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Legendary McDini's Restaurant

Locals say McDini’s is a can’t-miss restaurant. Enjoy their diverse cuisine, from their Irish Corned Beef to their Beef Enchiladas.

35-50 min
105 E 8th St (NaN mi)
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Open Hours

11:00 AM-8:30 PM
11:00 AM-8:30 PM
10:00 AM-8:30 PM
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Breakfast Entrees

Big Irish - Lumberjack Breakfast Meal

3 eggs, three maple-flavor farmer john-quality smoked pork links, 3 thick apple-wood smoked bacon strips or smoked ham slice, new home-fries or hash browns with 2 toast slices and fresh fruit side - seasonal melon. Served daily from opening times until 1 pm.

Hickory Smoked Sweet Ham & 2 Eggs Breakfast

A thick slice of smoked sweet ham served with two eggs, hash browns or new home fries and toast slices - 2 pieces. All breakfasts served daily until 1 pm. Please ask for a-1 steak sauce condiment for the smoked sweet ham.

Chicken-Apple Sausage & 2 Eggs Breakfast

Fresh daily. Two smoked, large chicken-apple sausages sliced~served open face with two eggs, new home fries or hash browns, toast slices - 2 and fruit of the day side - seasonal melon. Please specify your egg choice - sunny~side up, scrambled, boiled. Try this delicious sausage meal today. This item includes hash browns or home fries - not shown.Fruit is melon, berries or fresh bananas as seasonally available.

2 Eggs & 2 Buttermilk Pancakes Breakfast Meal

Please let us know your egg choice - comes with 2 eggs - scrambled, sunny side up or over easy, pancakes - 2 are very large and made from our scratch buttermilk recipe daily. Includes all condiments - including pancake syrup. Add other breakfast side order from our menu to customize your em meal. Always one of our most popular breakfast entree's. Includes a small side of fresh fruit - seasonal melon, oranges or selected fruit servings. Sorry, no pancake ingredient substitutions.

Biggest 1/3 Lb Big Hamburger - Steak, 2 Eggs Hash Browns & Toast Breakfast Meal

1/3 lb all-beef patty, we will prepare as a medium, two large eggs, and toast. Includes all condiments and original a-1 steak sauce portion - this and other breakfast items are available daily and weekends until 1 pm.

Top Sirloin Strip Steak & Eggs Breakfast

Select Angus 10-12 oz top sirloin, freshly cut portions served with 2 eggs, our new home fries or hash browns,2 toast slices and fruit side - melon. All condiments provided - kraft original a-1 steak sauce, jelly, butter, salsa and plastic utensils. Steaks are lightly seasoned for taste and moistness upon grilling, steak actual-cut, weight is 10-12 oz prior to grilling.

Mcdini's Corned Beef Hash Breakfast

Breakfast Served daily till 1 pm. McDini's house-prepared Corned beef, freshly chopped and diced, mixed with potatoes, served with hash browns or home fries and 2 toast slices, with all condiments included. Ask for mild horseradish portion on the side. Authentic Corned Beef prepared daily from our original 1880 LEGENDARY McDini's recipe!

Breakfast Omelettes & Mexican Favorites

Crab Omelette Meal

Large fluffy 3 egg omelette stuffed with crab seafood meat, sliced bell peppers, parmesan and real cheddar cheese, served with hash browns and toast 2 slices and a small side of fresh fruit. Served daily.

Big Steak Omelette Breakfast Meal

Hearty 3-egg omelette filled with grilled-sliced sirloin steak, diced sweet onions, tomatoes and mushrooms with hash browns or 1 buttermilk pancake, fresh fruit garnish and house-made salsa.

Smoked Apple-wood Chicken Sausage Omelette

Large smoked chicken apple sausage omelette prepared with 2 eggs, sweet onions and cheddar or jack cheeses topped with spring leaf greens, served with a large portion of hash browns and toast 2 slices, fruit garnish and salsa portion.

Breakfast Burrito

Large burrito filled with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, sweet ham, sweet onion and tomato with fresh roasted salsa served on the side.

Beef Chorizo Con Huevos Breakfast Meal

A large portion of freshly made beef chorizo served with 2 eggs and 3 corn or flour tortillas, side of seasoned rice, freshly made beans and our house-made salsa.

Pork Chorizo con Huevos Breakfast Meal

A large portion of freshly prepared pork chorizo - sausage with 2 fresh eggs and 3 corn or flour tortillas, a small side of seasoned rice, freshly prepared beans and Mcdini's house-made salsa.

Carne Asada Steak & Eggs Breakfast Meal

Marinated and thinly sliced carne asada steak served with 2 eggs, seasoned rice and frijoles - beans topped with cheddar and jack cheeses, a portion of freshly roasted home-made mild salsa and 3 warm corn or flour tortillas.

Mushroom-Spinach Scramble Breakfast Meal

2 large scrambled eggs with fresh button mushrooms, fresh leafy spinach and real cheddar cheese, topped with horseradish and sour cream, served with hash browns, toast 2 slices and fruit cocktail portion. Mcdini's served daily during breakfast hours from 8:30 am - 1 pm.

