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25-40 min
5022 N 17th Ave (NaN mi)
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11:00 AM-8:30 PM
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11:00 AM-8:30 PM

Milk Teas

Classic Milk Tea

traditional taiwanese-inspired tea + milk

Jasmine Milk Tea

floral jasmine tea + milk

Thai Milk Tea

aromatic and spiced thai tea + milk

Taro Milk Tea

taro root aka ube + milk

Matcha Milk Tea

hand-whisked organic japanese matcha green tea + milk

Nutella Milk Tea

nutella infused sweet tea + milk

Honeydew Milk Tea

honeydew green tea + milk

Coffee Milk Tea

classic milk tea + a shot of vietnamese coffee

Black Milk Tea

assam black tea + milk

Milk Tea Floats

Classic Float

classic milk tea + honey vanilla ice cream

Thai Tea Float

thai milk tea + thai tea ice cream

Matcha Float

matcha milk tea + matcha ice cream

Vietnamese Coffee Float

Vietnamese iced coffee topped with scoop of Vietnamese coffee ice - cream.

Taro Float

taro milk tea + taro ice cream

Flavored Teas

Iced Tea

|green - black - jasmine| & |sweetnened or unsweetened|

Tropical Shaken Iced Tea

Peach, mango, and pineapple iced tea with peach bits, mango bits and your choice of tea.

Lychee Be Peachee

Lychee and peach iced tea with lychee bits, peach bits and your choice of tea.

Strawberry Green Bull

An infusion of strawberry green tea and red bull. Caffeine packed!

AZ Sunset

A magical, color - changing mango passion iced tea resembling Arizona's beatifull sunset.

Custom Iced Tea

your choice of flavor |lychee - mango - peach - strawberry| & tea |green - black - jasmine|

Passionfruit Green Tea

fresh passion fruit with seeds + green tea

Mango Peach Black Tea

mango peach black tea + mango bits + peach bits

Strawberry Lychee Jasmine Tea

strawberry lychee jasmine tea + strawberry bits + lychee bits

Strawberry Mango Green Tea

strawberry mango green tea + strawberry bits + mango bits

Sea Salt Jasmine Tea

sweet jasmine tea + house special sea salt cream + matcha sprinkle


Watermelon - Seasonal

fresh watermelon slushy + watermelon bits

Pinky Lychee

lychee slushy + fresh strawberries

Peach Berry

peach slushy + fresh strawberries

Mango Berry

mango slushy + fresh strawberries


tangy, sweet & spicy mango slushy + mango bits + tamarind straw

Peach Mangonada

tangy, sweet & spicy peach and mango slushy + bits of both + tamarind straw

Watermelon Mangonada - Seasonal

tangy, sweet & spicy, fresh watermelon mango slushy + bits of both + tamarind straw

Frozen Mint Limeade

fresh mint + fresh squeezed limes

Frozen Strawberry Mint Limeade

fresh mint + fresh squeezed limes + fresh strawberries



blended taro root aka ube + whipped cream

Jack Fruit

jackfruit is a popular fruit in southeast asian cuisine and is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world

Coconut Special

young coconut water + exotic fruit bits (jackfruit, longan, & lychee)


fresh hass avocado + milk

Thai Tea Freeze

blended thai tea + milk + whipped cream

Mango Smoothie


Strawberry Smoothie


Vietnamese Coffee Freeze

blended vietnamese coffee + milk + whipped cream

Matcha Freeze

organic japanese matcha green tea blended with milk + whipped cream


Vietnamese Coffee

viet coffee + sweetened condensed milk + cane sugar

Vietnamese Black Coffee

viet black coffee | sweetened or unsweetened

Vietnamese Sea Salt Coffee

viet coffee + sweetened condensed milk + house special sea salt cream + cane sugar

Vietnamese Sea Salt Black Coffee

viet black coffee + house special sea salt cream | sweetened or unsweetened

Ice - Cream

Single Scoop Ice Cream


Double Scoop Ice Cream


Triple Scoop Ice Cream




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