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Uncommon, rich, full. Corsica is blended and roasted for richness and possesses a long-lasting coffee finish. In a word, corsica is bold! For those who love rich coffee. Corsica is the quintessential filter coffee with a character all its own.


Thick, flavorful, lasting. Unforgettably dense, phocea is best described as raw and full-bodied. Phocea lends itself to nearly every coffee process, from french press to drip to filter coffee to espresso.


Mineral, smoky, historic. A tribute to the culinary south, this smoky blend with mineral undercurrent creates a polished connection to the rugged roots of agricultural America. Works great using a french press or Melitta.


Cocoa tones, lasting taste. Our tribute to traditional Italian coffee, with truly American upgrades each bean sourced at origin rain forest alliance certified and ethically traded. Works very well with all brewing methods.


Balanced, broad, exclusive. This full-bodied coffee is a true masterpiece with an identity of its own. To appreciate what this is, one must taste it. Works very well with all brewing methods. Preparation and care must be taken for espresso.


A portion of all profits from the sale of Afrique is returned to African coffee-growing communities to provide housing, food, healthcare and education to orphaned children and to support water well drilling as well as other community projects. Earthy, spicy, heartfelt. A blend of distinctly unique coffees from farms in central and east Africa. The flavors and fruitiness of Afrique are best experienced with French press or filter coffee.

Bleu - Organic

This dark filter blend coffee continues our commitment to sourcing coffee from farms that emphasize sustainable practices. Bleu is a seasonal dark roast created with organic USDA coffees from honduras, nicaragua, and peru. With cupping notes of milk chocolate and maraschino, this organic blend is a decadence you can feel good about.



Caramel, nutty, fragrant. Nizza is blended and roasted for softness and sweetness. Our focus is the perfect balance between acidity and bitterness. Nizza blend brews an elegant espresso with a clean and agreeable finish. Nizza is primarily built as an espresso blend, but also works very well with all brewing methods.


We are delighted to present our latest masterpiece, lyon, a first of its kind charitable alliance with leonardo dicaprio. Through purchases of lyon, you will make a significant impact on projects that defend lands and oceans, protect clean water, help endangered species, aid disaster relief and support alternative and green energy efforts. Recommended for french press, espresso or stove top.


Twenty one years ago, todd carmichael sat down in a bustling parisian cafe and sketched out his vision and business plan for a coffee roasting company in philadelphia, la colombe. Todd challenged himself this year, drawing on two decades of experience brewing coffee around the world, to create a blend that would win over the hearts of the classical french purists. The odyssey blend is inspired by his journey back to Paris and was roasted and served for the first time in the historic palais royal.

Rouge - Organic

The small but strong organic coffee industry is heating up, and we are committed to helping it grow. Made entirely USDA organic-certified coffees from ethiopia, honduras, nicaragua, and peru, rouge is a seasonal medium roast with the sophisticated sweetness of currants. Enjoy the pleasing taste, and sustainability, of this toasty espresso blend.

Brazil - Fazenda Santa Mariana

Why you'll love it: richly sweet like a caramel cake, this award-winning Brazilian is perfect for decadent espresso at home, while notes of raspberry also give a creamy sweetness to your drip or pour-over brew. Fazenda santa mariana farm has been under the same ownership for over 50 years and everything on the farm is done with quality in mind. A commitment to excellence doesn't end with the coffee.

Haiti - Mare Blanche

Farmers from the highest mountains of southeastern haiti overlooking the caribbean grow coffee the way it has been done for two-hundred years - on small, family-owned farms alongside a diverse mix of shade trees, banana plants, and ground crops. Women cheerfully process and sort the coffee and load up the best grades for export on the colorful Tap tap trucks to be delivered to the shipyards of port au prince.

Rara - Haiti Baptiste

Win butler and la colombe coffee have partnered to offer a limited presale of rara coffee, a specialty coffee grown in haiti and roasted in philadelphia. The rara coffee was created to support health and agriculture initiatives in haiti. Proceeds from the sale of this coffee will go to support partners in health and haiti coffee academy efforts. Being in the mountains of haiti, it is hard not to think about coffee.


The historic philadelphia neighborhood of fishtown was originally inhabited by members of the turtle clan of the lenni lenape tribe. This section of river bank earned the name fishtown in the 18th century as the home of German-american fisherman benefiting from the plentiful delaware river shad.