Ham Cheddar & Jack Omelette Breakfast

3 egg omelette filled with smoked honey ham, cheddar and jack cheeses, side orders include home fries or hash browns and toast - 2 slices.

Denver Omelette Breakfast Meal

3 egg fluffy omelette filled with smoked ham, sweet onions, mild bell peppers and mushrooms served with new home fries or hash browns and toast - 2 slices, includes smuckers jelly's, soft butter and house-made salsa portion on the side.

California Omelette Breakfast Meal

3 egg omelette filled with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, freshly sliced haas avocado and diced tomatoes served with new home fries or hash browns, 2 toast slices - rye, sourdough or wheat and our own house-made fresh salsa.

Huevos a La Mexicana Breakfast Meal

Large serving of Scrambled mixed with Yellow Onions,Tomatoes, Cilantro,Nopalitos (Pickled Cactus)Jalapeno chiles topped with White Cheddar/Jack Cheese, served with seasoned rice and beans, (2) flour or corn tortillas, diced cucumbers, and side of freshly roasted house-made salsa. (actual serving may vary slightly from image shown). Platillo hecho con un sabor al 100% Mexicana.


Battered Onion Rings

Now our largest serving ever. Even Larger portion of large Panko-Brand-Battered deep fried Large crispy onion rings prepared fresh at time of ordering.

"No-Nonsense" Crinkle-Cut French Fries

Large portion of our large crinkle-cut french fries. Top them off with nacho cheese for $2.50 extra, or add any of our dipping sauces for just $1.00 extra ( honey mustard, 1000, ranch, bleu cheese or marinara).

"Dirty" (French) Fries

HUGE portion of deep fried, thick, fresh and unpeeled potato slices. Never, ever let that name fool you!! "Dirty" Fries are unequaled in texture and taste, a legendary McDini's Exclusive offering! Add 4oz Nacho Cheese portion just $2.00 extra. Add salad dressing portions (1000 Island, Ranch, Honey Mustard or Bleu Cheese) just $1.00 @ addtional.

Thick~Mozzarella Cheese Stix

Largest serving. Lightly seasoned, large portion of deep fried mozzarella cheese-stix filled with real mozzarella cheese. Served with large 4 oz side of genuine "Mama-Mia's" marinara or house prepared ranch dressing (please specify your choice). Extra dipping portions or salad dressings, add $2.00 each. Lotsa' cheese.

Zesty Nachos Meal-feeds Two

Super-sized. Huge portion of fried corn-tortilla chips, smothered with fresh refried beans,McDini's seasoned ground beef, Nacho cheese, sour cream, fresh guacamole and fresh house made salsa on the side.

Triple Dipper Plus 2

12 pieces wing meal. Combination of 3 regular hot wings, 3 sweet and sour wings and 3 new boneless wings served with celery and dressing. Please specify dressing, bleu cheese or housemade ranch. With every order, we give you two extra chicken wings~ free, please specify from above choices.

Irish~Sampler Platter

Leg' McDini's word famous. 4 grilled Chicken strips wrapped in McDini's WORLD FAMOUS succulent Corned Beef with large portion of Panko Onion Rings served with dressing choices (Ranch or Bleu cheese) and mild horseradish.

McDini's American Sampler!

7 pieces chicken strips & rings sampler. 4 fried chicken strips, 3 regular chicken wings (hot or mild only) served with a generous portion of panko-breaded onion rings, served with choice of dressing and marinara sauce. Sorry, no substitutions.

Beer Battered Irish Fish & Chips Full Meal

Icelandic cod (5~pieces) lightly deep fried and dipped in domestic beer batter, served with homemade tartar sauce and heinz malt vinegar portions. Includes one side order of: french fries, dirty fries, cole slaw or potato salad, and dessert (tapioca).

Three Chicken Taco Meal-Estilo Autentico

Soft or hard tacos(3). Authentic, Mexican style with freshly grilled chicken, stuffed with lettuce, cheese, tomato and sour cream. Fresh house made salsa on the side.Make it a combo with freshly prepared seasoned rice and freshly made beans.

Sabroso ~ 3 Beef Taco Meal-hoy en Especial

Soft or hard tacos. Made 100% authentic Mexican style with freshly seasoned beef stuffed with lettuce, cheese, tomato and sour cream. Fresh roasted housemade salsa on the side and small pico de gallo salad. Make it a combo with rice and freshly made beans.

Chicken Quesadilla- Muy Sabroso

A very large grilled tortilla filled with freshly sliced chicken breast, topped with freshly grated cheddar and jack cheese, jalapeno pepper slices (optional) served with sour cream and homemade roasted salsa portion on the side. Make it a meal with seasoned fresh rice and beans.

