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Latin American

30-45 min
1424 Park Rd NW (NaN mi)
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12:00 PM-9:00 PM
12:00 PM-9:00 PM
12:00 PM-9:00 PM
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Entrantes / Appetizers

Empanadas - Turnovers


Papas Rellenas - Stuffed Potatos


Croquetas - Croquettes


Frituras De Maiz - Corn Nugets


Ensaladas / Salads

Ensalada De Verduras

Lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber and carrot salad

Ensalada Fria De Pollo - Cold Chicken Salad

Served with Mayo & House Ingredients)

Ensalada Fria mi Cuba - Mi Cuba Cold Salad

Served with shrimp avocado mango tomatoes mi cuba sauce and cheese.

Emparedeados / Sandwiches

Media Noche

Soft roll bread with ham, roasted pork, pickles, swiss cheese & mustard.

Sandwich Cubano

Cuban bread with ham, roasted pork, pickles, swiss cheese & mustard.

Sandwich Vegetariano

Cuban bread or soft roll bread, with cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, swiss cheese & mayo

Sandwich De Bistek

Sirloin grilled steak with lettuce, tomatoes, swiss cheese, pickles & mayo.

Sandwich De Pollo

Chicken or fish grilled steak with lettuce, pickles, swiss cheese, tomatoes & mayo

Un Pan Con / a Bread with

Con Lechon Con Vaca Frita

Cuban bread or soft roll bread, w/ roasted pork & fried onions.

Con Bistek

Grilled o empanizado.

Con Filete De Pollo

Grilled o empanizado.

Con Pescado

Grilled o empanizado.

Platos Fuertes / Main Entre’es

Carne / Beef

Vaca Frita

Shredded beef sauteed with onions.


Ground beef cooked in tomato sauce with onions, green olive & raisins

Ropa Vieja

Shredded beef cooked in tomato sauce and spices.


Sirloin grilled steak with onions.

Bistek Empanizado

Breaded steak thinly sliced and fried.


Grilled skirt steak

Pollo / Chicken


Shredded chicken cooked in tomato sauce and spices

Fillete De Pollo

Chicken grilled steak.

Pollo Empanizado

Fried breaded chicken steak thinly sliced.

Pollo mi Cuba

“mi cuba” style fried chicken.

Pollo Grateen

Chicken sauteed with onions green and red peppers & 4 cheeses.


Salteados Al Mojo

Onions, carrots, corns, r & g peppers sauteed with cuban mojo.

Garvanzos / Peas

Garvanzos Fritos - Vegetarianos

Chickpeas sauteed with tomato sauce, onions, garlic, r & g peppers.

Garvanzos Fritos

Chick peas sauteed with bacon, ham & sausage, with tomato sauce, onions, garlic, red & green peppers.

Cerdo / Pork

Lechon asado

Cuban style roasted pork and sauteed with mojo and onions

Masas fritas

Fried pork chunks with mojo and onion

Chuleta Bbq

Grilled pork chop with bbq sauce.

Mariscos / Sea Food

Filete De Pescado - Grilled O Empanizado

Served with grilled or breded fish fillet.

Camarones - Enchilados

Shrimp stew in saucer with & g peppers, onions in tomato sauce.

Acompañantes / Sides

Arroz Blanco - White Rice


Arroz Congri

White rice & black beans cooked together.

Frijoles Negros - Black Beans


Frijoles Colorados - Red Beans

Served with sausage & meat.

Tostones - Fried Green Plantain


Mariquita - Plantain Chips


Platano Maduro Frito - Fried Sweet Plantain


Yuca Con Mojo

Cassava with cuban mojo.

Yuca Frita - Fried Cassava


Desayuno Mi Cuba / Breakfast Mi Cuba

Huevos (2) Al Gusto Con: Any Style Eggs


Postres / Desserts

Pie De Limon “la Chali” - Chali’s Lime Pie


Flan De La Casa - Hose Style Flan


Vainilla Expreso - Vanilla Ice Cream


Helados - Ice Cream


Café O Te / Coffe or Tea

Te Tea


Café Expreso Expresso Coffe


Cafe Americano American Coffe


Cafe Cortado - Small Amount of Milk


Cafe Bombon Expresso Sweetened


Pastas / Pastas

Espagueti Rojo Spaguetti with Tomato Sauce


Espagueti a Lo Cubano Spaguetti with Ground Beef


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