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Le Parfait Paris

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Mango Passion-Fruit


A La Vanille de Madagascar

This all American favorite is a crossroad between the new and the old world. The white chocolate brings a new spirit to this classic.

A La Pistache Kerman

Our pistachio paste is constituted with grinded natural pistachios mixed with a custom cream.

Lavender Honey


Au Citron

Our Lemon macaron is made of freshly pressed lemon juice custard with citrus zests aiming to deliver the natural essence of the fruit to our customers.

Caramel Sea Salt

Silky soft salted butter caramel cream macaron that will make any caramel lover melt.


We believe that only the finest chocolate will allow our customers to fully experience the macaron. Coming from Venezuelan plantations, the Valrhona chocolate is notorious for its exclusive flavor. Just taste the difference.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

This all American favorite is a crossroad between the new and the old world. Silky peanut butter brings a new spirit to this classic.

Café Mocha



Our raspberry macaron introduces a fresh custard, based of a natural and handmade raspberry puree.

A La Fraise





Parfait Signature

Elaborated centuries ago to please the royal court of Versaille, this delicacy delivers a profusion of flavours. It is a smooth almond biscuit and praline crisp glittery puff subtly combined to create an exquisite experience. Add an unctuous dark chocolate mousse to the mix and you obtain a dessert that blends almonds and chocolate in perfect harmony.

Ludi's Macaron

Like its name suggests it, this dessert-sized macaron will treat you with a garden feel at every bite. Composed with carefully picked quality raspberry cuts and layered with a litchi and rose cream, it represents the ultimate “delice de france”.

Frenchy Cheesecake

No need to introduce this American classic! Although keeping its original spirit, the chef successfully revised the recipe to give it a light and exquisite “french touch”.


Legendary yet difficult to confectionate, the Mille-feuille was created in 1806, but was only commercialized 60 years later. When Parisian discovered this three layered puff pastry, it instantly rose this custard filled dessert as a star of the French patisserie.

Lava Cake


Eclair Paris-Brest


Fraisier Macarons

A delighted strawberry macaron filled with fresh organic strawberries and a vanilla bean pastry cream

Tiramisu Macarons

A decadent tiramisu macaron filled with a mascarpone and almond whip cream and centered with a coulant coffee chocolate

Bread & Pastries

Multigrain Bread




Sourdough Bread


Boule Aux Olives Loaf

Loaf with olives

Pain Au Chocolat Aux Amandes

Chocolate and almonds pastry

Pain Au Chocolat

Chocolate croissant

Croissant Aux Amandes

Almond croissant



Nutella Cruffin

A Croissant dough rolled in a muffin shape filled with chocolate chips and topped with nutella and praline.


Galette Tradition


San Daniella Galette


Galette de la mer


Galette du Jardin


Nutella Crêpes


Crêpe citron

Lemon, sugar butter crêpe

Fruitella Crêpe

Nutella, strawberry and banana crêpe

Crêpe Gourmande

House made caramel, banana and pecan crepe with Gelato

Lunch (11 AM - Closing)

San Daniele Panini

With Prosciutto produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia region, we’ve combined this sea salted all natural meat with tastes of Brie, organic tomatoes and fresh pesto sauce on a fresh, and ready to eat Panini Bread.

Chicken Panini

Fresh baked panini bread filled with mozzarella, basil, tomato, and grilled chicken breast.

Le Corse

Bringing the vibes of this beautiful French island, also known as “the beauty island’, Le Corse graciously combines fine salami slices with a figue chutney and french imported gruyere cheese.

Le Bourguignon

Blue & swiss cheese, roast beef, tomatoes, caramelized onions, thyme and rosemary. In a fresh baguette. Served au jus.

Jambon Beurre

Delicately spiced and slowly cooked in its own juice the Paris Ham sits under a layer of French Pickles and butter, in our freshly baked baguette to satisfy your hunger needs.

Chicken Caesar Salad

A Light and Refreshing Caesar salad with roasted chicken, parmesan, homemade crouton on top of romaine salad.

La Salade Parfaite


La Quiche Lorraine

A quiche is an inescapable French tradition that contains bacon, french imported gruyere cheese and muscade. Le Parfait revisited this recipe by adding caramelized onions.

La Quiche Aux Epinards (Vegetable Quiche)

A quiche is an inescapable French tradition that contains spinach, caramelized onion, sun dried tomatoes, and goat cheese.

Cheese and Charcuterie Plate



Allan Milliat Juices




Espresso Macchiato

A full- bodied espresso topped with a dash of hot milk froth to create an intensely smooth experience.







Hazelnut Latte

A cool summer classic, revisited for gourmet coffee lovers in a complex, iced espresso topped with a crown of cold foamy milk.

Latte Macchiato

This sumptuous triple layer of hot milk, milk froth and coffee is a pleasure to behold and to taste.

Lavender Honey Latte


Sea Salt Caramel Latte



A full- bodied espresso, a splash of hot milk and a crown of luscious milk froth, sprinkled with cocoa.

Café Mocha


Fudgy Mocha


Chocolate Viennois

A full bodied hot chocolate with a crown of luscious whip cream.

Chai Latte Medium


Matcha Latte


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