Fried Chicken Strips

Large 1/2lb portion of golden fried chicken strips served with choice of BBQ, ranch or marinara sauce. For extra portions of these sauces only, add $1.00 for each portion. For salad dressing portions (1000, island,bleu cheese or honey mustard) add $2.00 each.

Tortilla Chips

Large portion of corn tortilla chips. Served with homemade salsa portion and nacho cheese. Add side of freshly prepared guacamole for $3.00 extra or extra Salsa $3.00 extra.

Calamari Rings

Crispy herb-crusted squid rings served with choice of Mama Mia marinara or house-prepared ranch dressing. Sounds funny, tastes great! Add $1.00 cents each for extra sauce or salad dressing portions.

Titanic Shrimp Cocktail

Succulent jumbo shrimp served with tangy cocktail sauce and celery stalks, red onions (optional) and lemons. Enough for 2 people.

Mexican Taco Salad-Taco de Sombrero (Hat)

Large fried sombrero (Hat) layered with fresh beans, seasoned sirloin steak, jack and cheddar cheeses, diced tomatoes and sour cream with house fresh side salsa. This thing is kinda' like a BIG Mexican style salad served in a BIG edible tortilla "hat".

"Over-Loaded" Baked Potato

Large baked potato stuffed with sour cream, jack & cheddar cheeses, salsa fresca and sour cream! Add an extra portion of sour cream or salsa for just .50 cents each. We can also prepare this item "Plain" at same pricing.

Mcdini's All-Chicken Sampler

12 pieces. 4 fried chicken strips, 4 chicken wings (hot or mild) with a large portion of (4) new boneless wings with choice of flavoring, sweet & sour, mild, hot, or new honey garlic, includes 2 large portions (4 oz's each) of dressing bleu cheese or housemade ranch, or both! Enough to feed two hungry persons! (sorry, no order substitutions).

Red Bull

Red Bull energy drink keeps you going, ( Small Can)


Cobb Salad

Freshly cut Romaine and chilled Iceberg lettuce slices with sliced avocado,grilled,thick chicken breast slices,hard boiled egg slices, diced beefy tomatoes,black olives and chives served with your choice of oil and vinegar, honey mustard or olive oil dressings ,Sourdough bread (2) slices or Freshly-made Garlic bread slices (2).

Deep Sea Chilled Halibut-Tuna-Baby Shrimp Salad

Large chunks of fresh Halibut~Tuna over chopped greens topped with black olives, diced red bell peppers, elbow macaroni and lots of chilled, fresh baby shrimp! Choice of dressings, (Olive Oil, 1000, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard or Oriental Sweet & Sour) includes crackers. Very tasty salad offering from the Legendary McDini's! (Served without onions, unless requested). Add fresh Avocado slices for just $2.00 more. Add Garlic Bread (3) slices.

Legendary McDINI'S Chefs Salad-The WORKS!

Large bed of fresh chilled crispy lettuce topped with sliced red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomato slices, sliced ham, smoked turkey,hard boiled egg slices and cheddar cheese strips , choice of dressing and freshly-made garlic breadslices(2). Available salad dressings are: 1000 island, golden Italian, bleu cheese, Ceasar, oil & vinegar or ranch.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Crisp iceberg and leafy lettuce, chopped tomatoes, red cabbage, shredded jack and cheddar cheeses topped with large array of sliced tender grilled chicken strips, includes choice of salad dressing and freshly-made garlic bread slices(2). Dressing choices are: 1000 island, bleu cheese,golden Italian, ranch, oil and vinegar. Includes crackers & all utensils.


Meatball Albondigas Soup

Sopa de albondigas. Bowl of McDini's authentic , in-house prepared Albondigas (meatballs) soup topped with fresh cilantro and served with crackers and crumbled Parmesan cheese. Available on Wednesdays only.

More Salads

Potato Salad

Large order of Fresh Potato Salad. Delivered in a large 16 oz container to ensure freshness.

Small Dinner Salad

Small dinner salad with tossed lettuce, cabbage, shredded Jack & Cheddar cheese, sliced or diced tomato & choice of dressing.


Cholula~Pepperjack Bacon Burger Meal

1/3 lb. (before cooking) 100% Angus beef (single) patty freshly grilled and topped with pepper jack cheese, hickory smoked bacon slices and Cholula Brand hot sauce (very mild) on a large hamburger bun with choice of side order. Please specify your side order (crinkle cut french fries, dirty fries, cole slaw or fresh potato salad topped with Tajin seasoning) at the time of placing order.

Mcdini's Original Joe Burger Meal

Now even bigger. Mcdini's fresh 1/3+ lb 100% Angus quality beef patty topped with crisp lettuce and tomato, add cheese slice for just $1.00 (each) per slice, (choice of cheddar,jack,pepper jack or Swiss cheese), served with side order choice of one: crinkle cut french fries, "Dirty" fries, fresh potato salad or freshly prepared cole slaw.