Zambia - Mbuni Anniversary Coffee

Why you'll love it a heavy body and wine-like sweetness sets this very rare Zambian coffee apart. Truly one of our favorites. Story of the bean: severe drought over the last two decades devastated Zambian coffee production with the one exception of the mbuyu farm. This estate is one of the most innovative in Africa and has developed an irrigation system and unique processing techniques.

Brazil - Blue Diamond

In the 1940s, coffee consumption was beginning to soar and Brazilian coffee producers struggled to find a coffee tree that could withstand the strong winds and rain in the tropical savannas south of the amazon. The solution was a hybrid plant called catuai, a highly productive dwarf variety prized for its sweetness. With rich chocolate flavor and a full body, the blue diamond is a shining example of a Brazilian catuai.


Panama - Esmeralda Boquete

Hacienda la esmeralda became the most famous coffee farm in the world in 2004 with exceptional lots of the little-known geisha variety. We are thrilled to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of esmeralda's successes by sharing this coffee with you. With lemony acidity and jasmine-like floral qualities, this exceptional coffee embodies the profile of a geisha we love. Hacienda la esmeralda set the world's expectations for a geisha, and to this day defines what it means for coffee to be a luxury.

Honey Geisha - Panama Esmeralda

Why you'll love it: in an exclusive collaboration with the famed hacienda la esmeralda, la colombe brings you the panama honey geisha. The direct result of todd taking one of the best coffees in the world and making it even better, the honey geisha is utterly special. Story of the bean: hacienda la esmeralda is the farm to first introduce the world to the geisha coffee variety and it remains one of the top growers of geishas today.

Zambia - Mubuyu

Why you'll love it you enjoy coffees with a balance of citrusy and savory aromas and a strong backbone of malty sweetness. Story of the bean: in southern zambia, dutch immigrants are growing a variety of coffee primarily found in Kenya.

Ethiopia - Yirgz

Why you'll love it: sweet and refined, this bright Ethiopian coffee will please the perfectionist in all of us. Story of the bean: yirg for yirgacheffe, z for zero defect. Ethiopian coffees from the yirgacheffe region are world-renowned for producing distinctively floral and aromatic coffee. "Zero defect" means this coffee is triple sorted by size, color, and density until it reaches a point of near perfection.


Todd's Faves Dangerous Grounds

This sampler pack includes 2.5-oz tubes featuring three of todd's favorite coffees from around the world. Odyssey blend: twenty one years ago, todd carmichael sat down in a bustling parisian cafe and sketched out his vision and business plan for a coffee roasting company in philadelphia, la colombe.

Todd's Faves World Tour

This sampler pack includes 2.5-oz tubes featuring three of todd's favorite coffees from around the world. Zambia - mubuyu: willem lublinkhof founded the farm in 1971 and with his son jesper has chosen to plant the vaunted sl-28 variety well known for citrusy flavor in coffees from Kenya. Andrew clowes, farm manager, has a German-made roaster on the farm itself and is meticulous in tasting and grading the coffee working towards continuous improvement. Ethiopia yirgz yirg for yirgacheffe, z for zero defect.


Monte Carlo

Decaf, smooth, uncanny. The quintessential classic coffee with everything: rich flavor and aroma, full body and moderate acidity in perfect balance, yet without the caffeine. Swiss water process. Monte carlo is extraordinary in every infusion process from french press to filter coffee to espresso.

Chef Projects

Mario Batali Abruzzo Blend

Our salute to traditional Italian-style coffee. Our recipe begins with a handpicked Brazilian coffee and a rare typica varietal heirloom coffee, grown organically in the highest elevation of the Haitian mountains. These beans are then roasted with the finest Ethiopian coffee, resulting in a blend that is perfect for filter yet works well with all brewing methods.

Mario Batali Roma Blend

Silky and full-bodied Italian-style coffee with richly mellow taste. Our recipe begins with a handpicked Brazilian coffee and a rare typica varietal heirloom coffee, grown organically in the highest elevation of the Haitian mountains. These beans are then roasted with the finest Ethiopian and Colombian coffees, resulting in a blend that is perfect for espresso yet works well with all brewing methods. We suggest trying the rok espresso maker for best results at home.

Mario Batali Amalfi Decaf Blend

The classic cup of Italian-style coffee with everything but the caffeine. Made from handpicked Brazilian coffee beans and organic Sumatran beans grown by small-holders, under shade trees, this blend is decaffeinated with the Swiss water process.

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