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Appetizer lesaac salad

Lettuce, tomato, sweet green/red pepper, onion and house dressing.

Timatim fit-fit

Mix of injera with tomato, chopped onion and ethiopian salad dressing.

Greek salad

Tomato, onion, sweet peppers, cucumber and olive oil with feta cheese.

Enjera sushi

Serving in veggie assorted dish/meat.


Breakfast combination

Kinche, chechebsa & egg served with toasted bread.


Thin bread (kita) pieces mixed with butter and berbere (homemade red pepper spice).

Ful breakfast

Mashed beans sautéed with onions, green peppers, tomatos and oil. Served with sour cream and toasted bread.

Meat omelet

Steak, egg, tomato, jalapeno, onion and cheese.

Kinche breakfast

Steamed cracked wheat simmered with flavored spiced butter and olive oil.

Sega fir fir

Breakfast size pieces of injera thin ehiopian flat breads simmered in red peppers sauce with dried beef and butter.

Egg and cheese


Veggie omelet

Mushrooms, green peppers, onion and tomatos with your choice of cheese.

Lunch and dinner


Lean beef tartar seasoned with herbed butter and mitimta.

Tegabino (shiro)


Bozena shiro

Beef jerky stew cooked with ground highly seasoned chickpeas in berbere and served with salad.

Quata fit fit

Dried beef stewed in berbere sauce and other spices mixed with injera.


A spicy sauteéd mixture of liver and tripe (only sold on available).


Lamb stew cooked in berebere sauce and other spices, served with salad.

Zilzil tibs

Strips of rib eye beef seasoned with garlic, black peppers and a touch of rosemary. Served with salad.

Doro wot

Chicken stew simmered in berbere (red pepper sauce), garlic, onions and spice butter, served with chicken legs and hard boiled eggs.


Tender tip pieces of marinated beef cooked with onion, green peppers and tomato, served with awaze tibs (red pepper sauce). Lamb 2 extra.

Lesaac special platters

Gored gorede

Raw fresh meat mix with hot butter and some spice seasoning.


Shint tibs from the grill.

Trie siga

Raw fresh farm meat served with awaze and senafich (per pound).

Bale taxi special

Yebeg wet, kifto and lega tibs with house salad.

Habtam and deha

Special kitfo with yetsom firfir.

Lesaac special kitfo

Ethiopian cheese, seasoned ground beef and collard greens served with kocho.

Goden tibs

Fresh ribs.

Lega ribs

Lamb meat with ethiopian season.

Fim tibs

Chekena sega ethiopian seasoned butter medium, rare or well done.

Lesaac shifinfin

A combination tibs fierer, lega tibs kitfo and ethiopian cheese on the top covered with injera.


Yebeg alcha, yebeg key wot and zeibo gomen.

Beef combination

Kitfo sandwich

Served with house salad.

Tibs fit fit

Sautéed beef with homemade spices red pepper sauce and spiced butter mixed injera.

Zilbo gomen

Gurage style. Shredded collard green cooked with beef meat and served with salad.

Vegetarian dishes

Large croaker fish


Fish dullet


Fish gulash


Lessac veggie deluxe

Split lentil, yellow peas, collard greens, carrots with potato, cabbage, shira and house salad.

Veggie combo

Split lentil, yellow peas, collard greens, carrots with potato and house salad.

Vegan dishes


Vegan dishes ful

Mashed beans sautéed with onion, green pepper, tomato served with toasted bread.

Vegan dishes kinche

Steamed cracked wheat flavored with olive oil.


Collard green

Collard green simmered with homemade spices and herbs.

Suf fit fit

Sunflower seed, onions and chili mixed with tradition ethiopian injera. Upon availability.


Caramelized green beans with carrots and onion.

Timamtim fit fit

Ethiopian style tomato sauce mixed with traditional ethiopian injera.

Shiro wot

Ground chickpeas simmered with onions, ginger and garlic.

Cabbage and carrot

Cabbage cooked with carrot and herbs.

Yellow split pea wot

Yellow split peas cooked with onions, garlic, turmeric and other herbs.

Split lentil wot

Red split lentil cooked with onions and spicy berebere sauce.

Combination platters

Combination deluxe

Shiro, cabbage and carrot, tomato fir fir, fosolia split lentil wot, yellow split pea wot, collard green, suf fir fir.

Combination platter 2

Split lentil wot, yellow split pea wot, collard green, sun fir fir (upon availability).

Combination platter 1

Shiro, cabbage and carrot, tomato fir fir and fosolia.


Chocolate cake






Fruit cake




White chocolate mousse


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