Legendary Mcdini's Double Joe Burger Meal

Now even bigger. B-I-g 1/2+ lb hand-ground~~freshly prepared , two all beef patties served San Francisco style stacked dbl high on one big toasted bun with iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion slices, kosher pickle slice on the side and choice of side order (reg fries, "Dirty" fries, cole slaw or potato salad).

New York Steakhouse~Glazed~Burger Meal

1/3 LB Angus Steakhouse Burger topped with tangy New York steak sauce (brown onion, pepper and black pepper glaze) lettuce, tomato and red onion slice with choice of side orderof (fries, "dirty" fries, potato salad or house prepared cole slaw with Tajin topped seasoning).

Authentic Western Big Burger Meal

Legendary Mcdini's 1/2 lb. Beef western burger topped with house prepared, sweet & smoky BBQ sauce drizzled over (2) crispy jumbo "Panko" battered onion rings, applewood smoked bacon, choice of thick slice of melted cheddar or jack cheese, crispy lettuce and tomato with choice of side orders, (french fries, dirty fries, in-house prepared cole slaw or potato salad. (beef weight listed is before grilling~beef patty is 1/2 lb).

Smokehouse Triple Bacon Burger

Full meal-smokin' with flavor. McDini's SMOKEHOUSE BURGER is made with 100% Angus beef patty, topped with pepper jack cheese AND 2 slices of Applewood smoked bacon AND 2 onion rings AND lettuce AND tomato on a large toasted bun with choice side order (fries, dirty fries, cole slaw or fresh potato salad topped with tangy TAJIN seasoning and a portion of A-1 Steak sauce.

Jack, Black & Bleu Gourmet Burger Meal

Grilled and sliced fresh button mushrooms over choice, all beef, 1/3 lb Angus beef patty grilled in ~real~ jack Daniels whiskey-sauce, lettuce and tomato topped with choice bleu cheese crumbles on a large hamburger bun,includes choice of side orders. (burger not available separately). Includes extra portion of our BBQ sauce. We use real jack Daniels bourbon whiskey in the preparation of this item.

4 Big Cheese Gourmet Double Burger Meal

Way too, Double 1/3 lb Angus hamburger (2) patties tucked into one big burger, topped with 4 individual slices (1 each) of cheddar, Swiss,pepperjack & jack cheeses, crispy lettuce, tomato and 1000 island dressing on an oversized bun, stacked with grilled sweet onions and a dill pickle on the side, choice of side order (french fries, "Dirty" fries, potato salad or housemade cole slaw. We use 4 slices of individual cheese.

The Original "Smokin" Philly Cheese Sandwich Meal

Very tender,fresh & juicy grilled roast beef slices topped with grilled sweet onions, red and green bell peppers, then melted jack cheese on a French roll, served with choice of sides.

Beer Battered Fish Sandwich Meal

Light tasting, Deep fried fillet of fresh cod, dipped in actual domestic draft beer from our bar taps, topped with tangy homemade tartar sauce on a hamburger bun, cheddar cheese slice and crispy iceberg lettuce with choice of sides, served with choice of side and heinz malt vinegar. Sides orders are: french or "Dirty" fries, housemade cole slaw or potato salad topped with tejin seasoning.

BLT (Bacon Lettuce & Tomato) Sandwich

Full meal, Applewood smoked bacon slices served with crispy lettuce and tomato slices and served with choice of side orders(dirty fries, cole slaw, potato salad topped with tajin seasoning or regular crinkle cut fries).

Philly Cheesesteaks & Sandwiches

San Diego's Best French Dip Sandwich Meal

Thinly sliced,huge portion of our house prepared sliced beef steak strips with mild bell peppers and sweet onions served "Au jus" on a french roll with your choice of sides including crinkle fries, "Dirty" fries, house made coleslaw or fresh potato salad.

Sirloin Steak Sandwich Meal

Juicy and tender grilled and sliced sirloin steak served on a french roll, topped with lettuce,tomato and grilled onions with choice of side orders including (any one) french fries, "dirty" fries, potato salad or housemade cole slaw. A-1 Steak sauce portion included with this selection along with all other condiments.

Triple Decker Smoked Turkey & Smoked Ham Sandwich Meal

Smoked turkey and smoked ham slices stacked high on toasted white or sourdough bread with real applewood smoked bacon slices, crisp lettuce, beefy tomato and jack cheese slice with your choice of side orders (crinkle fries, dirty fries, potato salad or housemade cole slaw topped with tajin seasoning), prepared and delivered hot & fresh by your driver. Please specify your bread choice.

Triple Decker Beef Club Sandwich

Full meal-triple good. Smoked turkey and beef slices piled high on white or sourdough bread with applewood smoked bacon slices, lettuce, tomato and jack cheese and choice of side orders. Want it toasted? Just tell us so! Side orders include: (any) french-fries, "Dirty" fries, potato salad or housemade cole slaw topped with tajin seasoning. Please specify your bread choice and if you prefer toasted or untoasted bread.

