spicy sauces, tempura chips, and green onions on california maki.

Teri chiken maki (8pcs)

Tender, juicy grilled chicken with fruity tomato.

Futo maki (8pcs)

A traditional japanese maki eaten during celebrations.

Egg maki (8pcs)

A popular makimono in the japan market.

California maki (8pcs)

A popular makimono in the us market. a crab, cucumber, and avocado maki wrapped with a fluffy egg sheet.

Futo and egg combo (4+4pcs)

A combination of futo maki 4pcs & egg maki 4pcs.

BLT maki (8pcs)

Surprisingly, this combination of bacon, lettuce, tomato go well with sushi rice.

Philly maki (8pcs)

A fusion of the east and the west. this maki sushi includes cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Shrimp tempura maki (8pcs)

A shrimp tempura maki garnished with lettuce, teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.

Spicy crunchy maki (8pcs)

It’s hard to resist the crunchy texture of this maki sushi.

Hurricane maki (8pcs)

Jumbo sized fried breaded shrimp, salmon, lettuce, green onions, sweet’n chili sauce, teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo and BBQ potato chips.

Ahi tartare maki (8pcs)


Dragon maki (8pcs)

Shrimp tempura, lettuce, sesame seeds, ahi, masago, green onions & spicy sauce and teriyaki sauce.

Spicy ahi maki (8pcs)


Chicken katsu maki


Ahi poke maki



Kanpyo maki (6pcs)

Small maki sushi with kanpyo (squash).

Cucumber maki (6pcs)

Small maki sushi with cucumber.

Shinko maki (6pcs)

Small maki sushi with shinko (yellow takuan).

Ume maki (6pcs)

Small maki sushi with ume paste.

Tekka maki (6pcs)

Small maki sushi with ahi.

Natto maki (6pcs)

Small maki sushi with natto & green onion.

Nigiri and s.nigiri

S-nigiri (9pcs)

Ahi nigiri, ika nigiri, ebi nigiri, salmon nigiri, egg nigiri, masago nigiri, negitoro nigiri, unagi nigiri & ikura nigiri.

Lunch box (15pcs)

Ahi, ika, ebi, salmon, egg, futo maki 2pcs, inari 2pcs, tekka maki 2pcs, cucumber maki 2pcs & shinko maki 2pcs.

Nigiri (8pcs)

Ahi 2pcs , salmon 2pcs, tako, ika, ebi & unagi.

Moriawase (9pcs)

Ahi nigiri, ika nigiri, ebi nigiri, salmon nigiri, egg nigiri, futo maki 2pcs & inari 2pcs.

Aji (9pcs)

Ahi nigiri 2pcs, ika nigiri, ebi nigiri, egg nigiri, salmon nigiri, tako nigiri, unagi nigiri & inari.

Ahi and ebi combo (3+3pcs)

Ahi nigiri 3pcs & ebi nigiri 3pcs.

Salmon lover (4+4pcs)

Salmon nigiri 4pcs & maki sushi (smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, mayo & sesame seeds) 4pcs.

Ahi lover (4+4pcs)

Ahi nigiri 4pcs & spicy ahi nigiri 4pcs.

Special and others

Inari (2pcs)

Delicious sushi rice with sesame and Inariage (deep fried tofu).

Inari (5pcs)

Delicious sushi rice with sesame and inariage (deep fried tofu).

Sukeroku pack (7pcs)

A combination of futo maki (4pcs) & inari (3pcs).

Spam sushi

Spam and rice wrapped with seaweed.

KD pack

This lunch box for kids includes spam sushi, shinko maki (2pcs), ebi nigiri & egg nigiri.

Soba or udon (cold)

Cold soba or udon with tsuyu(soup), green onions and nori.

Soba or udon (hot)

Soba or udon in hot soup with green onions.

Sushi soba / udon set

A set of cold soba or udon with tsuyu(soup), green onions, nori,california maki 2pcs, ahi nigiri, ebi nigiri & inari.

Tempura soba / udon

Cold or hot. Udon or soba topped with 2 pcs of shrimp tempura and green onions.


Ebi tempura don

Shrimp tempura 3pcs with teriyaki sauce & nori.

Spicy kaki-age don

Kakiage(mixed veggie tempura) 3pcs with nori, green onions, spicy sauce & teriyaki sauce.

Spicy ahi don

Ahi with spicy sauce & nori.

Unagi don

Unagi 6pcs with teriyaki sauce, egg & nori.

Ahi poke don

Ahi with special seasoning, masago, cucumber, green onions & nori.

Salmon ikura don


Tofu poke don


Chicken katsu don


Sweet chili chicken don


Fried chicken don


Teri chicken don


Dragon don


Spicy ahi don deluxe


Spicy ahi natto don

Spicy ahi, natto, egg and nori, green onion & wasabi (optional).


Fried chicken bento

Fried chicken, futomaki 2pcs, shinko maki 2pcs & salad.

Chicken katsu bento

Chicken katsu, california maki 2pcs, inari, shinko maki 2pcs & salad.

Teriyaki chicken bento

Teriyaki chicken, soba, shinko maki 2pcs & salad.

Ebi fry bento

Jumbo sized fried breaded shrimp 3pcs, inari, shinko maki 2pcs & salad.

Sweet chili chicken bento large

Chili chicken bento b (2)1/2 pound sweet chili chicken, shinko maki 2pcs & salad.

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