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1011 S Figueroa St (NaN mi)
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Entree Salad & Drink

Kale Lemon Chicken

Kale romaine blend, roasted chicken, shaved parmesan, pistachios, grape tomatoes, lemon vinaigrette, lemon wedge.

Chicken Caesar

Romaine roasted chicken, grape tomatoes, shaved parmesan, creamy Caesar, lemon wedge.

Buffalo Chicken Ranch

Romaine roasted chicken, applewood bacon, grape tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, buffalo ranch.

Pick a Recipe - Pizza

The Margherita One

Red sauce, mozz parm blend, fresh mozzarella pearls, balsamic glaze, fresh basil.

The Meaty One

Red sauce, mozz parm blend, pepperoni, sausage, meatball, parsley.

The BBQ One

BBQ sauce, mozz parm blend, roasted chicken, red onions, banana peppers, cilantro.

The Buffalo One

Buffalo sauce, mozz parm blend, gorgonzola, roasted chicken, jalapeño, ranch drizzle, parsley.

The Veggie One

Red sauce, mozz parm blend, marinated artichokes, roasted mushrooms, red onions, roasted garlic, fresh basil.

The Saucy One

White sauce, mozz parm blend, ricotta, applewood bacon, roasted mushrooms, roasted garlic, parsley.

The Carnitas One

Red sauce, mozz parm blend, pulled pork, green chiles, red onions, roasted garlic, cilantro.

The Hot One

Red sauce, mozz parm blend, pepperoni, fresh jalapenos, giardiniera, crushed red pepper, spicy oil, parsley.

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Garlic Cheese Knots




Peruvian Chocolate Brownie


Toffee Crunch Blondie Brownie


1/2 Salad


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