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Hors Doeuvres

Crostini De Brie

Warm brie on baguette with concord farms honey, fresh cracked pepper.

Crevettes Provencales

Madagascar prawns with extra virgin olive oil, confit olives and tomatoes.

Moules Mariniere

White wine steamed mussels with fresh thyme and garlic demie.

Escargots De Bourgogne

Snails sautéed in garlic butter, served in a homemade pâte sablée.

Moules Frites Au Pernod

Pernod steamed mussels with frites demie.


Soupe A L Oignon Gratine E

Classic french onion soup with saxon farms cheese.

Soup E Du Jour

Seasonal soups made daily.

Les Salads


Mixed greens with shaved radish and dijon vinaigrette.

Salade De Bettrave

Roasted beets with warm chèvre,toasted walnuts, watercress, balsamic vinaigrette.

Salade Au Prosciutto

Shaved prosciutto with fennel, pear, manchego cheese, mission figs, garlic parsley vinaigrette.

Salade Nicoise

Mixed greens with potatoes, egg, haricots verts, olives, tomatoes, dijon vinaigrette choice of salmon, prawns or chicken.


Légume S Priintanier

Seasonal, local vegetables served with a petite green salad.

Confitde Canard

Duck confit, chèvre, port reduction served with a petite green salad.

Coquilles Saint-jacques

Day boat scallops, braised leeks, citrus brown butter sauce.

Assiette De Charcuteries Et Fromages


Dry aged mild pork salami.

Riserva Prosciutto

400 day aged reserve pork.

Salame Toscano

Tuscan styled pork and beef salame.

Terrine De Foie De

Cognac chicken liver pate.

Pate De Campagne

Country pork terrine.


Goat, rich & creamy, semi-soft, sharp.


Sheep, semi-firm, mild.

Les Freres

Cow, semi-soft, earthy, nutty.

Bleu Dauvergne

Cow, soft, creamy blue.


Cow, triple cream, rich & buttery.

Fromage Du Jour

Ask about today’s selection.

Les Sandwiches

Filet De Boeuf

Beef tenderloin with cambozola cheese,caramelized onion, black pepper aioli on a baguette.Served with pomme frites or a petite green salad.

Tomates, Brie Et Pesto

Tomato, brie and pesto on a toasted baguette.Served with pomme frites or a petite green salad.


Toasted french ham and cheese with gruyère bechamel on country white bread.


Toasted french ham and cheese with gruyère bechamel on country white bread. With basted farm egg.

Plats Principaux- Les Poissons

Saumon A L A Provencale

Pan seared salmon, root vegetables, celeriac purée, and a warm bacon shallot vinaigrette.

Petonclesala Basquaise

Dayboat scallops over manchego, chorizo and rock shrimp risotto with a smoked paprika pipérade.

Bouilla Baisse

Provençale tomato broth, seasonal selection of seafood, fennel, garlic crostini and saffron rouille.

Morue Poê L Ée Au Prosciut To

Pan seared prosciutto wrapped sablefish, boulangère potatoes, swiss chard, mushroom ragoût, porcini ju.

Plats Principaux- Les Viandes Et Les Volailles

Cana Rd A La Bourguignonne

Cabernet braised duck leg, pan roasted duck breast with brussels sprouts, bacon, chestnuts, vin santo reduction.

Faisanet Haricots Verts

Mac farlane farms pheasant breast on pappardelle pasta, haricots verts, thyme jus.

Poulet Aux Quarante Gousses

Garlic braised chicken, pappardelle pasta, haricots verts, bacon, baby carrots and roasted garlic sauce.

Daube Dejarret Dagneau

Braised strauss lamb shank, creamy herbed cannellini beans, grilled escarole, tomatoes and gremolata.

Plats Principaux- Steak- Frites

Steak Au Poivre

10 oz. hanger steak with haricots verts and brandy peppercorn sauce.

Cote De Boeuf

14 oz. bone-in ribeye with baby carrots, parsnips, turnips and marsala sauce.

Plats principaux- Les Vegetariens

Ravioli Au Légumes Saisonniers

Homemade sweet potato ravioli, candied hazelnuts, chèvre, black truffle, brown butter.

Gnocchi Parisian

Seared parmesan gnocchi, mushroom ragoût, scalded spinach, cipollini, mushroom marsala sauce.


Haricots Verts

Green beans, shallots.

Ragoût De Champ Ignons

Wild mushroom ragoût.

Entrecoteet Legumes Saisonniers

Baby parsnips, turnips and carrots.

Pommes Frites

French fries.

Choux De Bruxelles

Brussels sprouts, chestnuts, bacon.

French Baguette

Freshly baked

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