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1. Meza For Two

Hommos, tabbouleh,kibbeh nayeh or fried kibben, labbeh, sugok, cheese fatayer.

2. Meza For Four

Hommos, tabbouleh,kibbeh nayeh or fried kibben, labbeh, sugok, fatayer, grape leaves, fattouch, bastoama, meatball.

3. Meza For Six

Hommos, mtabal, tabbouleh, labneh, falafel, grape leaves, spinach, fatayer, cheese turnover, fatayer sambaoyssek, fattouch, fool, kebbeh nayeh or fried kebbeh, sugok, bastourma, makanek.

Meza Side Orders - Appetizers

4. Tabbouleh (Lebanese Salad)

Crashed wheat, parsley, tomato, green onion, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil.

5. Fattouch (Lebanese Salad)

Crushed toast bread, parsley, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, green onions, seasoned with garlic lemon juice and olive oil.

6. Fool Mudammas

Fava beans saesoned with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil.

7. Hemmos B-Tehiney

A dip made of crushed garbanzo beans seasoned with garlic, lemon juice and sesame seed paste.

8. Hommos B-Tehiney & Fool Maddams

Marouch special.

9. Hommos B-Tehiney & Falafel

Marouch special.

10. Baba Ghanouge (Mtabal)

Dip made of smoked eggplant seasoned with garlic, lemon juice and sesame seed paste

11. Falafel

Ground garbanzo and fava beans seasoned and deep fried.

12. Labneh

Homemade. Double sour cream served with mint and olive oil mixed with garlic.

13. Walk-Inab- Bizeyt (Grape Leaves)

Grape leaves stuffed with rice and chopped vegetables.

15. Hammos B Tehiney & Chopped Filet Migonon With Pinenuts


16. Kebbeh

Lean beef mixed with crushed wheat, stuffed with seasoned ground beef & pine nuts.

17. Kebbeh Nayeh (Tartar)

Fresh lean veal mixed with crushed wheat, seasoned and topped with olive oil.

18. Bastourma (Armenian Salami)

Extremely thin slices of veal filet, spiced, naturally dried.

19. Sugok (Armenian Sausage)

Ground beef sausage seasoned with hot spices, naturally dried and pan fried.

20. Makanek (Labanese Sausage)

Ground beef sausage, pan fried and flavored with natural lemon juice.

21. Samak-Bezry

Fried baby sardines.

22. Mouhamara

Crushed walnuts mixed with hot red pepper paste and olive oil.

23. Changlish

Aged cheese seasoned. with dry herbs & olive oil.

24. Halloum

White Lebanese cheese. Served with tomato, cucumber, topped with olive oil.

25. Feta Cheese

Seasoned with dry herbs, spices and olive oil.

26. Jajekh (Cucumber & Yogurt Salad)

Natural plain yogurt, garlic, cucumber and mint.

14A. Fatayer (Spinach Turnover)


14B. Berek (Cheese Turnover)


14C. Samboussek (Beef turnover)


Fatayer Combination



47. Lentil Soup

Served with toasted pita bread Bowl

Special of the Day

Tuesday Special

100. Moussakaah

Fried egg plant (aubergines) cooked with tomato sauce & olive oil. Mixed with sliced onion, green peppers, tomatoes, chick peas, and garlic.

101. Kafta B-Sanieh

Ground beef seasoned and baked in our light tomato sauce. Topped with sliced potatoes tomatoes, and green peppers.

Wednesday Special

102. Kebbeh B-Sanieh

Two baked layers of lean veal mixed with crushed wheat, filled with seasoned ground beef and pine nuts. Served with natural yogurt.

Thursday Special

104. Bamieh

Fresh okra cooked with beef chunks in our light tomato sauce.

103. Shish Barak

Dough stuffed with seasoned ground beef. Cooked in our delicious yogurt sauce and seasoned with garlic and dry mint.

Friday Special

105. Mehshi Kousa (Dolmah)

Squash, eggplant and grape leaves, stuffed with rice and ground beef. Cooked with lemon juice and tomato sauce.

106. Moujadara

A mixture of lentils, Bulghur crushed wheat, and onion seasoned and cooked with olive oil. Topped with sliced onion, fried, and served with Lebanese salad. Over 100 years recipe.

Saturday & Sunday Special

107. Lamb Shanks

Lamb shanks seasoned & baked. Served with a mixture of rice, ground lamb, pine nuts, almonds, and pistachios. An exotic dish for your tasting pleasure.


45. Fresh Fish of the Day

Please contact to merchant for fresh fish selection.

46. Fresh Fish & Shrimp

Seafood combination.


27. Beef Shawarma

100% pure beef spiced, marinated and barbecued topped with sesame sauce.

28. Chicken Shawarma

Boneless, skinless chicken spiced, marinated and barbecued. Topped with creamy garlic sauce.

29. Gyros Shawarma

100% ground lamb spiced and barbecued topped with sesame sauce.

30. Shawarma Combination

Beef, chicken & gyros.

31. Shawarma Mixed

Serves up to 3. Selection beef, chicken and lamb gyros.

32. Lamb Chops

Tender cut seasoned and charbroiled.

33. Lahm Mishwi (Shish Kabab) Filet Mignon

Tender cut seasoned and charbroiled, served with rice, barbecued tomato, and onion.

34. Kafta Kabab (Luleh Kabab)

Ground kabab spiced and charbroiled, served with rice, barbecued tomato, and onion.

35 Shish Tawouk (Chicken Kabab)

Boneless, skinless chicken tender cut, seasoned & charbroiled, served with barbecued tomato, garlic sauce.

36. Khash Khash Kabab

Tender meat (beef or lamb) served with onion, tomato, garlic sauce, and pine nuts.

37. Kabab Combination

Beef,lamb and chicken. Shish kabab, kafta kabab, shish tawouk served with barbecued tomato and onion.

38. Mixed Grill

Served up to 3. Selection of six brochettes: lamb, beef and chicken.

39. Yogurt Kabab

Generous cut seasoned and charbroiled, topped with yogurt sauce and pinenuts. Chef’s Special.

40. Farrouj

Barbecued whole chicken. Prepared by request 2 hours ahead. Young chicken served with extremely thin bread (markouk) and creamy garlic sauce. Minimum order 2.

41. Ferry (Quail)

Two whole quail marinated and barbecued, served with creamy garlic sauce.

42. Vegetarian Combination

Hommos, baba ghanouge, tabbouleh, falafel, and grape leaves.

43. Falafel & Hommos B-Tehiney

Ground garbanzo and fava beans seasoned and fried, served with lettuce, tomato and sesame sauce.

44. Warak-Inab-Bzeyt

Grape leaves stuffed with rice and chopped vegetables, served with natural yogurt.

Beverage & Fresh Natural Juices


Raisin and grape juice, honey, rose water, served with pine nuts and raisins.


All natural plain yogurt shake.

Fresh Orange Juice






Soft Drinks

Please contact to merchant for soft drink selection.

Lebanese Coffee


Fresh Lemonade


Mineral Water


Pelligrino Perrier









Ice Cream

Please contact to merchant for ice cream flavor selection.

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