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Entradas & Appetizers

4 Arepitas Con Hogao

4 small corncakes with hogao.

Alitas de Pollo

Chicken wings.


Spanish sausage (chorizo) with yellow potato.

Cóctel De Camarones

Shrimp cocktail en salsa rosada, cebolla, cilantro, limón. In fry sauce, onion, cilantro, lime.


Kettle corn chicken pollo, queso, tocineta y salsa rosada. Cheese, bacon, and fry sauce.


Chuzo de pollo o cerdo chicken or pork skewers.

Papas Fritas

French fries.

Ensaladas & Salads


Lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and carrots.

Ensalada Tropical

Tropical salad. Lettuce, cheese, ham, pineapple, carrots, house dressing and garlic cheese bread.

Antojos & Cravings


Fried pork skins.

Papa Criolla

Yellow potato (creole potato).

Papas Fritas

French fries.

Tostones Con Pollo, Queso Y Hogao

Green plantains with chicken, cheese, and hogao.

Yuca Frita

Fried yucca (cassava).

A La Brasa & On The Grill

Pechuga De Pollo

Chicken breast.

Carne De Res

Grilled steak.

El Trio

Grilled steak, chicken breast, and spanish sausage.

Especialidades & Specialties


Chicken cutlet or pork chop with 2 sides.

Costillas De Cerdo Con 2 Acompañantes

Pork ribs with 2 sides.

Tour Por Colombia

2 empanadas, corn cake, yellow potato, Spanish sausage, fried pork skins, grilled steak, pork skewer, cassava, fries, tomatoes, lime.

Boca Grande & Big Mouth


Spanish sausage, cheese, chips, pineapple, ketchup, fry and garlic sauce.

"El Pipe" Hot Dog

Hot dog w/ chicken, bacon, pineapple, chips, cheese, ketchup, pink and garlic sauce.

Hamburgesa Especial

Special Hamburger with bacon, cheese, pineapple, chips, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, fry and garlic sauce.

"Falcao" Hot Dog

Hot dog, cheese, ketchup, fry, garlic, and pineapple sauce perro caliente, chips, queso, salsa de tomate, ajo, rosado y piña.

"La Botero" Hamburger

Hamburger with ham, bacon, cheese, onions, pineapple, chips,. Lettuce, tomato, ketchup, fry and garlic sauce.

"Shakira" Sandwich

Grilled chicken sandwich with cheese, bacon, chips, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, fry, garlic, and pineapple.



French fries, hot dog pieces, hamburger meat, cheese, ketchup, garlic, and fry sauce.


French fries with hot dog pieces, ketchup, garlic and fry sauce.

Salchipapa Xtreme

French fries, hot dog pieces, chicken, cheese, ketchup, garlic, and fry sauce.

Adiciones & Sides


Corn cake.

Arroz /Rice


Ensalada & Salad


Papas Fritas & French Fries


Queso & Cheese


Salsas & Sauces


Tocineta & Bacon


Boca Seca & Thirsty Mouth - Specialty Beverages

Jugos Naturales & Natural Juice

Some juices are available in water or milk.

Agua & Water


Soda De Fuente

Fountain drinks.

Soda Colombianas

Colombian sodas.

Arepas & Corn Cakes

Arepa Con Camarones

Corn cakes with shrimps salsa rosada, cebolla, cilantro, limón. Fry sauce, shrimp, onion, cilantro and lime.

Arepa Con Carne

Corn cakes with steak

Arepa Con Chicharrón

Corn cake with pork skin.

Arepa Con Chorizo

Corn cakes with spanish sausage

Arepa Con Maizitos

Corn cakes with kettle corn maiz, tocineta, maduro, queso. Kettle corn, bacon, sweet plantain, cheese.

Arepa Con Pollo

Corn cakes with chicken.

Arepa Con Queso

Corn cakes with cheese.


Corn cakes "Corrida" carne, pollo, chicharrón, guiso y salsa rosada. Steak, chicken, pork skins, creole and fry sauce.


Corn cake "Mix" carne, pollo, chicharrón, camarones, guiso y salsa rosada. Steak, chicken, pork skins, shrimp, creole and fry sauce.

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