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Masitas De Cerdo Frita (Fried Pork Cubes)

Fresh pork cubes marinated in a cumin infused mojo sauce. Fried to perfection and served with onions and parsley.

Calamares A La Plancha (Fried Squid)

Fresh grilled calamari sauteed with garlic and white wine.

La Yuma Cuban Nachos

Homemade crispy plantains chips, topped with ropa vieja, picadillo, guacamole, sharp cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and onions.

Chorizo Al Vino

Imported chorizo sauteed in virgin olive oil, dry red wine, onions, green pimento and garlic.

Alitas De Pollo (Fried Chicken Wings)

Marinated fried chicken wings in garlic mojo sauce.

Tostones Rellenos (Stuffed Plantains)

Four stuffed green plantains filled with your choice of one each roast pork, picadillo, ropa vieja or seafood creole.

Frituras De Cobo (Conch Fritters)

Conch fritter corn meal fritters with cracked conch.

Gambas a La Plancha (Grilled Jumbo Shrimp)

Tasty grilled jumbo shrimp in their natural shell. Served over boiled yuca and drizzled with garlic, picante, and white wine

Saipcon de Mariscos (Mixed Seafood Salad)

Mixed seafood salad, marinated in red onion, diced tomato, fresh cilantro in a lemon-lime vinaigrette

Tamal Cubano (Roasted Pork)

Corn based appetizer wrapped in corn husk and filled with roast pork, on a bed of plantain chips.

Antojitos (Spanish Chorizo)

Spanish chorizo, sautéed in garlic, white wine and onion. Served over a bed of crispy plantain chips and topped with queso blanco frito.

Camarones Al Ajillo (Sautéed Mushrooms)

Pan seared shrimp sautéed in a reduction of garlic, parsley and white wine sauce.

Conga Combo

Our most popular appetizer combo of chicken wings, conch fritters, tamal cubano and yuca frita.

Calamares a La Criolla (Grilled Calamari)

Grilled calamari in a Creole sauce

Soup & Salads

Sopa Del Dia Soup

Homemade daily soup special. Please contact to the merchant for daily soup special.

House Salad

Chopped lettuce with juicy tomatoes, cucumber and red onions.

La Yuma Salad

Romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, shredded cheese, and onions with mustard garlic dressing.

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, shredded cheese and fresh croutons.

Cuban Mix Salad

Cuban roast pork served on top of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, sweet ham, Swiss cheese and crispy julienne potatoes. Drizzled with a mustard garlic vinaigrette.

Potage De Frijoles Negro (Black Bean Soup)

Cuban black bean soup with onion and parsley.

Sopa De Pollo Con Fideos (Chicken Noodle)

Homemade cuban style chicken noodle soup.

Ensalada de Tres Frijoles (3 Bean Salad)

La Yuma's zesty three bean salad served over a bed of fresh lettuce and avocados.

Mary y Clara (Seafood Soup)

Seafood soup with fresh lobster, shrimp, clam and fish of the day in a light fresh tomato beer broth

Traditional Cuban Dishes

Pechuga De Pollo A La Plancha (Grilled Chicken Breast)

Chicken breast marinated in garlic, lime, adobo and grilled to perfection. Topped with parsley and caramelized onions.

Picadillo Habanero (Ground Beef)

Savory ground beef, slow cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell peppers, cumin, oregano, olives, capers and sweet raisins.

Ropa Vieja (Shredded Beef)

Slow braised shredded prime beef stewed with fresh tomates, green peppers, onions and red wine.

Churrasco (Skirt Steak)

Skirt steak grilled to perfection that is seasoned with a tangy onion garlic sauce and fresh parsley.

Vaca Frita (Flank Meat)

Flank meat shredded and grilled with garlic, lime and onions.

Pollo Al Ajillo (Half Chicken)

Cuban abodo marinated half chicken roasted with mojo glaze and caramelized onions.

Lechon Asado (Roasted Pork)

Cuban style roasted pork marinated in cumin mojo sauce.

Chuletas De Cerdo (Pork Chops)

Pork chops marinated in lime and garlic, grilled to perfection and topped with sauteed onions.

Bistec Palomilla Empanizada (Breaded Sirloin)

Marinated and breaded top sirloin steak golden fried and served with chopped onions and parsley.

