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Smoked Wings

Seven pecan smoked jumbo wings tossed with choice of spicy chili garlic, BBQ sauce, smoky mango sauce or sambal buffalo sauce.

Southside Nachos

House made chips topped with shredded BBQ chuck, BBQ sauce, sumac onions, house pickled jalapenos, pepper jack bacon sauce and Mediterranean pico.

Fries Basket

Served with apricot ketchup and dill tzatziki.

Sweet Potato Fries Basket

Served with curry lime aioli.

Krispy Kale

Flash fried kale chips, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Falafel Fries

The superfood of French fries. served with tzatziki aioli.

Stuffed Falafel

Crispy falafel spheres stuffed with goat cheese, served with spicy date jam.

Vegetarian Sampler

With falafel fries, traditional hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, spicy batata and quinoa tabbouleh served with grilled pita.

Britney Pickles Spears

Tempura battered pickle spears. Served with chipotle aioli.

Perks of Being a Cauliflower

Crispy cauliflower bites tossed in sambal buffalo sauce. Served with blue cheese dipping sauce.

The Greens

Layla Salad

Mixed greens, dried cherries, blue cheese, candied almonds and pomegranate vinaigrette.

Spin Salad

Baby spinach,feta, glazed walnuts, fresh apples and champagne vinaigrette.

Kale Caesar Salad

Romaine, caesar, feta, bacon, diced tomatoes. Vegetarian.

Keanu Leaves Salad

Mixed greens, kale cucumbers, red onions, grape tomatoes, falafel croutons and maple tahini dressing. Served with warm pita.

Fattoush Abroad Salad

Cucumbers and grape tomatoes tossed with Italian raita on a bed of quinoa tabbouleh and topped with red pepper chuteny. Served with warm pita.

Athena Salad

Seasoned lamb burger atop chopped romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and cucumber dill dressing. Served with warm pita.

Kickin Chicken Salad

Cornflake encrusted chicken breast tossed with sambal buffalo sauce atop chopped romaine and shredded cabbage, celery, grape tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles and creamy blue cheese dressing. Served with warm pita.


Hummus Trio

A trifecta of our from scratch hummus. served with warm pita.

Traditional Hummus

Our house staple. Garbanzo, tahini garlic, lemon juice and salt. That's all. Served with grilled pita.

Roasted Red Peppers Hummus

Traditional hummus blended with roasted red peppers, smoked paprika and cayenne. Served with grilled pita.

Edamame Hummus

Blend of edamame, garlic, tahini, lemon juice and cilantro. Served with grilled pita.

Feature Hummus

A different creation every month. Please contact the merchant for feature hummus.

Burgers & Such

The Standard Burger

Craft beef burger, cheddar, lettuce, sumac onions, tomato, and house pickles on a brioche bun.

Wilford Brimley Burger

All in one patty of ground beef, ground bacon and pepper jack topped with hickory smoked bacon, bourbon bacon jam and beer battered onion rings on a pretzel bun. served with a side of pepper jack bacon sauce.

Clarice Burger

Seasoned lamb burger, Mediterranean pico, lettuce, feta and tzatziki on a brioche bun.

Patti Smith Burger

Two prime smash burger, hickory smoked bacon, pepper jack, braised onions, sweet red pepper relish and chipotle mayo on grilled sourdough.

Corporate Clown Burger

Two prime smash burgers, 33 sauce, cheddar, lettuce, onions, house pickles on a sesame seed bun.

The Royale with Cheese Burger

Prime smash burger, cheddar cheese, onions, house pickles, apricot ketchup and spicy brown mustard on a sesame seed bun.

Burger 33

35 day dry aged ground beef burger, hickory smoked bacon, fried egg, Swiss, sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, sumac onions, house pickles and 33 sauce on a brioche bun.

Fungus Amongus

Craft blend burger, hickory smoked bacon, Swiss, braised onions, roasted crimini and shitakes shrooms, fresh spring mix and truffle aioli on a brioche bun.

Harvest Moon Burger

Craft blend burger, feta, sunny side egg, fried spinach, tomato and spicy date jam on a brioche bun.

Time Bomb Burger

Craft blend burger, hickory smoked bacon, beer battered onion ring, monterey jack, BBQ sauce, lemon garlic mayo and house pickled jalapenos on a brioche bun.

Kill Bill Burger

35 day dry aged ground beef burger, smoked poblanos, smoky mango sauce, pepper jack, lettuce, chipotle mayo and topped with house made chips on a pretzel bun.

Poultrygeist Burger

Cajun spiced turkey burger, pepper jack, smoked poblano, lettuce, red pepper relish, braised onions and chipotle mayo on a ptretzel bun.

Flight Club Burger

Fresh ground turkey burger, hickory smoked bacon, Swiss, lettuce, sumac onions, tomato and lemon garlic mayo on a brioche bun.

Clear Conscience Burger

Fresh ground turkey burger, grilled apple slices, blue cheese crumbles, fresh spring mix and smoky mango sauce on a brioche bun.

Cluck Norris Burger

Two cornflake encrusted chicken breasts, spicy batata slaw, lemon garlic mayo, and house pickles on a brioche bun.

Fuster Cluck Burger

Two cornflake encrusted chicken breasts tossed with sambal buffalo sauce, hickory smoked bacon, pepper jack creamy blue cheese slaw and house pickles on a brioche bun.

Jane Says Burger

Our signature vegetarian lentil burger, monterey jack, smoky mango sauce,lemon garlic mayo, flash fried kale,tomato and sumac onions on a brioche bun.

Mean Green Burger

House made falafel patty, indian raita slaw and red pepper chuteny on a brioche bun. Vegetarian. Vegan.

Unicorn Burger

Impossible burger, roasted red peppers, cashew nacho cheeze lettuce, Mediterranean pico and house pickled jalapenos on a pretzel bun. Vegetarian. Vegan.

Dr. Claw

Jumbo lump crab cake tomato, fresh spring mix, red pepper relish and lemon garlic mayo on a brioche bun.

Shawarma & More

Traditional Shawarma

With lettuce, tomato, sumac onions, house pickles, lemon garlic sauce.

Spicy Shawarma

Roasted red pepper hummus, lettuce, tomato, sumac onions, our signature spicy chili garlic sauce, and tahini.

Greek Shawarma

With lettuce, Mediterranean pico, feta and tzatziki.

Shakes & Dessert

Gooey Butter Baklava

Half gooey butter cake and half baklava. Nuff said.

Chocolate Fritters

Served with ducle de leche.

Apple Empanadas

Deep fried apple pies with caramel drizzle.

Cookie Dough Hummus

Vegan dessert hummus with cinnamon sugar pita chips.

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