"Get That Ham Off My Back" Meal

Large portion of tender smoked ham and melted cheddar or jack cheese over 1/3 lb burger patty on large sandwich roll. Served with choice of: (one) large crinkle-cut fries, housemade cole slaw, "Dirty" fries or potato salad. Please specify your choice of one side order: ("Dirty fries" are deep fried, freshly peeled potatoes!) please specify your bread~ toasted or untoasted. Now available hot or cold.

Tuna Melt Sandwich Meal

White and chunky albacore tuna, lettuce, tomato and mayo topped with cheddar or jack cheese on grilled rye toast and served with side order choice (french fries, dirty fries, housemade cole slaw or potato salad with Tejin topping).

1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup of the Day

Any turkey, fish or ham sandwich prepared as a 1/2 order with a bowl of soup and side of fruit.

1/2 Sandwich & Small Dinner Salad Meal

Any turkey, fish or ham sandwich prepared as a 1/2 order with a small dinner salad with choice of dressings (1000, ranch, bleu cheese, italian, oil and vinegar), or small side of fruit (melon, berries, seasonal).

Pancakes & Confections

Banana-Blueberry Pancakes


McDini's Original Buttermilk Pancakes

4 large freshly prepared from scratch using pure ingredients. Served with whipped butter and new natural Smuckers syrup or no sugar maple flavoured syrup portions. Breakfasts available daily until 1 pm.

Fresh Strawberry Pancakes

Made with our in-house prepared fluffier vanilla mix. Three big pancakes mixed with real strawberries, topped with lyons brand topping and fresh strawberries - in season. Maple-flavored syrup or no-sugar syrup portions on the side. We use a pure gluten-free pancake mix in all our pancake offerings. Everyday fresh strawberry-topped.

Real - Caramel - Raspberry Topped French Toast Meal

Thick french toast - 2 slices topped with creamy, luscious caramel and raspberry sauce. Served with hash browns, and fresh fruit - melon or other fruit. Includes maple flavoured or no-sugar maple flavoured syrup portions. Available until 1 pm daily.

Strawberry Topped French Toast Meal

2 thick french toast slices covered with Lyons-brand strawberry topping. Served with hash browns & fruit side. An everyday favorite for persons of all ages, 2nd to none. Freshly picked strawberries top-off this great french toast offering.

Buckwheat Pancakes - Guiltless & Healthy Tasty Treat

Healthy low-fat. 3 large pancakes made with a healthy low-fat wheat mixture served with sliced bananas. This offering contains serving of 3 buckwheat pancakes topped with sliced bananas. Served with maple flavored or no-sugar maple - dietetic flavored syrup portions.

Ultra-Chocolaty - Chocolate Divine Big Fluffy Pancakes

Three big and fluffy buttermilk pancakes made with real Hershey's chocolate, topped with more chocolate and chocolate syrup with powdered sugar. A favorite of kid's from 1 to 100. Includes maple flavored or no-sugar maple flavored syrup portions.

Three Sweet Coconut Pancakes

Three-large buttermilk pancakes made with sweetened coconut flakes, topped with more sweetened coconut and powdered sugar. All pancakes are made with legendary Mcdini's original house prepared buttermilk mix with sweetened coconut added-prepared daily. Includes maple flavored or no-sugar maple flavored syrup portions.

Cinnamon Topped French Toast Meal Topped With Sliced Bananas

Thick french toast 2 slices topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon and fresh banana slices served over maple-flavored syrup, with hash browns, butter and a large portion of premium maple-flavored syrup or no-sugar syrup.

Breakfast Side Orders

Grilled Hamburger Patty


Slices Applewood Bacon

3 pieces. Thick slices of smoky, authentic Applewood smoked bacon.

Chicken Apple Sausage

Large Applewood-smoked Chicken Sausage (1) served open face.

Smoked Ham Slice

Top quality sweet Hickory smoked ham, thickly cut individual slice with A-1 steak sauce included.

1 Egg

Please specify your choice of scrambled, over easy or sunny side up! Breakfast side orders served from daily opening times.

Seasoned Rice, Beans & Housemade Salsa

Large Portion of seasoned rice & freshly prepared beans with our housemade salsa.

Hash Browns

Large portion of grilled hash browns or home fries, side of butter and ketchup.

New Home Fries

Large portion of grilled hash browns or home fries , side of butter and ketchup.

Side of Fresh Fruit

Melon, oranges, berries (in season) and bananas.

Buttermilk Pancake

1 Large buttermilk pancake made from our freshly prepared mix, served with pancake syrup portion. (Item shown depicts more than one pancake), actual serving comes with one large pancake).

3 Buttermilk Pancakes Only

3 large, freshly prepared buttermilk pancakes served with maple flavored syrup and butter, wildflower honey also available by request! These pancakes are very large, so be prepared.

Sliced Tomatoes


Side of Freshly Roasted House-Made Salsa

World famous! Made with cilantro,tomato,onion and a special "secret" ingredient makes this salsa "totalmente" one-of-a-kind.

Salad Dressing

Large portion of dressing, including: 1000 island, ranch, Italian, bleu cheese. Honey mustard, oil & vinegar.

