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O My Onion Rings

Double battered & deep fried.

Spinach Dip

A creamy combo of spinach and cheese with tortilla chips and salsa for dipping.

Bread Sticks

Served with nacho cheese or marinara.

Mozzarella Sticks

Bread cheese, deep fried and served with choice sauce.

Potato Skins

Tarter halves filled with your choice of bacon and cheese, chili, and cheese or veggie style. served with sour cream.

Hot Pretzels - 2 Pcs

Served with dijon mustard or nacho cheese.

Chips & Salsa


Kickin Wings

10 wings your way hot, mild or bbq. Served with ranch or blue cheese.

Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers served with french fries. Have em with a side of dipping sauce or rolled in hot sauce with blue cheese.

Nacho Mamas Nachos

choose cheese, chicken or spicy ground beef. well, top it with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives and jalapenos. served with sour cream and salsa.

Mass Ave Quesadilla

Choose bacon, chicken or veggie with cheese. well, load it up between two tortillas. served with sour cream and salsa.

Mass Ave Combo Platter

A delicious combo of 3 potato skins, 3 chicken fingers, and 3 mozzarella sticks served with sour cream, honey mustard, and marinara sauce.

Soup & Salads

Soup Du Jour

Please contact the merchant for today's special soup.

Homemade Chili Soup


Spinach Salad

Fresh spinach topped with bacon, eggs croutons, and red onions. Served with our hot bacon dressing.

House Salad

Iceberg lettuce with cheese, onions, tomatoes, and croutons.

Chefs Salad

Iceberg lettuce topped with ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, and red onions, you choose the dressing.

Taco Salad

Fresh lettuce in a crispy tortilla shell, smothered with spicy ground beef, cheese, black olives, jalapenos, onions, and tomatoes.

Its A Wrap

The Turkey Wrap

Grilled turkey topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

The Pigskin Wrap

Hot ham and cheese with honey mustard.

The Veggie Wrap

Lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, and cheese with grilled green peppers,mushrooms and onions. served with our tangy fajita dressing.

The Philly Wrap

Roast beef rolled together with swiss cheese and grilled green peppers, onions, mushrooms and lettuce..

The Buffalo Wrap

Chicken fingers swimming in hot sauce and rolled up with lettuce, tomatoes, and creamy bleu cheese dressing.


Swiss Mushroom Burger

Mushrooms grilled o perfection under the swiss cheese.

Cheddar Bacon Burger

Our best burgers topped with cheddar cheese and crispy bacon.

Onion Jack Burger

Grilled onions and Monterey jack cheese smothered this half pounder.

Build Your Own Burger

Top it just how you like it. Try cajun style.

Build Your Own Chicken

Grilled or breaded and topped the way you want it. Try it cajun.


Breaded or grilled pork tenderloin.


Sausage, pepperoni, pizza sauce and mozzarella on a hoagie bun.

The Club Sandwich

Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato on three slices of toast.

The Blt Sandwich

The big three - bacon, lettuce, and tomato on three slices of toast.

Chicken & Tuna Salad Sandwich

Choose your salad and choose your bread.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Three kinds of cheese grilled between two slices of texas toast.

Breaded Fish Sandwich

Deep fried white fish served on a bun with lettuce and tartar sauce.


7 " Pizza

The first two toppings are on us.

12" Pizza

The first two toppings are on us.

Pizza Our Way

BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, red onions, and cheese.

Par Four Pizza

Sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon and cheese.

Veg Out Pizza

Mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, black olives, and cheese.

Side Itmes

French Fries


Onion Rings


Coleslaw & Cottage Cheese


Side Salad


Low Crab Plate

Low Crab Plate

A bunless burger, chicken, or tenderloin, topped with your choice of cheese. Served with cottage cheese, coleslaw or a side salad.




Diet Coke




Root Beer


Mello Yellow




Iced Tea


Iced Coffee




Bottled Water


Red Bull


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