Bistec Palomilla A La Plancha (Prime Sirloin)

Grilled marinated sirlon steak served with chopped onions, lime and parsley.

Combination Platter

Completa Grande

Sample our 3 most popular Cuban dishes lechon asado, ropa vieja and picadillo habanero served with rice, black beans, yuca plantains.

Completa Tradicional

Traditional cuban platter. A combination of lechon asado and tamale en hoja, served with rice, black beans, yuca and plantains.

Mariscos y Pescados

Pescado Entero Frito (Fried Whole Fish)

Fried whole fish, marinated with fresh key lime, garlic and onions.

Filet De Cherna Empanizada (Grouper Filet)

Grouper filet breaded and fried.

Mahi Mahi Con Salsa De Camarones (Mahi Mahi in Creole Sauce)

Fresh dolphinfish filet topped with a shrimp Cuban creole sauce.

Pescado Del Dia (Fresh Fish Daily Creation)

Chef's selection of fresh fish in a new daily creation. Please contact merchant for today's creation. 813-374-8514

Camarones En Salsa Criolla (Fresh Shrimp in Creole Sauce)

Fresh shrimp in a homemade Cuban creole sauce.

Camarones Al Ajillo (Sautéed Shrimp)

Fresh shrimp sauteed in garlic olive oil, lemon and white wine.

Camarones Empanizado (Fried Breaded Shrimp)

Lightly breaded shrimp, fried and served with a great mustard garlic sauce.

Paella a La Pepe (Serves 2)

Pepe's new world paella. A Spanish rice served brimming with fresh seafood, chorizo, chicken and pork in a rich saffron wine sauce dish.

Cazuelita La Yuma (Seafood Combination)

Sautéed combination of shrimp, squid, chorizo and mushrooms in a Cuban Creole sauce

Side Orders

Platanos Maduros (Sweet Plantains)

Fried sweet plantains.

Tostoes (Refried Plantains)

Flattened and fried green plantains in a garlic infused oil.

Papitas Fritas (French Fries)

French fries.

Yuca Hervida or Frita (Boiled or Fried Yuca)

Boiled or fried yuca with mojo sauce.

Mariquitas (Plantain Chips)

Homemade thin sliced plantain chips.

Ensalada De Aguante (Sliced Avocado Salad)

Fresh avocado slices in season.

Arroz Blanco O Amarillo (Rice)

White or yellow rice.

Completa (Combination of Sides)

A combination of sides with your choice of rice, black beans and sweet plantains or yuca.

Children's Menu

Chicken Fingers






Fried Shrimp


Cuban Steak Platter

Served with rice, beans and plantains.


Tres Leches (Cake)

A three milk cake sensation.

Pastel De Chocolate (Cake)

Chocolate raspberry cake.

Torta De Limon (Key Lime Pie)

Homemade key lime pie.

Pudin De Guava (Bread Pudding)

Guava bread pudding.

Flan Casero (Caramel Custard)

Caramel custard.

Lunch Sandwich (11am to 3pm Only)

Pan Con Bistec Sandwich (Prime Sirloin)

Top prime sirlon steak sandwich. The steak is sliced thin and grilled with onions and garlic, served with julienne potatoes lettuce and tomatoes.

Emparedado De Pascado Sandwich (Fish)

Breaded and deep fried fresh fish served with lettuce, tomatoes, and homemade tartar sauce.


Hamburger American style with lettuce and tomato.

Cuban Sandwich

Traditional Cuban sandwich, served with all the trimmings sugar glazed ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard on crispy pressed Cuban bread.

Pan Con Lechon Sandwich (Roast Pork)

Juicy mojo marinated roast Cuban pork served on Cuban bread, with lettuce, tomatoes and caramelized onions.

Pan Con Ropa Vieja Sandwich (Pulled Beef)

Slow braised and shredded beef in a garlic, tomato, onion and pepper creole sauce, served on Cuban bread.

Emparedado De Pollo Sandwich (Chicken)

Mojo marinated, grilled or breaded chicken sandwich served with lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes and caramelized onions.

Lunch Entree (11am - 3pm Only)

Picadillo Habanero

Savory ground beef, slow cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell peppers, cumin, oregano, olives, capers and sweet raisins.

Ropa Vieja

Slow braised shredded prime beef stewed with fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions and red wine.

Lechon Asado

Cuban style roasted pork marinated in cumin mojo sauce.

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