Farmer John Sausage

3 pieces of Smoked Farmer John fresh sausages, grilled fresh daily.

Daily Specials

Honey Ham Sandwich Meal-New

Our latest, hand carved honey ham sandwich meal made with freshly roasted, hand carved ham on a toasted french roll, topped with american cheese. Includes side of brown gravy and your choice of side orders (cole slaw, dirty fries, french fries, mashed potatoes or potato salad) and dessert (tapioca).

Et the Ham Off My Back Burger Meal

Freshly pressed 1/3 burger patty topped with large portion smoked sliced ham, cheddar cheese slice and secret bbq sauce. Lettuce and tomato at the bottom in a biroche wheat bun~delicious treat served with side of fries, potato salad, cole slaw or dirty fries and dessert (tapioca pudding).

Pizza Steak Sandwich Full Meal

Real Italian Style Pizza double Steak Sandwich Meal

Pizza sandwich filled with grilled, sliced seasoned sirloin steak strips,grilled green pepper slices, grilled onions then topped with melted jack and parmesan cheese sprinkling, marinara sauce, stacked on a large fresh Italian sourdough roll! Your choice of side order is included, (1 side order total) of: large crinkle cut fries, "Dirty" fries, potato salad or homemade cole slaw topped with tajin seasoning.

Real Italian Style Pizza Double Steak Sandwich Only

Pizza sandwich filled with grilled, sliced seasoned sirloin steak strips,grilled green pepper slices, grilled onions then topped with melted jack and parmesan cheese sprinkling, marinara sauce, stacked on a large fresh Italian sourdough roll.

Corned Beef Specialties

Legendary Mc Dini Corned Beef Sandwich

Thick corned beef slices piled high on grilled rye bread with tangy ,medium-hot horseradish, served with choice of sides and a kosher pickle. Select sides, french fries, "Dirty" fries, potato salad topped with tajin seasoning or freshly prepared cole slaw.

The Mc-Rueben Sandwich Meal-McDini's

Tender sliced corned beef brisket, house-prepared for several hours,topped with melted swiss cheese and mild long-sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing and strong horseradish on a kaiser roll. Served with choice of one large side ("Dirty" fries, french fries, freshly made potato salad or housemade cole slaw topped with tajin seasoning). Diced tomato portions served separately.

The O'Dempsey "DBL-Paddy" Sandwich

Two ~1/3+ lb. Burger patty's "Roiled" in authentic aged irish whiskey, then topped with mcdini's tender, multi sliced original corned beef, melted Swiss on hearty rye bread, with our strong horseradish on the side and choice of side order of: regular crinkle fries, "Dirty" fries, freshly prepared cole slaw or potato salad.

Authentic Irish Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner

Best "New" food-category item at the 1939-1940 san francisco worlds fair still bragged about today! Very large 13+ oz's of multi-layered, house-prepared, thick and succulent corned beef brisket with freshly boiled cabbage ,served in a generous array with carrots, potatoes, two slices of hearty rye bread & soft butter and dessert.

Renia's Home-Style Meat Loaf Meal

The very best meatloaf dish in america since 1880! Two large portions of tender~lean, house~prepared ground beef seared in tomato sauce and fresh basil making for a delicious and juicy flavor served open-face with fresh vegetables,garlic-sauteed mashed potatoes with-brown gravy,or french fries, "Dirty" fries, and garlic bread slices (2), dessert is included (tapioca).

Memphis-Style ' Soul Style Southern Barbeque Meat Loaf

Amazingly great-"New" version of our uniquely prepared 1/2lb of meat loaf baked then covered with sweet & smoky southern BBQ sauce, served with "Smashed" bleu cheese topped~ mashed potatoes & side of brown gravy with fresh vegetables, seasoned rice, or our 3-cheddar cheese macaroni along with dessert (tapioca pudding). We are sorry we cannot modify or change preparations of this item.

Ocean Fresh Seafood Entrees

Fresh Prepared Lobster Tail Meal

EServing of a 4 oz. lobster tail served with sauteed-lemon butter,fresh seasoned rice, 3-Cheddar/Jack cheese macaroni or mashed potatoes with sauteed garlic brown gravy, vegetables and garlic bread slices(2), choice of cup soup of the day or small dinner salad with dressing choice and dessert (Tapioca Pudding). (Specify) Substitute "Overloaded" Baked Potato $4.00 additional. To help preserve the lobster population, McDinis will not serve lobsters over 5 oz's in weight to protect the lobster population.

Shake,Rattle & Roll Seafood Full Meal

Large 6oz. lobster tail with aged, hand trimmed and marbleized Prime Rib served with 6 large grilled Prawns. Served with side order offerings: cup or soup of the day or small dinner salad, also includes dessert (pudding). Served with garlic bread (2) and garlic butter. Substitute an "Overloaded" baked potato topped with salsa,cheese & sour cream (instead of mashed or rice) for $2.00 additional.

