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Pirozhok of The Week

This flakey pie is our much lighter take on the ubiquitous hand held doughy vessel that can and has been filled with just about anything.

Potato Pancakes


Fried Potatoes with Mushrooms & Onions


Deep Fried Watermelon

Choice to spice up with cayennne peppers.

Deep Fried Pickles

Choice to spice up with cayennne peppers.

Fried Potatoes with Herring



Georgian style lamb dumplings where the meat is cooked in its own juice. Served with sour cream and house meat sauce.


Russian style meat calzone. Served with house meat sauce.

Chicken Liver Pate

Rich and creamy cognac and carrot infused spread. Served on dark rye corstini's with pickled cucumbers.

Homemade Pelmeni

Russian homemade dumplings. Served boiled or fried.

Homemade Vareniki

Our vegetarian pierogies, choice of potato and onions, potato and mushrooms, cabbage, or cheese. Served boiled or fried with sauteed onions and sour cream.

Russian Blintzes

Paper thin velvety crepes.


Traditional Russian Borscht Soup

Beet soup with vegetables, sour cream, and peasant bread. as red as communist's heart and as savory as capitalism.

Chicken Consumme Soup

Crystal clear classic french consumme with Russian style chicken dumplings.

Harcho Soup

Traditional hearty lamb rib soup.

Okroshka Soup

Traditional summer cold soup with potato, radish, cucumber, scallions, dill, sour cream, a hard boiled egg, spicy mustard, lemon, and kvas. Just try it comrades and you won't be disappointed.

Tsar's Ukha Soup

The fish soup of tsars since the 15th century. Served with salmon pirozhok.

Cold Summer Red Borscht Soup

Served with sour cream and hard boiled egg.

Greens & Soup


Traditional Russian pickled vegetables, pickles, cherry tomatoes, and cabbage.

Herring In A Fur Coat Shuba

Layers of herring, beets, eggs, potatoes, onions, and mayonnaise. A classic Russian vodka chaser.

Olivier Salad

Our lighter, meatless take on this uber traditional soviet potato salad, elevated with tart green apples and our housemade pickles.

Russian Vinaigrette

A mayo less, beet heavy, potato salad mixed with pickled cabbage, carrots, and sweet peas.

Classic Russian Beet Spread

Beets, walnuts, garlic, and mayonnaise. Served with peasant bread.

Fresh Garden Salad

Fresh vegetables with a touch of vinegar and olive oil.

Crawfish Arugula Salad




Housemade stuffed cabbage leaves.

Chicken Tapaka

Cornish hen marinated with garlic and housemade spices. Pressed, served with crispy dill potatoes.

Beef Stroganoff

Tender strips of slow cooked beef in a mushroom cream sauce and served with mashed potatoes.

Chicken Goulash

Reassembling the humble chicken pot pie but with winter vegetables and warm spices like paprika and coriander, baked under a light and airy crust.

Salmon Fillet Smoked Over Wood

Served with seasonal vegetable medley.

Shashlichnaya Kalbasa

Traditional cold smoked hunters sausage flash baked on cast iron skillet, served with our sweet and tangy cabbage a la russe and hand cut garlic or drill fries.

Bugs Bunny In Moscow

American r r rabbit braised Russian village style in a white sauce with traditional kasha.

Sides & Desserts




Choose from a variety of house made desserts.

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