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Los Geht’s - Let’s Get Started

Sauerkraut Kroketten

Sauerkraut croquettes. 4 breaded and fried sauerkraut balls, chipotle dipping sauce.

Obatzda Mit Laugenbrezel

Bavarian cheese spread with brie served with a pretzel . Warm pretzel, cheese spread.

Bayrischer Wurstsalat - Sausage Salad

Sausage, gherkin’s, Swiss cheese, house vinaigrette, rustic bread.

Ludwig Mag’s Knackig - Small Mixed Salad

Bibb lettuce, romaine, radish, avocado, pretzel croutons, house vinaigrette.

Jager Pommes - Jager Fries

Fries with homemade mushroom sauce and melted gruyere cheese.

Hauptsache - Main Dish

Schnitzel Vom Schwein Oder Huhn

Breaded and fried, organic pork or chicken schnitzel, lingonberry jam, we suggest fried potatoes or fries as a side.

Jager Schnitzel

Glourious hunter’s schnitzel. Organic pork loin, creamy mushroom sauce, we suggest fried or fried potato as a side.

Hahnchenschnitzel Sandwich

Chrispy chicken schnitzel sandwich. Breaded & fried organic chicken with lingonberry on a buttered brioche.

Leberkase Sandwich

Ludwg’s kick ass Bavarian veal loaf sandwich. Dittmer’s veal loaf, cabbage slaw, creamy mustard sauce on our buttered brioche bun, pickles.

Quinoa Pilz Burger

Healthy, happy veggie burger. Quinoa mushroom burger, lettuce, cabbage salad, mustard sauce on our buttered brioche bun, pickles.

Currywurst & Pommes

Currywurst and fries. Grilled sauasge, house made curry sauce, fries.

Leberkase Mit Bratkartoffeln Und Spiegelei

Veal loaf and roasted potatoes. Dittmer’s veal loaf, fried potatoes with bacon and onions, organic fried egg.

Vom Grill - From The Grill

Dittmer’s Thüringer Bratwurst

Pork & veal style sausage.

Dittmer’s Bratwurst

Traditional Bavarian style pork sausage.

Dittmer’s Bratwurst Vom Huhn

Chicken spinach sausage.

Beilagen Nach Wunsch - Sides

Laugenbretzel Mit Senf

Pretzel with mustard.

Spatzle - Soft Egg Noodle

Soft egg noodle.


White cabbage salad with vinaigrette and caraway.

Kartoffelsalat Mit Mayonnaise

German potato salad with mayo.

Kartoffelsalat Mit Vinaigrette

German potato salad with vinaigrette.

Gurken Salat - Creamy Cucumber Salad

Creamy cucumber salad.


German sauerkraut with a twist.

Pommes - Fries



Fried potatoes with bacon and onions.

Hausgemachte Currysosse

Home made curry sauce.

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