Deep Fried Shrimp Dinner

Largest, fresh panko-breaded 5~ big-jumbo shrimps serving with homemade horseradish-cocktail and tartar sauces. Served with side orders of (choice of 1) seasoned rice, mashed potatoes or 3-Cheese macaroni and garlic bread slices (2 ), SOUP of the Day and your dessert (tapioca pudding). Add Overloaded Baked potato or Small dinner salad just $4.

Legendary Mc Dini's Harborside Trio

Mcdini's takes large ocean-fresh broiled salmon with a 10 oz. Cut of sirloin steak, 4 large grilled shrimp, tartar sauce and lemon, and serve them up with choice of mashed potatoes with sauteed garlic gravy, seasoned rice or oven-roasted potatoes, vegetables choice of cup of soup-of-the-day or small dinner salad with dressing choices and garlic bread slices(2).And your dessert (pudding).

The Tempting Trio Top Sirloin Rock Lobster & Shrimp meal

Juicy 12 ounce top sirloin steak up teamed with large 5oz rock lobster tail and four large crispy-breaded large shrimp, garlic butter sauce & tangy cocktail sauce, includes choice of seasoned rice, oven roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes with brown gravy or 3 cheese macaroni, sautéed vegetables and garlic bread slices (2), and dessert (tapioca pudding). Add a side of soup or small dinner salad just $4.00 additional.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon Dinner Meal

Freshly grilled, large 8 oz. Portion of atlantic salmon served with seasoned rice, fresh vegetables, (2) grilled garlic bread slices, and dessert (tapioca).Substitute an "Overloaded" baked potato just $4.00 additional. (overloaded includes jack/cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream and chives).

Authentic Mexican Meals

Carne Asada del Jefe

Lean, freshly grilled carne asada (strip) steak served with seasoned rice, freshly refried beans, crispy lettuce and tomato on the side with our own fresh housemade salsa and 3 corn or flour tortillas (please specify choice). Gracias amigos! You can also visit us in person daily at the legendary mcdini's. Arrre! Una orden de bistek de carne desgasado (lean steak) servido con arroz sesonado y frijoles, lechuga de bola y tomate con salsa fresca de casa con tortillas de maiz o' de harina (especifica).

McDini's original Carne Adada Fries

Huge portion of grilled lean carne asada (steak strips) with big crinkle-cut fries topped with nacho cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, fresh guacamole and sour cream with house made salsa portion.This generous serving can be deliciously enjoyed by two persons! Add a mountain of shredded jack/cheddar cheese sprinklings for $4.00 more.

The Grilled Fish Tacos

Two grilled soft fish taco's prepared "Baja style" filled with an abundance of cabbage,cilantro,cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes and generous side of our house made seasoned rice and beans. With freshly made salsa. The fish is grilled cod-fillet... Best quality ingredients are served at the legendary mcdini's.

Chicken Enchilada Meal-Sabroso

3 flour tortilla enchiladas wrapped with freshly prepared, seasoned chicken breast,sweet onion, mild peppers, cheddar/jack cheese, topped with our special sauce and sour cream. Served with a large portion of rice, beans and small lettuce salad topped with pico de gallo and a side of house-prepared fresh salsa de mcdini's. Our secret recipe for over 138 years at san diego's oldest & original restaurant, the legendary mcdini's. Add additional salsa or large portions of guacamole for $2.00 extra.

Beef Enchilada Meal

3 flour tortilla enchiladas filled with freshly seasoned angus beef chunks, sweet onion, pepper jack and cheddar cheeses topped with our enchilada sauce and sour cream served with 2 large portions of seasoned rice freshly made beans and small lettuce salad with homemade pico de gallo and our own house made salsa.

Steak Estilo Tampiqueno

Steak Estilo Tampiqueno

16oz large sirloin steak prepared tex mex style with (2) freshly sliced~flame-seared ortega chiles topped with jack cheese, large portion of seasoned rice, freshly prepared beans,our house salsa, grilled onions, 3 flour or corn tortillas, cup of soup of the day or small dinner salad with dressing choice and dessert too!! (tapioca or ice cream). 100% estilo autentico! (actual serving may differ from image shown).

Feed The Team Breakfast After The Game

12 Breakfast Pancakes

Your choice of 12 pancakes, (any one style) including buttermilk,strawberry, caramel, buckwheat, sweet coconut or ultra chocolate divine with toppings and large portion of maple-flavored syrup.

More Corned Beef Specialties

Corned Beef Taco Platter Meal

Two corned beef soft tacos filled with mcdini's succulent, original corned beef, jack cheese and mild sauerkraut (pickled-shredded cabbage) topped with horseradish and your choice of side order of "Dirty" fries, large crinkle cut fries, seasoned rice or a small dinner salad with dressing choice (1000, bleu cheese, ranch, honey mustard or oil and vinegar).

Chicken Wings

7 Pieces Chicken Wings

Large portion of wings served with ranch dressing and celery sticks. Our everyday most popular Wings selection. Large, plump, juicy, and very satisfying taste.

