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Gluten free. Homemade guacamole with pineapple pico de gallo and pork crackings.

Tostada De Atun

Gluten free. Yellow fun tuna tostada with chipotle mayo, avocado and deep fried leek.

Aros De Calamar

Deep fried calamari rings, served with homemade jalapeno tartar sauce.

Queso Fundido

Oaxaca cheese fondue with fresh flour tortillas.

Chips De Pulpo

Gluten free. Grilled octopus sreved with crispy homemade potato, avocado and fresh lime juice.

Ostiones A La Parrilla

Gluten free. Six pieces of grilled oyster with piquin cilantro mojo.

Sopas & Ensaladas

Ensalada De La Casa

Mix lettuce, carrots, tomato, onions and house vinaigrette.

Ensalada De Mariscos

Gluten free. Shrimp, octopus, fish ceviche and crab meat with red onion and cucumbers, served over mixed greens, garnished with rad redish and fried leek.

Crema De Frijol

Gluten free. Slightly spicy. Creamy black bean soup garnished with caramelized onions, cotija cheese, tortilla chips.

Vuelve A La Vida Soup

Gluten free. Our hangover remedy; fresh seafood in a delicious broth, as featured in food and wine magazine's "Houston in 10 plates" article.


Half Ensalada De La Casa

Mix lettuce, carrots, tomato, onions and house vinaigrette.

Arroz A La Mexicana

Gluten free. Red rice with carrots, green beans and corn.


Sauteed vegetables.

Frijol Refrito

Gluten free. Refried beans.

Papas A La Francesa

French fries.

Rajas Poblanas

Creamy poblano pepper slices with sweet corn.


Homemade guacamole.

Chiles Toreados

Sauteed jalapeno peppers with onions and lime juice.


Five pcs of corn tortilla or three pcs of flour tortillas.

Platos Fuertes

Huachinango A La Veracruzana

Gluten free. Grilled red snapper with a tomato, olive and guero pepper sauce.

Steak De Atun Con Rajas

Gluten free. Grilled yellow fin tuna steak, served with refried black beans, potatoes and green sauce and poblano pepper rajas.

Pampano Al Limon

Whole pan seared and roasted pompano with a buttery lime sauce, served with vegetables.

Mojarra Farita

Fried whole tilapia served with mixed green salad and yucca.

Camarones Empanizados

Breaded jumbo shrimp served with French fries and chipotle dressing.

Pulpo A La Parilla

Gluten free. Super tender grilled octopus, prepared with garlic, lime, accompanied by vegetables and yucca.

Tamal De Elote Con Camarones

You really have to try this. Sweet corn tamale with sauteed shrimp and bacon in a creamy garlic sauce as featured in Zagat's Houston's 30 essential dishes.

Langosta Estilo Rosarito

Gluten free. Deep fried lobster. yes deep fried garnished with refried black beans, white rice, salsa and hand made corn tortillas.

Trio De Tacos

Beer batter fried shrimp taco. Al pastor marinated red snapper taco and creamy lobster taco with refried beans.

Pechuga De Pollo

Pan seared chicken breast over white rice, vegetables, cilantro pesto, topped with arugula and cilantro salad.

Filete Con Mole

Contain almonds. Flat iron steak, with french fries and mole poblano sauce.

Lo Fresco

Aguachile De Camaron Y Callo

Gluten free. Raw gulf shrimp and bay scallops marinated with lime, serrano pepper and cilantro juice, red radish, cucumber and red onions.

Carpaccio De Pulpo

Gluten free. Thinly sliced stewed octopus in zesty vinaigrette, habanero oil, fresh arugula and cilantro.

Ceviche Natural

Gluten free. Tender mahi mahi fillet cured in fresh lime juice, onion and cucumber, garnished with avocado, curly radish and chili powder.

Ceviche Verde

Gluten free. Fresh mahi mahi fillet marinated in sevilla orange juice and tomatillo sauce, garnished with avocado, curly radish and chili powder.

Ceviche Enclamatado

Gluten free. Tender mahi mahi fillet and shrimp, cured in fresh lime juice, tomato and juice, garnished with avocado, curly radish and chili powder.

Ceviche Pozolero

Gluten free. Mahi mahi, shrimp and octopus cured in fresh lime juice, tomato and guajillo sauce, hominy, avocado, curly radish and chili powder.

Trio De Ceviches

Gluten free. Smaller portions of our natural verde and enclamatado ceviches.

Ostiones Oro Negro

Gluten free. Succulent Galveston Bay oysters with cucumber, soy sauce and lime vinaigrette.




Bay Scallops






Campechano Mix


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