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Kramarczuk's East European Deli

Eastern European

75-90 min
215 E Hennepin Ave (NaN mi)
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8:00 AM-8:00 PM
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Kramarczuk's Online Store

Beef Jerky

A lot of places claim to make the best beef jerky. We're not going to claim that kramarczuk's is the best - even though we hear it every day, but it is very good. We use lean, whole muscle beef, marinate it in our secret recipe for 24 hours, then dry it in our smoker until it is the perfect chewy consistency. You may know the brand of your favorite jerky - most americans do, but just give ours a try, you might change your mind.

Beer Sticks - Kabanosy

Lightly smoked peppery sausage with a hint of garlic. You can enjoy beer sticks as is or hang them up to dry and take them camping or tailgating. Known as Kabanosy in Ukrainian, beer sticks are a longtime favorite of kramarczuk's customers. Made with pork and beef this product does contain nitrate.

Ethnic Sausage Sampler

Two 3/4lb links of smoked polish kielbasa - a traditional sausage seasoned with garlic, black pepper then smoked in a real hickory wood smoker. Fully cooked, eat hot or cold. Stuffed in a natural hog casing. Contains nitrate.

Grilling Sampler

Four smoked andouille - a spicy pork cajun style sausage seasoned with paprika and cayenne pepper. Popular ingredient in gumbo but also great served grilled in a bun with ketchup. Contains nitrate.


Here is something you won't find in your local grocery store! Kishka - a traditional blood sausage served for dinner. Fine ground pork and beef mixed with buckwheat grain, beef blood then seasoned with salt and sage. The fully cooked product is best served as a whole ring after warming in the oven or sautéing with onions. Stuffed in a beef casing.

Krakowska Sausage

This is our most famous and delicious luncheon meat recipe. Featured in local restaurant publications and even on cable television. Krakowska is a mild pork sausage best enjoyed cold. Seasoned with garlic and white pepper then smoked in a real hickory wood smoker, it is unlike anything available in your local supermarket. Best served cold with crackers and your favorite cheese. Just peel off the orange casing and enjoy. Contains nitrate.

Smoked Polish Sausage - Kielbasa

The sausage that started it all. Our famous polish kielbasa recipe served at our local ballpark, dinner tables, and backyard barbeques. Also, a popular sausage traditionally eaten on holidays. Kielbasa is a pork and beef sausage seasoned with garlic and black pepper then smoked in a real hickory wood smoker.

Smoked Ukrainian - Kovbaca

This sausage is made from a 100-year-old recipe that wasyl kramarczuk and his family used in the old country - for the sausage purist. Ukrainian style kovbasa is traditionally placed in ukrainian easter baskets for blessing, but it is also delicious anytime. A coarse ground pork sausage seasoned with black pepper and fresh ground cloves of garlic then smoked with real hickory wood.

Swedish Sausage

Pork, beef, potatoes and enough onions to make anyone cry this is a great dinner sausage stewed with onions or simply sauteed and served with ketchup. Fully cooked, non-smoked and gluten-free.

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