6 Pieces Original - Cholula Topped Sweet & Sour Wings

Large portion of wings topped and mixed with cholula very-mild hot sauce and sweet & sour sauce, served with ranch dressing and celery sticks.

6 Pieces Volcano Hot Wings

Served with celery stix and dressing side.

6 Pieces Sweet & Sour Wings

Made with authentic oriental-style sweet & sour sauce and topped with sesame seeds, served with celery stix and choice of dressing.

Honey Garlic Wings

Made with authentic oriental-style sweet & sour sauce and topped with sesame seeds, served with celery stix and choice of dressing.

6 Pieces Sweet Chile Hot Wings

Wings made with heinz sweet chile dipping sauce, sweet and spicy, served with celery stix & dressing choice.

38 Pieces Super Order of Chicken Wings

38 pieces of jumbo chicken wings prepared in any one flavoring, large order of celery stix and plenty of ranch dressing for your party!

More Salads & Entree Side Orders

Legendary McDini's original-recipe House-Made Cole Slaw

Large 4oz portion of freshly prepared cole slaw made with green cabbage, carrots and raisins, unusually tasty!

Daily Dinner Specials

Whole-Fried Chicken Meal

For two person. One whole chicken, marinated and deep fried in our 5 spice~original mcdini's recipe served with two generous scoops of white or seasoned rice (specify), freshly roasted vegetables and two dessert portions (tapioca, cake or ice cream-specify).

Steak Combination Dinners

Steak & Lobster Meal

Succulent 4 oz. Lobster tail served with a 9 oz. Prime rib steak, lemon butter and side orders. Served with choice of homemade mashed potatoes with sauteed garlic and brown gravy or seasoned rice and fresh vegetables, cup of soup of the day or small dinner salad with dressing choices (1000,ranch,oil & vinegar or bleu cheese) garlic bread(2) slices and dessert (tapioca).5 star meal everyday.

Sirloin Steak Meal

Top of the Line 12 oz. Flavorful and large 12 oz (weight before grilling) large cut of choice USDA steak, 7-hand rubbed seasoned , grilled to your preference. Side- order choices of homemade mashed potatoes with sauteed garlic and brown gravy or seasoned rice, with grilled vegetables, cup of soup or small dinner salad.

Traditional Prime-rib Steak Full Meal /platillo De Res De Lomo

Very tender, "marbleized" 1O oz. (before grilling) "aged" beef cut, hand-rubbed, roasted then grilled to perfection. Served with choice of homemade mashed potatoes with sauteed garlic and brown gravy or seasoned rice and fresh vegetables, cup of soup or small dinner salad and garlic bread (2) with butter and dessert (Tapioca Pudding).

New York Style Strip Loin Steak Meal

Large 10oz (prior to grilling) char-broiled New York steak topped with house-prepared roasted garlic sauce extraordinaire. Served with side orders. Served with choice of homemade mashed potatoes with sauteed garlic and brown gravy or seasoned rice and fresh vegetables, cup of soup or small dinner salad,garlic bread (2) slices and dessert (Tapioca).

BIG T Bone Steak Big Meal

Huge 16 oz t-bone steak served with side order choices of homemade mashed potatoes with sauteed garlic and brown gravy or seasoned rice, includes fresh vegetables and cup of soup of the day or small dinner salad with dressing choice (1000,bleu cheese, oil & vinegar, honey mustard or ranch) and garlic bread (2) with soft butter and delicious dessert too! (pudding).

Rib-Eye Steak & Grilled Shrimp Combination Meal

Tender rib-eye steak with (4) ocean-fresh grilled jumbo shrimp with homemade tangy cocktail sauce. Served with choice of: (1) homemade mashed potatoes with sauteed garlic and brown gravy or seasoned rice and freshly grilled vegetables, 3-cheddar cheese macaroni and side order choice of cup of soup, or small dinner salad with garlic bread slices (2) and dessert too! (tapioca pudding). Please specify your (steak) grilling preference (well, medium-rare or rare).



A truckload of soft drinks selection.

Supremo Coffee

16 oz large serving of freshly brewed Colombian toronjas supreme coffee. All condiments, sugar & creamers - 3 included. Coffee is provided in an insulated and covered 16 oz container for safe transport.

Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice served in a 16 oz cup.

Cranberry Juice

16 oz serving of flavorful cranberry juice cocktail.

Clamato Juice

6 oz can of clamato juice.

Pineapple Juice

4 oz serving of dole-brand pure pineapple juice in the can.

Flavorful Hot Tea

Lemon or orange spice tea's available.

Luscious Desserts

New York Style Cheesecake

Large slice of delicious new style creamy cheesecake with graham cracker crust topped with real hershey's luscious chocolate topping.

Too Much Chocolate-chocolate Mousse-cake

One large slice of 3-layer mousse chocolate cake with optional fruit flavor topping (please specify) and chocolate shavings. (actual item similar to photo shown).

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